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11/23/2016 c11 10XxRin-sanxX
•An f-bomb you say? I'm guess either the Wonder Twins or Lindsay.

•No. Fucking. Way. You did not. You did not just kill off Katie. You BLEEPING BLEEP! The one saying the f-bomb is me! How could you?! Am not saved from writers being complete dicks to my heart even in fanfiction?!

•Er... I apologize for mentally cussing you out in my head. But yay! Katie lives! She lives! I mean, you wouldn't punk us out twice with thinking she died, would you? ...Would you? You better not.

•Okay, you BLEEP you actually are. What. The. Fuck. STOP.

•You actually killed off Katie?! ... I HATE you. Oh, nevermind AGAIN, she's alive... You know what? I think Noah's comment to Chris accurately echos my thoughts right now, but I'm not so mean as to call a writer that. Besides, she's alive and it was good drama.

•Trust me, Eva, totally relate to that fear.

•Oh Courtney... I hate you and your pain is both humorous and delicious~ ;)

Wait a sec... Who says the f-bomb? Aw man, I didn't even notice and missed it! Ah well. I'll have to reread it later and check. Great chapter, as always~ Actually, probably my favorite to date. Very dramatic and the tension over Katie, man... The struggle was real.


P.s. Seriously, had to remind myself "it's not nice to cuss out authors just because their story is the nice to your heart." I'd say that's a compliment on your dramatic storytelling.
11/22/2016 c10 XxRin-sanxX
Oh my gosh! They killed Bunny! They killed the bunny! I was so horrified gagged! Horrible... I feel a little sick.

And Geoff and Izzy? Dude, she's crazy. Never stick your dick in crazy. (Unless your Owen, I guess.)

Oooooh, little D.J. got a fire going now! No longer the soft momma's boy?

Nice poem. Stephen King? The Raven, think?

Oh Katie...

OK, blah, blah, great chapter now onto the next because what a cliffhanger god damn
11/22/2016 c9 XxRin-sanxX
The fact you made Heather's look resemble one of my favorite actress' is upsetting. (Audrey wore it better~)

That note had to be from Noah! For Katie. She has the dark hair, the poem fits his style and he was admiring her after the makeover.

Ooh, Alejandro and Beth are still talking~ I like. Hope they become a couple.

And Brigette isn't in season 3? Also, this counts her out as the mom, obviously. The mom is too nice to be Heather... Doesn't sound like Lashawna... Who is it?

And great chapter, as always. On to chapter 10! (Or a nap, whichever happens first.)

11/22/2016 c8 XxRin-sanxX
Ah... Once again I failed to be able to record my thoughts. But, I like the story so much I've literally made a slot in my day so I can read a chapter or two for an hour. (Slow reader, heh.)

Something I will note is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. For Eva? For Ezekiel? That's unheard of. Okay, not totally, but neither get much love in the fandom. I'd argue that the show gives great character development to the bigger players like Heather... I would name other characters I really like like Gwen and Duncan but the season that shoulc have NEVER been really ruined the characters. But since that season just totally never existed ever, their characters stay intact (as does my fave TD ship).

Hmm... Noah and Katie? I like it. In fact, I like all the pairings here and even though I don't think they'd work on the original show, this reimagining makes it seem more natural and interesting.

Also, just remembered, the mother mentioned that the show continued for 7 seasons, will you be writing a reimagined version of each?

11/22/2016 c1 Catbird

Also I accidentally hit Caps Lock while typing that line and didn't bother to turn it off until now. Anyways, I'm just going to say that this is truly one of the best fanfictions I've seen in a long time, especially when we're talking about the subject of TD fanfics. It seems like a lot of writers take the fact that the canon characters are all stereotypes as an excuse to write poorly. But this, man. THIS. I'm a sucker for good characterization and all that jazz, and I am seriously digging this fic. Keep up the good work!
11/22/2016 c6 XxRin-sanxX
Ugh, annoying... Constantly getting interrupted while reading meant I couldn't remember to record some of my thoughts. I figured that would be better suited to me, than trying and failing to give constructive criticism.

The chapter was great, however. I especially liked the dodgeball scene, it was a fun read. The descriptions sounded like a poem and it was fun to read it like that.


P.s. I was right. The interrupts from the mother and son did indeed get easier and less jarring as I continued to read.
11/21/2016 c5 XxRin-sanxX
YAY, BETH IS SAFE! Also: Beth and (this) Alejandro? I ship it~

Geez, Gwen, just because you aren't personally attracted to the guy doesn't mean you have to be rude.

I KNEW HE WASN'T DEAD! I KNEW IT! Fuck, he is dead! And that was one very detailed dream... But if he had gotten eaten... Where was the blood? The movement of the water? Anything! *squints suspiciously* He's not dead in my mind until they find a body.

