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10/18 c7 sadpotato.125
It was a really lovely read, I enjoyed it a lot. although I have a quick question, what happened to the vampire in the coffin? I was looking forwards to knowing about him and then he didn't show up.
10/14 c7 8Twinwolfsister
wow. just wow... Whelp on to another or your stories...
10/12 c5 Twinwolfsister
As someone with MDP. I can honestly say you have done a splendid job whether he ACTUALLY is or not, I do know of my alters existance, can sometime communicate with them when they agree to it as well, and they are kind enough to ask before switching with me. They have saved my life multiple times when I wanted to do something impulsive with out really thinking it through. Or I was too fked up due to a flashback episode to do something as simple as leave the classroom (or later pull over while driving - they also made sure I lost my licence so it didnt happen again.)

Their names are Endaerius who is male and very protective of me, dosent talk much and is kind of like a father figure to me... he would always take over if i was getting belted by my stepdad. he is cold and alot like Moratorium only well less apathetic to the world and he is not a sadist.
And then there is April She was the twin sister I has as an infant and never knew I actually had (not consiously anyway) till I was a young adult, she helped me navigate the confusing legal system and be a good parent to my kids dispite my trust issues.
10/12 c7 rinievermilion
amazing story as always! at first i was a bit confused but now it all make sense
10/12 c7 Guest
Amazing story
Contratulations and thank you for writing
10/11 c6 Guest
I loved this chapter so much
I cried when moratorium...went away
But i was so glad when voldemort died without killing tom
I was afraid that tom or someone precious to harry was going to die
She suffered enough for a lifetime
Imcredible fic, really
10/10 c4 Guest
This is actually better than harry potter
I cant stop reading
You are an incredible writer
10/6 c7 Charlie0925
Wowzer, brilliant writing here honey! I LOVED THIS TRULY, TRULY AMAZING FIC! ;o)
10/5 c6 Sly Riddle
This is still and probably will stay one of my favorite dark HP fanfiction of all times! I probably won’t stop rereading it (it’s my fourth time to date) you are a talented writer hope you never lose the spark
9/18 c7 Guest
This story was absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you so much for writing this masterpiece!
8/31 c7 Guest
Amazing story! Your Harry is wonderful!
8/30 c1 6Amnesiac Goldfish
I'm feeling the Morticia Adams vibes on Harry's villain character. So far, it catches my attention. Let's see how far my dwindling attention stays on this fic.
8/28 c1 8Taure
Hmm. I think your fem!Harry feels less like a character and more like one of those gamer!Harry semi-SI characters with genre-savvy knowledge who treats life as a min-maxing exercise.

There's a distinct lack of realistic motivation or character behaviour/interaction, and the stakes feel extremely low - like if she were to fail and die, she could just re-run the whole thing.

All that gives the story a rather crackish tone which prevents any significant reader immersion or emotional investment. What you're left with is a canon re-run without any of the mystery or charm of the original. All the fic brings to the table are its attempts at humour, but unfortunately this all feels very absurdist, cringe-inducing, and generally quite immature.
8/24 c5 2Zasha the Cat
Harry is basically the wizard version of Raffael Grey.

All randomness aside, I rlly love this fic and to anyone checking it out and wondering if it’s worth reading, READ IT.
8/22 c3 Zasha the Cat
Is Moratorium the Horcrux.
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