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for Escaflowne: Destiny's Path

5/24 c17 Guest
Awesome! Cant wait for the next chapter!
5/19 c17 magerain
I'm still so hyper from that ending omg — saving the allied knights and the kids in one fell swoop. Poor Van though, but I'm glad he can now get the medical attention he needs. Hitomi, who had to witness so much of that too. I'm cheering on the not-so-latent Celena as well! So hyped for what's up next!
4/4 c16 magerain
Ohhhh Zaibach is finally moving (publicly)! I'm for Hitomi and all the wrongness she's sending than Van, atm, not that he has it easy. I'm also glad that Allen has also received a clue, whether he knows it or not, that Celena is still in there somewhere.

Can't wait to see what happens next, keep up the amaaazing writing!
10/12/2019 c16 13serenityrain2233
I'm so hooked and can't wait to see what happens next...
5/11/2019 c15 akamagerain
I reread once again to get to the update and wow was it worth it. What a ride so far! My heart is bleeding for Van, he was so close and now has to learn that Hitomi was captured, even before he could admit his apology to her. I also loved how Celena can also be a pain in Dilandau's neck in return.
I have a theory of where this might be going now, especially with the procedure they're putting Hitomi through and Van's earlier hesitation over (being the one) piloting Escaflowne again, but either way I can't wait to see where this goes next! Excellent stuff!
9/1/2018 c1 wt0lQ
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9/1/2018 c1 upO1v
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8/13/2018 c14 Guest
Tardo este no importa valio la pena la quedo genial. Me gusto favor no la olvides sigue escribiendo por favor felicidades espero el proximo.y gracias.
8/13/2018 c14 2Maybe89
Glad that you continued your story :) But I'm pretty curious what's causing the disturbance of Van's and Hitomi's bond... I hope you'll post your next chapter soon ;)
5/27/2018 c13 MidnightReader1
Love this story please update soon I want to know what happened next with Kagome and if she found Allen. You can’t leave this as a cliffhanger :(
2/19/2018 c13 sakura son zukino
Hola me gustaría poder seguir con la historia. Te quedo muy padre. Y me dejaste muy emocionada por la continuidad. Gracias me gustaría que continuará o me dijeras donde podía seguir la continuidad de la historia.
11/15/2017 c13 Divinely Sweet Ambrosiac
Reading your story feels as if it should have been the continuation of the anime series. I like the new adventure and the new characters you introduced, especially Ambassador Daniel. Looks like Hitomi has a knack for attracting Austurian males without her intention. Looking forward to more updates.
9/9/2017 c13 Guest
awesome story so far! reading your chapters is like watching an episode where I can easily imagine what is happening. looking forward to the next update.
9/4/2017 c13 akamagerain
Asjkdhdjdhdjdj omg that cliffhanger whyyyy? I was cringing through most of Van's tirade because he so obviously didn't want to say what he was saying but it also did come from somewhere and no they shouldn't be fighting but they're also mostly blaming themselves and just x(

Add to that the whole mystery behind Hitomi's power's acting as unpredictably as they are. I'm so curious about why that's happening.

Van's face as she was being pulled away hurt me, okay? That was definitely not okay.

PS: I wanted to thank you for sticking with this story. I took your word for it when you said you have every intention to finish this and it's amazing the amount of effort you're putting into this. And it shows, this is hands down my favourite story in the fandom, and it isn't even complete yet. Awesome stuff!
9/6/2017 c1 440four
Nice story I enjoyed reading so far. Not sure if it's stillbeing updated.
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