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12/16/2020 c22 3RhondaTheStalkerFan
Sorry for the late reply Gideon, though it does appear I'm almost caught up. I remember reading the rest of the boot camp challenge at one point, and thought I had notes, but alas I cannot find them. Oh well, I probably need a rereading anyway.

Of course Ella and Dawn were there. And naturally they aren’t going to rat them out. I mean as pointed out Dawn did set them up to it. And Ella? As if.

Honestly, I had never considered Ella mystical, at least not in the way I did Dawn. I sort of thought of Ella’s singing similar to Justin’s good looks, so good it was almost supernatural but not necessarily magic. But reexamining it, along with her role in LTDI, Ella’s voice is rather magical (and given she’s based on fairy tale princesses, she probably is magical).

I love the idea of RWMP; I need a Dawn and Ella buddy cop movie right now (with Leonard helping too). Really, Dawn and Ella make great foils, with Dawn being the experienced magician and Ella, the powerful but unaccustomed magic user.

Ella knowing drinking songs is great, although it also means that they are about to get REAL drunk. I enjoyed both. The first had very nice build up; I can see the pigging out montage.

Heather wanting to get to know Beth…hmm…that’s an interesting parallel…

Not surprised that Courtney is the first to ask for a dance or lead, and not surprised that she’s asking Ezekiel either. She’s got it bad! Honestly, at the moment I think she might be the Mother and Ezekiel is the father…who isn’t around for Brett because of something that happens on the show…

Ella being a hopeless romantic with unrealistic ships and deciding to go with Disney songs? Ella is my spirit animal! (Also of course she chose Disney, given who she is…)

I love Beth is now super popular for stealing the beer; a nice twisting for the wannabe.

Ella has the greatest power of all; to make ships canon! Well she almost did for Gwen and Cody (ooh poor Cody). But Ella’s music does have strange powers…

I don’t think you wrote this scene personally for me, but you know I love all the ship teasing going on; Beth and DJ, the canon Lindsay and Tyler, the ironic Heather and Tyler, and the ‘children of the corn’ (wonderful reference). Geez, who am I suppose to ship Ezekiel with?

And turning the porch-kissing scene into a DJ and Courtney ship tease, spiting Duncan? Hahaha, I loved it! I’m beginning to be pretty positive Duncan and Courtney will not be happening in LTDI.

And wow, I did not expect DJ to turn this into a gambit revenge scheme against Ezekiel. To mess with Courtney like that, pretty evil genius. I’m surprised she hadn’t seen the signs, I mean I figured she gets teased about liking Zeke enough. I’m excited to see what happens when Zeke finally picks up on the fact DJ is gunning for him, and the fallout of all that.

Ella has to have very powerful magic if the hottest girls at camp are fighting over Cody.

I was waiting for more DJ and Heather ship teasing. This is turning into a real make out party…

Hehe, I have a feeling I knew who snuck into the boys’ cabin, and I was right. I mean, I did have the unfair advantage of the preview. Still, I love the Sunshine joke. I wish she were here to see it or leave a comment…

I love Izzy says she and Sunshine got off on a bad foot; I remember that from Sunshine’s bio! Her and Izzy fighting for the final spot haha.

The gruel joke was wonderful haha. Ooh no, Katie is still sick. Life just doesn’t let up on the thin twin.

Oh yeah, there’s a challenge to finish too! Heather makes a lot of good points about how anyone will do, although DJ manages to outlast Ezekiel. Leonard Kelly, I’m guessing he’s an original character here.

So the radiation poison is gone? That’s strange…I’m not sure if this is the last we’ll hear of it or not. I mean I didn’t plan on the radiation bomb having lasting effects (which makes me wonder how it’ll effect Izzy…or anyone else for that matter).

So wait, this was Chef’s plan all along? I don’t know if I should be surprised or not. I suppose it was strange that Ella and Dawn stopped by, but I just assumed it was for Ella to be there and sing. Geez, with Ella’s kind of magic who knows what could happen

So these kisses were basically sex. Is that a comment on kissing being the equivalent to sex in cartoons at times? (Note: Read the trivia and it is!)

Dawn mentioning having parties to live life to the fullest…reminds of certain other habits of interns. I remember you said that TDWTH line inspired you, glad to see how it did .

Ella’s wild magic…wild and this show don’t usually mix well for everyone. I have a bad feeling. The fact Gwen was healed faster though is amazing. Is that a joke on the speedy recovery of cartoon characters?

