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for Escaflowne: Destiny's Path

5/27 c13 MidnightReader1
Love this story please update soon I want to know what happened next with Kagome and if she found Allen. You can’t leave this as a cliffhanger :(
2/19 c13 sakura son zukino
Hola me gustaría poder seguir con la historia. Te quedo muy padre. Y me dejaste muy emocionada por la continuidad. Gracias me gustaría que continuará o me dijeras donde podía seguir la continuidad de la historia.
11/15/2017 c13 Divinely Sweet Ambrosiac
Reading your story feels as if it should have been the continuation of the anime series. I like the new adventure and the new characters you introduced, especially Ambassador Daniel. Looks like Hitomi has a knack for attracting Austurian males without her intention. Looking forward to more updates.
9/9/2017 c13 Guest
awesome story so far! reading your chapters is like watching an episode where I can easily imagine what is happening. looking forward to the next update.
9/4/2017 c13 akamagerain
Asjkdhdjdhdjdj omg that cliffhanger whyyyy? I was cringing through most of Van's tirade because he so obviously didn't want to say what he was saying but it also did come from somewhere and no they shouldn't be fighting but they're also mostly blaming themselves and just x(

Add to that the whole mystery behind Hitomi's power's acting as unpredictably as they are. I'm so curious about why that's happening.

Van's face as she was being pulled away hurt me, okay? That was definitely not okay.

PS: I wanted to thank you for sticking with this story. I took your word for it when you said you have every intention to finish this and it's amazing the amount of effort you're putting into this. And it shows, this is hands down my favourite story in the fandom, and it isn't even complete yet. Awesome stuff!
9/6/2017 c1 340four
Nice story I enjoyed reading so far. Not sure if it's stillbeing updated.
8/3/2017 c12 Ashley
Keep them coming! Thank you for continuing this story after publishing it so many years ago!
7/25/2017 c12 theladyhitomi
So happy you put a new chapter up!
7/21/2017 c12 akamagerain
Sorry can't log in just yet but ajsjajakaa you're back and how. That cliffhanger is killing me, though it's so good to see Dryden again! Plus Merle is back and with the team so extra yay. I'm very curious about what's making Hitomi so tired, and what'll be the consequences of her keeping Daniel's confession from Van.
So. Much. Hype! x)
You're still super mean for that cliffhanger btw.
4/24/2016 c11 18akamagerain
Okay for a wee second there I was worried they were back in Japan. But still, Fanelia! That means they've left the others so far away mid battle. I mean, Hitomi did save their lives but now they've to get back to them :O

I'm having super doubts about Daniel. He was with her the last time the rogue melefs struck and was with her this time (consciously or otherwise) distracting her from detecting them and then randomly vanishing well shit began going down.

And Celena! Poor Allen. And Gaddess who had to physically attack his boss' sister to save him! I hope they're okay.
4/24/2016 c10 akamagerain
So much adorable fluff omg. They're both so needy but also so hesitant about it all it is as frustrating as if is cute!

Also, Mercury is such a neat name, suits the mission. :D
4/24/2016 c9 akamagerain
I love the pace at which the plot is progressing!

And oh man Allen. I feel terrible for him having to go through so much, and Celena, still a victim of times that are now gone. It is all very real though, it's hardly likely that they would have so easily snapped into a happy ending as the anime seemed this is so much realer. But cam she really join the mission?

I'm glad Van and Hitomi have understood each other better. Hitomi appreciates Van's concern now in a way she hadn't before and Van is now trusting of her ability, actually giving her a chance to stand by him. The very real holes you poked into their characters are thus getting their due sealing so nicely.
4/24/2016 c8 akamagerain
Love makes people to profoundly stupid things doesn't it? Even people who also happen to be Kings only just rebuilding kingdoms. God Bless Earth medicines though.

I like that Van's idea of freedom for himself has been addressed, even if through Hitomi (I suppose Van himself doesn't have much time to think about such things now). Off the bat she couldn't see his free spirited self as a ruler and even her she mulls over how things won't be the same again because of his duties as King. All very valid queries, though could be easily overlooked. I'm glad you didn't.

I like Daniel. Though should I feel suspicious of the fact that he made it out of the crash unscathed despite the fact that he was on deck like Van and Hitomi at the time? Hmm.
4/24/2016 c6 akamagerain
They made up yay!

...well sort of. But a little tension never hurt anyone..too much. Van's want for Hitomi to be safe is so heartbreakingly strong matched only by Hitomi's resolution to ensure she did her bit to prevent a war. I'm glad he saw some sense in what she was saying (no matter how reluctant that was) and returned her the pendant. Ahhh can't wait to see then in action again!

Also Palas again, yay! :D

Sir Evelyn seems interesting rn, I wonder what sort of role he would play in this whole scenario.

PS: in my mind this IS what happens, I've decided. I mean, I get why canon had them split in the end with seemingly no chance to meet again, but OMG this is so much better!
4/24/2016 c5 akamagerain
I knew rereading from the start before the new chapter was a good idea! :D

Van and Hitomi's long awaited reunion was so agnsty and non-cliche! And so very real. Both of them hurt each other significantly and it would make sense that in the myriad of emotions they'd be going through those feelings of upset and betrayal would colour their words - especially their first few together.

But both of them want to make things right, that's clear. And they will.

The ball looks lovely, I'm so glad you've mentioned leading up to it (to do wib State Guests) and the fact that they can have such balls does mean Fanelia is doing well now.

And Van has long since had issues with Hitomi getting along with Asturians a little too well, has he not? xD

I also like that in between all of this, you've added hints and notes of issues that would seem to come together as their next big adventure, meaning that this wouldn't just be limited to Van and Hitomi's feelings, something so similar to the animr and something I appreciate a lot.
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