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4/19/2014 c22 BadeShipper4Ever
So glad you updated! I've waited for so long and it's very WORTH IT!

Please update as soon as you can. PLEASE?
4/18/2014 c22 Avanandlizforeve
Good chapter like always! Omg bade feels. Didnt log in coz im lazy lol but heres my review
4/18/2014 c22 liz-avan
You are seriously one of the best writters ever!
I am in love with this story it is practically my life! Please update asap and keep it up! xoxoxoxox
4/18/2014 c22 16tinycupcat
Awwww so cute! Im so glad Beck forgave her and the ending was fab! Update soon please :D xx
4/18/2014 c22 Guest
Yay bade!
I'm sooo in luv with this story and I think ur an amazing writer!
I think this is one of the best bade stories ever!
Pls update soon and hv a good say
4/17/2014 c21 Guest
4/12/2014 c21 Guest
Next please?! I really love it
4/11/2014 c21 Guest
Hello! Please update as soon as you can. PLEASEEEEEEEEE?
4/11/2014 c21 Guest
HIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Why is it taking a long time to update? Are you so busy? (It's not sarcastic)

Please update I effing love it.
4/7/2014 c21 Person
Are you going to update? Yes or yes?

Please update soon cause I'm gonna die now. Please update soon
4/7/2014 c21 Bade
Please update soon. I really like it. And can you make more stories/one shots please? I love them.

Please update ASAP.
4/3/2014 c21 CharlH
hey, i love this sooooo much, please update soon?:)
4/1/2014 c19 3allthingscute
I love this story so so so so much pleaseeee continue:) - Charl
4/1/2014 c21 BadeShipper4Ever
Awwwww... She really loves him 3 I hope Beck will hear her out in the next chapter :(:

Please update ASAP. I really love it. 3

Iloveyou... 3
3/31/2014 c21 anjelica21
great chapter as always. and thank you for your kind words about filipinos :)
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