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for Year Seven & Beyond: Albus Severus Potter and the Year of the Eagle

9/21/2013 c38 1The Last Badger Lord
Do the Seventeen Years of Sky Ellis please. You've got like three reviews begging you to. Come on missus. Seeing as I'm a great fan of your work, I'll do a little clip of The Seventeen Years of Sky Ellis.



Everyone's heard of Sky and the Wimbourne Wasps. Ever since Sky joined the Wasps a their Keeper, there's been rumours spreading around the place like wildfire. People say thta Sky's made the team so much better, others say that he's made it worse. But really Sky once said, "A good sting is what people need."

And he was talking to Harry Potter at the time!
9/21/2013 c39 The Last Badger Lord
9/21/2013 c40 The Last Badger Lord
Travis...Clara...Alex... Wicked
9/21/2013 c38 Guest
Yeah do the book in a fiction
9/21/2013 c38 MoreOfSkyEllis
Please do do do do DO DO DO DO the Seventeen Years of Sky Ellis! Be really cool cos itll explain every thing!
9/21/2013 c39 Guest
Flints kids are probably spoiled. Bet you anything that they are.
9/21/2013 c40 2 L8
Wheeeeee! Another chapter! Been keeping an eye on this fic. Great stuff man
9/21/2013 c39 Guest
I hate Flint. Stupid git.
9/21/2013 c36 Guest
A brother? Now that's a little weird even for Sky.

Oliver Sky Potter or Sky Potter... I'm doing a story on Sky Potter!
9/21/2013 c40 Guest
Whoa! Another story to get us thinking?! You're kidding me! Most authors just do one cbapter in a fic rather than one chapter and a mini story at the same time? Have you ever considered being an author?
9/15/2013 c40 WEIRDO
Archer Lancaster sounds like a good character. Two thousand words is a bit over the top, but if its what you want, go ahead. Your chapters were a bit short anyway. I can't wait to read up on the second task on the triwizard tournament!
9/15/2013 c40 Drop of Grace
Finally another chapter! Thanks for updating even thought school started and whatnot. Ordi you go to school? I don't know... Anyway keep updating! Have you ever considered being an author?
9/13/2013 c35 Guest
Jackie Longbottom
Ravenclaw/ Prefect
Particualrly good at Coringgale Runes (A form of runes)
Eye: Green
Hair: Brown
Sex: Girl
9/9/2013 c38 Drop of Grace
Thanks! Breaking Free is really good! In only in the first chapter... I just started reading it, school just started and I have less time to read fanfics, but I'm pretty much hooked... Everyone else should read it too!
9/8/2013 c38 Aria Lunaria
Hmm... at first I was unsure about this story because of the length of the chapters. (I tend to think the shorter the chapters, the less professional the story.) However, this is really good. I liked the way you incorporated an OC like Sky Ellis. I like your (dramatic, yet to the point) writing style. Now, I can't write a review without some criticism, but keep in mind I quite like this. So, all you need to do is make the chapters longer. I'd like to see more character interactions, too. Anyway, this story is great and I'm surprised it has so little reviews.
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