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3/17/2018 c11 15The Story's Shadow
So Necromancers were behind this? Damn, well I'm a bit surprised by this, good twist. Burn in hell Cristoke, you evil piece of shit.

O.O.A.M. has no honor, a group focused on wiping out species just because they're not human is sinister and pathetic. Hopefully they'll be stopped for good.

This wasn't a bad story. Some things to possible reboot/redo this story could be this: clear and defined dialogue, depth into characters, their relationships, and development through the story, and the plot itself could be much longer than this (many more chapters could be made to delve into the histories of the Werelords, their relationships with one another, the lost stories of their ancestors, the human war against the therians, the history of O.O.A.M., etc.)

You had a very interesting story idea here, you should reedit it and post it again.

(Again, sorry for the late reviews.)
3/17/2018 c10 The Story's Shadow
Should've killed Cristoke, I mean he should've literally torn him limb from limb (in combat, not when the man was defenseless).

So Cristoke is a magister? Is that it? Because other than a therian, I only see some kind of other magic giving him that kind of power.

The dialogue could be improved (I say this because dialogue I've done in the past has been god awful, and should've/could've been better). Some of it is ok, but could be changed here and there.

Some of these character relationships seem to be a bit confusing for me, certain changes are quite sudden.
3/17/2018 c9 The Story's Shadow
Seems the werehawk is a rather capable leader, someone needs to be when the Wolf isn't with them.

So the lady's alive? That's good to hear. At least another therian is still in the fight.

Wait, what? Mind control? Wow, this organization is so desperate to wipe out therians they're willing to mind control other people? Damn, that's another addition to their cruelty. It's bad enough they torture and murder entire species just because they're not human.
3/17/2018 c8 The Story's Shadow
(A few things to possibly improve on, just trying to help):

Some of the lines by characters aren't always clear who's saying them. Sometimes dialogue is a bit confusing and certain statements given by certain characters seem rather awkward.

Hmm, it seems freedom is becoming slowly more attainable.

Who is this Cristoke guy? Is he this murderous organization's leader or something? How was he able to knock the werewolf, even in human form, that hard?...Unless he's a therian himself (if he is, damn, talk about internalized bigotry).

If Andrew is over 500 years old, he should be a master of combat by now, or at the minimal skilled/experienced in it.
3/17/2018 c7 The Story's Shadow
Fucking cruel guard, should've gotten hit before he could've harmed the girl.

Poor lady...terrible what happened to her, these genocidal assholes are the real monsters. They have no honor.

It seems those captured are getting steadily closer to their freedom, but I have a bad feelings bad things are still to come.
3/17/2018 c6 The Story's Shadow
Werelords actually should be immortal, given that their natures is (should) be the harmony between the body and spirit, as the spirit is eternal, the body should be as well (also given their supernatural healing). Wait, how did the Werejackal beat the Werewolf? (I know sometimes species and age don't matter, I'm just surprised.)

So other therians are coming to their rescue? That's good, they need to get away from those bigotted, genocidal assholes.

They've broken their chains, now they need to escape (and hopefully gut some of those bastards who caught them).
3/17/2018 c5 The Story's Shadow
You did indeed change the ending, understandable to fit this story.

Poor Drew and Whitely, they deserved to be happy. (Oh, Drew was the last of the Gray Wolves not of the Wolves entirely, there were White Wolves left.)

What kind of fucking evil bastard would seek the genocide of entire species?! That pathetic, sadistic piece of shit! Why the hell did he do that (other than bigotry)?!

Only the Wolves were remembered? Wow, damn, one is remembered and hated while the rest were lost to memory. Terrible what happened to the Werelords.

I'm not sure saving humanity from its genocidal mistakes and past will be easy.
3/17/2018 c4 The Story's Shadow
Wait, so Heather's not a Werelady? Or does she not know it? Sorry, if this is obvious (and if so, apologies for my stupidity).

Do certain people believe the Werelords are extinct? I'm a bit confused here.

So you're forming the story to have Lyssia as one of the continents in our reality, curious. Also, I see you changed the ending of the last book with Drew ruling instead of abdicating. Interesting twist.
3/17/2018 c3 The Story's Shadow
So he's descendant of the Wyldermen? He's definitely got a hell of a presence about him to scare the Werelords.

Wait, is the knife silver? A normal knife wouldn't a Werelord.

Well, regardless, this doesn't bode well.
3/17/2018 c2 The Story's Shadow
Apologies for the late review. (I've been trying to catch up on stories and deal with work. I will continue to read and review yours when I can.)

The Wolflord will hopefully come to realize the importance of his lineage, along with the other Werelords, and find freedom.

Humans, or a group of them, hating the therians as an organized front is a dangerous thing. Oba's hatred of humans was awful, his bigotry towards another species was dreadful. It's the same way here, except now it's one species hating multiple species because of their supernatural nature(s).

Curious to see what comes next.
2/20/2018 c1 The Story's Shadow
Huh, this is quite the interesting story. I'm a fan of the Wereworld series, though I don't agree with the whole 'controlling the beast within' thing. One should accept and embrace the animal inside, not control it.

Hmm, a modern setting in Lyssia. So humans now hate and despise the Werelords like Oba hated humans? Well that's not good.

Curious, not much on the characters or backstory yet, though this is only the first chapter. Seeing what events followed after the armies of Drew and his allies defeated his enemies and what led to this day will be most intriguing.

Characters introduced in a way I'm unsure about, though with the backstory, it can be developed.

This new time in the world of the therians will be something to behold.
12/9/2017 c11 Guest
Intend to get back to this?
1/12/2015 c5 54WyldClaw
wow! andrew's family history as a werewolf sure is sad
1/12/2015 c4 WyldClaw
1/12/2015 c1 WyldClaw
whoa! what an intense start
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