He...he drugged TEENAGERS. On international television? And he doesn't go to jail? How did Courtney, miss know-it-all, lawyer in training miss that detail of the contract? Did their parents not want to check the contract before they let their kids sign it. Actually, did the mother telling this damn story not think to even inquire about the show her son signed up on?! It wasn't until he won that she even found out the name... Geez. Let me stop and go back to reading the chapter.

Even though ship Lindsay & Tyler, can really get behind Justin & Lindsay. Beautiful people being beautiful together, what's not to love?

To be fair, Ezekiel wasn't wrong: on average, females ARE weaker than males. It's not sexism, just biology. Still, way to fuck up your chances are winning dude. Oh. You addressed this... Never mind.

You update once every two months? Dang. That's a real bummer.

Next chapter~

11/21/2016 c4 XxRin-sanxX
Dang, I'm tired... Honestly want to give you a great review, so much happened this chapter. A death, an elimination... But honestly, I struggled to stay awake and was squinting while reading due to being Vao tired (and that's with glasses on!).

Sorry for not being there best reviewer on ny better days, especially not now. But this was amazing fantastic, well written chapter.

Have a good day!

11/21/2016 c3 XxRin-sanxX
Just some thoughts while was reading:

• I really like how you can capture all their voices! Especially Eva and Lashawna, who do not get enough love in this fandom (in my opinion). And never seen these two be paired as friends, but that would be a GREAT dynamic!

• And oh my god... Is that? Is that actual character development for Eva?! O.O OuO

• And man, the shifts from this to the mother and son are just are jarring here as it was the first time I've watched "The Princess Bride." Hopefully, like with my many rewatches of that movie, I'll get used to it in time.

• ... You're not going to tell us who the mom is, are you? :/


• Why don't remember that Eva and Lashawna scene if it was canon?

Great chapter one again!


P.s. Remembered the other thing I wanted to note in one of the other reviews. Thanks for not continuing the myth that all homeschoolers are socially inept idiots.
11/21/2016 c2 XxRin-sanxX
I should have just written my thoughts down as I was reading, now I kind of forgot some. Oh well, can't do much about it.

But seriously, can I congratulate and thank you as being one of the only few writers that made the introduction anf dock scene worth reading? Usually it's either a direct rip-off of the show, so boring I skip over it or rushed and clumsily written. Yours was none of those. Some scenes had me laughing and chuckling and I was enjoying it a lot!

Learned a new word reading this, so that's cool. XD Great chapter, now on to chapter 3~

11/21/2016 c1 XxRin-sanxX
I've heard great things about this story and you as an author. I'm curious as to who the mother is since you made sure not to give her name, describe her look and give very little clues. The only thing we know is that she didn't win, but made it far in the game. And that she is female. Will we ever find out?

I'm excited to be reading this! Looks like it'll be an all nighter for me~ :)

10/9/2016 c3 3RhondaTheStalkerFan
I was so excited to start the next chapter and I really liked it. I'm not sure what I liked best though. It was just that good! I do like that you included the music and I really enjoyed the pieces. I have to say Harold taking out the stag was unexpected but good development. I also liked how Eva got a far amount of attention which is more than the show can ever say. I really liked how you got a lot of the teen speech down (I think Geoff was one person I remember sounding like a modern teen). I also really liked Lindsay and all of her dumb moments. It was exactly as I expected Lindsay to be. I honestly didn't realize that Izzy and Noah's fight was an alliter-off until I came to the talk page even after reading the trivia. It wasn't that it wasn't clear in the story, I just couldn't pick up on it. I really found Noah funny and I loved Izzy's crazy moments especially when she was wrestling the shark. I'm really excited for the next part and I can't wait to find out what happened to Harold. I'm pretty sure he survived but I know something more will happen. I have no clue who the mother and I can't wait to find out who she is!
10/9/2016 c2 RhondaTheStalkerFan
OH MY GIDEON THAT WAS AWESOME! Sorry to go all caps but I loved this first chpater. It was like seeing Total Drama Island the first time. You portrayed them so well. It was funny and extremely witty. You've given it a lot of depth. I can't decide who I like best! You answered a lot of the questions Total Drama Island left (like how the boat brings one contestant at a time). I really liked Izzy. She was super funny and I really loved the Sunshine joke. I think you gave everyone a good amount of screentime and didn't feel like anyone was too minor. I'm so excited for the next chapter!
9/24/2016 c24 CripticCynic
I think that what I enjoy most about this story is Ezekiel's character. Talk about an improvement. The guy was an afterthought in the first season, and yet you managed to turn that mess into intrigue and have a more interesting relationship with Courtney than Duncan ever did. It's easy to expect two characters who constantly fight, whom always seem as such complete opposites, to get together. But really, this one is just much more nuanced.

Props dude.
9/13/2016 c25 CripticCynic
I think I've found one of my favorite stories. I'm not even a big TDI fan, yet this story just got me hooked! Keep it up, because this is awesome.
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