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for Lightning Luffy

6/12 c4 Guest
Thank you very much for having usopp and kaya kiss it made my day.
1/20 c6 Guest
Great chapter , that’s what I wanted to see , nobody can even get close to them and with these powers ,that’s exactly how it should be like, I think sanji was overpowered a bit tho , destroying cliffs using a quarter of his strength, but hey you get away with it because they are all op , disappointed about the lack of emotion or anything with nami after luffy freed nami’s village, no hat on head or declaring her his Nakama,everybody else got their scenes but not nami ,sigh, some things you should not change
1/20 c5 Guest
Really he locked nami up , wtf
1/19 c3 Guest
Really good
1/19 c2 Guest
Love it , good shit
6/10/2019 c8 Z'ev Wolfram
This is a really a good Story *Thumbs Up*
Did you abandon this?
2/23/2019 c1 Guest
an interesting story like others I have read but your story is not very well written but keep it coming I hope it gets more intersting
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