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for Year Seven & Beyond: Albus Severus Potter and the Year of the Eagle

12/1/2014 c19 6Hadley Natsworthy
Hey SD23!

I say yay! Even though I'm really busy I'm glad that I had a chance to read this last chapter. It was a slightly nostalgic experience for me. I love it!

Yeah SCHOOL KILLS. I despise my classes. Why did I decide to be a math major? Can't believe I have more to come the following semester! I don't even have time to write anymore. It doesn't matter- most of my stories are dreadful, but I hope that I can with the coming break.

Write more!
8/23/2014 c18 Hadley Natsworthy
TWINS! Yay! Sorry, that's all I have to say.
8/22/2014 c17 Hadley Natsworthy
I'm so glad that that stupid Rita Skeeter wasn't there. I ope she's dead by now. Glad you wrote a new chapter. Who's the deatheater? Haha, guess you'll say in the next update.
12/18/2013 c14 Guest
Lily Potter was in Slytherin because she wanted to be different, not like her family and she wanted to tell everybody that Slytherin wasn't really a bad house at all. Here is a little story I wrote for Lily Potter.

Lily carmly sauntered over to the eerie lake, thoughs clouding her mind about...everything! S
12/18/2013 c13 Guest
wow! It's interesting, actually!
Can you do a love story based on battles of the light Brigade! I'd like to se e more of Jason dale!
12/18/2013 c12 Guest
11/6/2013 c22 Guest
Good one. Make sure you include the char a cters
11/6/2013 c21 Guest
11/6/2013 c20 Bad Reviewer
This chap was great tho you nede to brush up on your lenghts of chaps
11/6/2013 c19 Guest
Plz do the syose please!
11/6/2013 c23 Guest
Cant wait till the next chapter. Nice what you've done with the chapters
10/13/2013 c41 Guest
yes! A poem! THANK YOU!
10/2/2013 c42 Guest
An officer? Weird name for a chapter.
9/30/2013 c41 Aria Lunaria
This was a very good story. I'll be reading your future works. :)
9/21/2013 c37 1The Last Badger Lord
Albus Severus Potter and the Dawn of the Badger? Maybe the Badger Lord might do.
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