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7/20 c34 56SaberLariat
I always enjoy fics where Tyson and Hilary have a family of their own, and this was one of the best! I really enjoyed how passionate Tyson was feeling that morning, and managed to persuade Hilary.
7/6 c32 45AzikaRue394
This was so cute, summery, and lighthearted! First of all, this was a great prompt for these two. I don't know if someone gave you this prompt or if it was one you chose, but either way it fits them perfectly. I knew I was in for a treat from that note alone lol

It feels just like Tyson and Hilary to somehow, between the two of them, wander off the path and get lost. I like how you put some of the responsibility on each of them for the whole debacle; it feels true to life, where a lot of times it's little slip-ups on both sides that lead to incidents like this. And honestly, true to character because if anyone can fluster Hilary enough to make her journey into the forest unprepared, it's Tyson! Maybe this will teach him to just ask her to sit with him next time. Save them both a little trouble.

ALTHOUGH, because of all that trouble we got the cute almost-kiss, which made my heart so happy to read! Not gonna lie, when that trope is done well, it's SO GOOD and you pulled it off WONDERFULLY! Might have some whiplash from the gentle and romantic way the world seemed to slow down as they leaned in (loved some of the soft, descriptive language here btw!), only to take a quick 180 degree turn when Max showed up. Loved his dialogue, too! And such a great closing line - it had me giggling!

Loved this and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing it! :)
7/5 c32 56SaberLariat
Bad Timing Max! Bad Timing!
7/5 c32 77Cutetyhil
Hahaha that was a bet then
Yeah I remember reading this and I also noticed the changes in it, I laughed at Max's reaction, I would have been amused the same had I been there. It's like the time stops, the wind blows, everything is serene when it's a tyhil moment damn xD
6/17 c31 45AzikaRue394
I'm guilty of skimming the tumblr post of this chapter because I loved the title and hoped it was some sweet, summery goodness. Reading it in full now, I wasn't disappointed! I loved all the beautiful atmospheric language that you used to set the scene. It makes the story flow effortlessly and I hope it was just as fun to write as it was to read!

I was giggling at the beginning at Tyson's stubbornness. It's just so like him to care more that he can't make his own choice about how he spends a hot summer day than he does about the fact that he has to stay inside. It was nice of Hilary to keep him company and save him from his boredom. I love that she brought a book and made him wait until she was past the good part before bringing him his snack though lol Priorities.

And when they went outside - love Tyson compromising with Hilary by the way! - I LOVED his little revelation. I'm such a fan of this ship dynamic and it was such a treat to read Tyson suddenly realizing how beautiful Hilary is. His eyes following that drop of sweat - that was prettily written. Poor Tyson is such a guy. And it was such a Hilary moment for her to be more angry that he wasn't enjoying the watermelon she slaved over and totally miss his gawking at first! So good!

I also loved everything about Tyson's daydream and every little detail he noticed. He's so gone in that moment lol Poor Hilary is probably walking away to get the tea and second guessing herself, just like he is. Her little sneaky move when she comes back made me laugh. I think that, and her reaction when Tyson ups the ante again, really shows where they are in their relationship and how they've probably been falling slowly for one another and just needed a hot summer day to push them over that edge.

Tyson should know by now that Hilary hears and sees and knows everything lol Glad he's gearing up to apologize for getting a little carried away. I think he can have a kick in the shins AND forgiveness, though. ;)

Great job on this! Loved every minute of reading it!
6/12 c31 56SaberLariat
When I was reading this, I swear it felt like an actual episode from the series was playing in my head. Many a times we have seen Hilary, rather than using her free time for herself, instead dedicates it to help Tyson with whatever she can, like buy the groceries, offer him something to drink and tend to his wounds. How can someone think them as siblings when it is clear that Hilary is practically acting like a wife? These moments were so special, this chapter beautifully captured it. In the first few lines, it felt like they were married! This chapter made my day:)
6/11 c31 77Cutetyhil
Don't change the name for God's sake! And this chapter, I'm grinning so widely, so smitten by this chapter that if anyone right now will see my face will think that I've a secret bf who's texting me sweet dreams. XD That aside, I am just so clueless how even I describe my whole situation of happiness AND AMUSEMENT after reading this chapter.

