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for The Last Hope

8/5/2023 c6 Guest
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I love it! Amazing work!
6/23/2019 c5 clacepercabeth4ever
Please Update this story soon!
It's really good and I would like to see what happens next!:)
2/26/2016 c5 shauna.low.1
Is there any chance you'll update more?, I have really enjoyed the story so far and would love to read more. Your writing is excellent :)
3/7/2014 c5 2Lumiax
This is so sad...beautiful but sad I'm crying now, you're an amazing writer tears don't stop!...please update soon...;-;
11/3/2013 c5 Nyla
Love the story. Please update 'cause i love it.
8/17/2013 c5 16the-warner-syndrome
A piece of my heart broke, burned into ashes and thrown into the cold, cruel wind.

The last part. I was half expecting that, but I was hoping that it didn't turn out that way. Sigh. I don't know if it's because I have read too many stories that have sad "character 2 falls for character 3 while character 1 sulks in the corner" plots, but I do know that hearing two people make out/make love while your inside the room is really disturbing. Add heartbreaking and depressing if you actually like one of them.

But I really am a hopless Clalec shipper (I ship Malec and Clace to but meh) and I really want—no—need to know if she ends up with someone, even if it's not Alec, on the end.

Keep writing, you talented piece of fluff nugget (that's what I call everyone. Don't freak out.)
8/6/2013 c5 7SabArtFan
YAY MALEC! although I found weird that Alec was drunk enough to don't see who was kissing who... hmm will have to check chapter 4 back loool! Yeah I'm sorry too but really lol... can't go further than Malec and definitely wouldn't have been able to handle a break-up and alec with...clary! :) But it's great as always my dear Reese, really loved it... although i question now jace sexuality i do prefer him gay to a clary-alec couple lool! that would be fun if he ends up having a crush on Magnus :D Sexy making-you-drool Magnus ! that would be awesome! Also if you post an extra with Malec conversation, I WOULD FOREVER BE GRATEFUL lool! woow full of ideas today! And loved your metaphor with the domino... really cute :D Keep on the good work darling! it's amazing !:)

Also... pwetty pweety please, will you post another chapter of the crossover? *puppy eyes* THANKS! :D
8/6/2013 c5 greygirl2358
So is Jace gay, bi or what? I do feel bad for Clary, but now she knows how Simon feels!
8/3/2013 c4 Sophie Daniels
Great story so far. Plz update a.s.a.p :)
7/13/2013 c1 carpepotentia
Oh, well...
This makes you read. Like, the idea is unsettling but still, it makes you read to the end.
After seeing the sneak peak from CoHF, I'm a little bit scared too because there is something wrong with the identities there... May i ask whether or not you're a psychic? :)

The sneak peak: /2013/05/cassandra-clare-shares-a-new-puzzling-sni ppet-from-city-of-heavenly-fire-what-do-you-think- it-means/
7/13/2013 c1 greygirl2358
Well! I certainly didn't see that one coming! Wow!

Good start! Really sad beginning! And I would love to know who the trio is!

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