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for The Goddess of Tricks and Thieves

7/31/2015 c30 paulavara140
Please update! I'm totally in love with this fanfiction ! ️️
4/14/2014 c5 hail hydra
12/15/2013 c30 9KitaraStrife
Holy 5hit! O.O Wow! I just... WOW!

PLEEAASE tell me there's going to be a sequel? o_o That's just... that's such a cruel ending! You can't honestly tell me THAT is where Britta's story ends! She was JUST reunited with Thor, you can't truly separate them again like this! D8 And bruce totally likes her! DX Don't squash that love!
11/9/2013 c30 3Jonelle Phoenix
Omg Strider my email sux. I had no idea you continued. But it was a great surprise and some really good chappies. Poor Britta her mind truly is her worst enemy. There can't be anything worse than that.
10/18/2013 c30 1iluv2read5898
Love it. This story made me laugh at parts and on edge at others. Great just great!
10/8/2013 c30 madscientistavenger
It made me CRY at the end! Oh so SAD. Even :'( isn't close to how sad that was. Please, more, now! I have to know how it goes and I kinda hope Britta meets that other girl again. She seems nice.
10/8/2013 c29 madscientistavenger
Best. Chapter. Ever. I can't even begin to describe how awesome this was. Especially the end. "Her insanity's back." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
The evil barbie thing was funny as well, it really made me laugh... I'm in a bus. -_-
9/22/2013 c27 Eliza
9/22/2013 c27 3Jonelle Phoenix
There is gonna be one last chapter right? I mean after all that I need to know if Britta makes it. I am really quite fond of her and thanks for so many chappies you made my Sunday morning.
9/22/2013 c27 4The Girl With the Psyhic Paper
Aw a cliffy! I loved this! Please update again soon.
9/22/2013 c27 madscientistavenger
Oh, wow! Britta, please don't diiiie! The million bucks can't help ease the suspense. I'll take it anyway. I need it to binge-eat my woes away.
8/21/2013 c21 Love Hina Fanatic
Excellent, I like seeing Britta getting pissed off for once.

7/29/2013 c16 Stinker126
Ok is Britt going to be with Bruce or Steve? I'm still on team Steve :D
7/29/2013 c16 Spring's Morn
Great chapter, loved it! Will Loki show up again soon? And will Fury be furious at Britta for breaking rules? (Haha, really bad joke)
7/29/2013 c16 madscientistavenger
Great! I loved the Nanna moment at the end! Great chapter.
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