TyHil? They have become so hot like totally hot. Has the summer gotten into you? When I realized Hilary wasn't innocent, I was laughing out badly but when Tyson played his cards well, that had me slamming my fists into pillow with squeals. He's the champion, be it beybattling, or seducing. XD Hilary, you should try it Better. XD

This was heaven Ayushi darling. I'll kidnap you one day, just to meet you once. XD Today was amazing. I'd just read a TyHil lime written by my friend (OT Day by Naina) and that had had me shocked too. That shot was brazen hot, this was shining summer hot! XD

That aside, I'm straightway sharing this shot with my friend tomorrow before our duty starts! XD

Sweet dreams, may god bless you to shower us with such hot tyhils every now and then!
6/4 c30 Velox being a Knight
Aaaaahhhhh! That was soooo beautiful!
Tyson's insecurities regarding his family was so spot on, like it's actually canon. You wrote it so well. I could totally see that happening!
And yes, as always, you are those rare authors that do Hilary justice. She was written great! As determined as she actually is.
And that kiss! I was squealing so hard!
Tyson remembering Max's theory again and again was cute!
Did I mention I literally LOVE it when Hilary initiates physical contact and Tyson just stands there dumbfounded?
Loved it
6/4 c29 Velox being a Knight
That was so well-written! I really love the way you write tyhil so originally. Every action of theirs is in-character!
Loved the moment when Tyson threatened chief, it was so funny. And Hilary, damn you are the only person who writes Hilary this way! It's so like her!
Loved it a lot
6/3 c30 56SaberLariat
Please keep on updating :)
5/14 c29 45AzikaRue394
This was so cute! I really enjoyed reading it. :) Also happy that Life in Color was able to offer a little inspo to keep going - that's the best compliment I could ever get!

I love the idea of Tyson just napping in the classroom while the rest of the class are off doing what they're supposed to be doing. I'm just gonna pretend he was asleep when they all left and everyone let him keep sleeping, knowing it wasn't worth the effort to wake him up lol Naturally Hilary would be the one to decide enough is enough.

Very in character for Hilary to agree to give the reins to Kenny for the project, but still put her two cents in at every possible opportunity. She and Tyson are similar in that way. Waiting for the inevitable moment where he has to shout at the megaphone through them for having an argument during rehearsal or something.

Tyson's motivation to be a part of the play is obviously so sweet. Really highlights the dancing around each other aspect of their relationship that I love so much. And I like that he jumped right to practicing the kiss scene when Hilary asked lol Of course he would. And Hilary's reaction was priceless.

I think the ending was my favorite part. 3 The descriptions were beautiful and I loved when Tyson flipped her line about taking the lead back around on her. Live for that flirtatious banter. Why do I feel like, even if Hilary succeeds and gets her ending, Tyson's getting his kiss in the end regardless? lol

Thank you for finishing this and blessing the community with this - I loved it! And best of luck with whatever other MayBlade prompts you choose to tackle! :)
5/7 c30 Simy
(Cutetyhil here)

Hiro was real disaster here. Somehow I couldn't digest the fact of him being such a dick here, ouch. He created much problems, selfishness not so justified. The part where he dated badly just blew my mind. He's not that bad, he could pull it good, shesh. Cut to the last art of Match, that broke my heart. I just cry out when Tyson looses, any match, any sport, it's as if I'm in there, playing, adrenaline in me rushing hm hm, yes, so it's a tragedy and nightmare for me if Tyson looses, so that part was little disturbing for me, anyways, the latter of the story had me forgetting that woe quickly. XP

That little rumor of Hils liking someone on team, that's too typically sweet; will cause any reader to bite their lips in dimples and amusement. ;) Her guts in the last part was little bewildering, in a good way of course, and Tyson's reactions and processing were hilarious
Totally loved it all! She really helped him recover!
5/7 c30 77Cutetyhil
Awww, I'll get diabetics after reading this cute fic! Before I say anything else, this line: He thought about pinching his cheeks tightly because surely this had to be a dream, an almost perfect game and a kiss from a girl? On the same day? No, that couldn't be his life- this line had me so much amused, elated, bemused, happy, so so happy that I had take a break and re read it again so I could feel it's joy freshly over and over. Awww, I think I'M still pink. XD
5/4 c29 Cutetyhil
Awww this was so so good to read. Totally enjoyed it. Though the plot wasn't much unique, the scenes were perfectly crafted and written and Tysin dominating so easily in any tyhil fic is just like cake in a feast, cherry on the top. XD
and wth, Hilary changed the plot that way? Tyson surely is gonna be stricken at that lmao. The dance scene was so amusing and yet so sweet to read, I'd to control my amusement coming up so nicely up in the midst of my duty.

Chief was a romantic and sentimental nerd at heart-this line was epic. I re read ot twice. XD

Loved it yaarr.
3/29 c28 35Zadien
Man this was so cute. I felt so bad for Tyson in this but also for Hilary - what kind of friends has she got that they ditch her so easily? So very unimpressed with them.

Also this line:
Unluckily, however, Hilary hadn't done such a good job of managing her feelings for this problem child, and even more unfortunately, no book so far had been of any help in getting her to understand why she felt this magnetic pull towards Tyson when he was the farthest person from her ideal.

It sets up her character so well. I definitely want to read more about their date. Simp Tyson was fantastic but I also want Hilary to choose him and appreciate him because he's so nice and good and I love them together.

I love the Hogwarts AU world too. Of course, Hilary would be a prefect and naturally, Kai would be captain blood of the Quidditch world - he would absolutely get a time-turner to make them practice as much as possible. Also, the nods to the different professors was fun too. I enjoyed this so much. Please write more if you get the chance!
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