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for Year Seven & Beyond: Albus Severus Potter and the Year of the Eagle

9/8/2013 c37 Sky Ellis
Wait, who are the other three Dark Riders at Hogwarts? And I love your fic
9/8/2013 c37 Drop of Grace
I was radig this chapter was I was like, huh- I think I recognize the newest character... Then I read the AN and I went to rub it in my sisters face.
"Haha! SeekerDraconis23 chose my story! Eat that! It must mean I'm good at something!", shameful, I know.
9/7/2013 c36 Olly Potter
Why don't you name the kid Olly Potter? Olliver Neville Potter? But more of Olly Murs, maybe? Olly Remus Potter? I prefer Oliver to Remus or Romulus.

And Sky?
9/7/2013 c36 Ilovealbusmore
9/7/2013 c35 iloveAlbusmore
9/7/2013 c26 3BartimusCrotcherty2
Can you have a Light Brigade club?
9/7/2013 c36 BartimusCrotcherty2
Name: Tom Bailey
Age: 22
Eye: Blue
Hair: Brown
Wand: Ash, and Phoenix tail
Born: 23rd January 2002
Fears: The Moon
Siblings: 15
Birthplace: America
Accent: French
Likes: Playing Quidditch
Dislikes: Cheese
Prefers: Not to wear muggle clothing
Status: Half-blood
Side: Light Brigade
9/3/2013 c1 9EluredandElurin
Kira Hana
Black hair, hazel eyes
Humble, beautiful in a plain way. Doesn't care about blood purity, half blood.
13" holly, unicorn hair, good for protection and healing.
Pacifist, but when mad...
Light brigadier

Lindsay Hana
Black hair, violet eyes
Twin sister to Kira, smart, seen as geeky.
Hates pure bloods, mostly. Best friend to Albus.
10", dragon heartstring, unyielding, good for hexes.
Light brigadier

Gavin Dalca
Brown hair, amber eyes
Ambitious but kind.
11", cherry, dragon heartstring.
Dark rider, sent to help Albus by Rufus in the gap between Albus Severus Potter and the year of the Badger and Badger's Revolution.

Clara Bushway
Brown hair, black eyes
Tom boyish, athletic.
Pure blood, doesn't care about blood status.
15", chestnut, veela hair.
Light brigadier.

Emmlyn Lune
Irish and Welsh
Brown hair, blue eyes
Very athletic, takes things very seriously, mysterious.
Pure blood, very high opinion on blood status, no one knows how he got into the gang.
9", yew, manticore claw.
Dark rider
9/3/2013 c36 DragonTamer
Pollux! You like legends, I guess, so... cool!
9/1/2013 c35 SeekingGoodFics
OK, I have a character.
Name: Oliver Dale
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Eye colour: Blue (icy)
Hair colour: Ginger red
(Nice looking but not handsome)
Wand: Ash, Unicorn tail, slightly springy and is fifteen inches. Good wand.
Fashion: Prefers muggle clothing
(Oliver is a good wizard, even though he can be stubborn at times. He knows a bit about magic and he's Irish. Speaks with the accent too. Has five brothers and two sisters. One sister and all of the brothers were killed in a freak accident two months ago.)

This is my character and I hope he does welll
8/31/2013 c34 SeekerDraWannabe
I really like this story but IT Takes you Lots of time to post a chapter but PLEASE DON'T KILL SKY OFF :(
8/29/2013 c34 Guest
I guess that Sky is a famous Quidditch player then? And Adolpha is a Hufflepuff Head-Girl?
8/29/2013 c33 Random Guest
Lily Potter was in Slytherin because... James was a Gryffindor, Albus was a Hufflepuss, and I guess she wanted to be a little different from the rest of her family?
It is only a guess.

It might not be the actual answer, but it is my guess and I'm sticking with it for now.
8/26/2013 c7 Min868
Very confused here...Adolpha is Sky's girlfriend, Fabrizio is a friend of his. Okay, but why is Sky so famous when he's only in his seventh year in Hogwarts?
8/26/2013 c4 Min868
Wait, so is Scorpius friends with the Weasleys? And who's Adolpha?
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