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4/27/2014 c24 Guest
Please do more fluff. I LOVE IT! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!
4/26/2014 c18 BadeMancer
Please update as soon as you can. This is my favorite story :D
4/25/2014 c24 Guest
SO GLAD YOU UPDATED! I'm so happy!

Please update as soon as you can cause it's so AWESOME. One of my favorite Bade stories :)

Please update.
4/24/2014 c24 Guest
This isn't the end right?!
I love this story so much, it's awesome and uran amazing writer!
It's seriously one of the best bade stories ever
4/24/2014 c24 BadeShipper4Ever
OHMAGOD! Beck is so sweet! I'm so glad the 23rd chapter is just a lie. I almost died but you made it up by doing this. An AWESOME chapter :D

Please update as soon as you can cause it's AWESOME like always.
4/24/2014 c24 Maxine Miller
Badebadebadeoverload i just cant even with you
4/23/2014 c23 Guest
4/23/2014 c23 BadeBadeBade
I just stood there staring the last paragraph for about 2 minutes. I just hope that nothing like this ever happens to you. (And I really like this story so update as soon as possible.)
4/23/2014 c23 LittleHarmonizer
So funny! I almost have a heart attack D:
4/23/2014 c23 Bade
Ha ha very funny! You made me almost cry I actually thought you were serious! Don't do that again! Please! *sighs with relief*. But to be honest it made me feel better to know you were just pranking us.
4/23/2014 c23 SoftLily
i had a little heart attack :D
but if it would be true, it would be sad.
i know how it feels :)
but please dont do that again i was really afraid you might not continue it :D
4/20/2014 c22 3allthingscute
this is literally my favourite fic EVER ahh, please please update soon? I cannot stop reading it over and over, it reminds me of Notting Hill a little- which is like the best film ever.
anyway.. you're awesome, this fic is awesome? More please!:):)
4/20/2014 c22 Lolling at the
Review bellow my review.
4/19/2014 c22 Natasha
Lol hi im Natasha, the author's friend. Sorry for accidentally using your acc to review, phire. I thought i was using my acc LMFAO. now you look stupid. Buuuuut im sure you still love me.
4/19/2014 c22 7gilliesjauregui
Youre making me cry!
Thanks for updating
It's really worth the wait.
I love the part where beck simply said alright. It made my heart flutter.
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