Katie is thinking exactly what I’m thinking; what about the true star of LTDI? Sadie can’t die, can she? I enjoyed hearing Katie get lost in her thoughts, thinking about ‘Dreamy Dan’ and showing how she doesn’t consider her BFF’s weight. She brings up a good point, I wonder who Sadie is bonding with over there. It’d be interesting to see what’s happening at Playa Da Losers.

And oh my gosh Katie won! Just shows how tough Katie is, if everything else she’s survived hasn’t already.

I love she gets a little cross pin for her troubles, and how invincibility is referred to in military terms. And that it continues into the elimination ceremony. Even with a new feature!

Ahh Beth! I had hopes that Duncan would be it and she’d somehow be spared, but when it was between her and Zeke I knew it was a lost cause. I hate to see her go; she wasn’t always the biggest character but fun to have around and had a lot of great moments.

Aww, Alejandro ties her up and they have an adorable shipping scene. Is it wrong if I ship it? They could still be a thing after the show…

The firing squad was pretty harsh, especially being dumped like that and not given hugs. I’d cry to Beth. I was a bit unsure why she was eliminated, except being seen as a weaker member, since as she said she’d been so popular.

I really like that LTDI explored her desire to fit in and be popular, something canon didn’t do a great deal of with her besides Heather's allaince (though I can chalk it up to time restraints).

Phew, I was worried the losers wouldn’t get help for their condition. I mean, I assume this will help. Including some of the female interns was a good idea for the gender ratio (I have a rather uneven gender ratio but as you say on your bio, you like the girls better. I agree, they're honestly better). And we get our first Ridonculous Racer intern.

Ahh, so this is the spin on the unfair elimination in canon! I have to say I like it a whole lot better; makes a lot more sense and doesn’t feel as unfair as a contestant’s actions. Courtney sold it well, and glad she got the truth out there. And I particularly like that the US is to blame for this.

Part of me wonders whether the Storyteller was exaggerating Courtney’s confessional, given how hidden that message was. But then again Courtney is smart enough and someone was able to solve it. How soon were they able to solve it? Did it get posted to the Internet before the next challenge or a few episodes after?

All in all, I really enjoyed the boot camp challenge. It had a lot of great Chef Hatchet moments, and more Chef Hatchet is always great. There was also plenty of excitement, ship teasing, butt kicking and a well handled elimination.

But this chapter ain’t over yet! Its time for the EXTREME SPORTS CHALLENGE. And its already off to a rough start with the music Chris is playing.

Honestly I can’t say I see much difference in the shower besides the hot water either. I mean, I want to take a shower in it just because it sounds fancy but I actually don’t know what the difference is…

Hmm, with Beth’s elimination it seems the teams are paralleled gender wise; one member of the opposite gender of the rest of their teammates. Don’t know if this was your final plan but I like it worked out like that.

Smart of Chris to give points, allows him to have all the fights. Plus I love to see ways he rewards points. Also, Heather and Courtney fighting is a perfect choice.

I cracked up when Lindsay said aloud it doesn’t look so bad hahaha. Attempting fate is an interesting idea, trying to think of ways you could do that…

Not starting before Chris gives the signal? Classic Heather, and clever twisting it into her own words. I’m sure Chris was fine with that. I like being described as a CIT was like being a warrior; Courtney can certainly treat it like that at times.

Embedded cattle prods? Geez Louise Chris, that’s harsh. Heather really goes in for a beat down; I feel she’s letting go off some aggression. Honestly, I could see Courtney not getting the chance to speak. I might be wrong but I believe Chris’ thumb down is a sign for a display of victory, based off something in actual gladiator combat or a reference.

And what a punishment! It kind of reminded me of the ‘Fatality’ feature of Mortal Kombat (though I admit I’ve never played it); a violent display of victory that just rubs it in the loser’s face they’ve lost.

Heather faces her own trashing in the future, huh? Hmm, wonder if its related to when Chris has to decide to bend the rules for her or not, as was alluded to when Chris broke the news about Gwen… guess it depends on if the trashing comes from a contestant or someone (or something) else…

Tear gas? I’m Leshawna, this challenge is crazy. Leshawna does make the best sense against the biggest Muskie; the TDA sports episode comes to mind, even if that was exaggerated strength.

I also don’t know if henchchicks has been used before this chapter and if I’ve commented on it before, but I love the term!

Lindsay and Tyler make a nice match up, a nice canon allusion, specifically catching a ‘hot guy’. If only dating was that easy. But kudos to Lindsay for winning! How did Lindsay even get Nigel, haha.

A giant ‘salt’ shaker fight? I like it, I could see canon having that. Plus I love the ‘a-salt’, assaulting pun. Katie you shouldn’t complain, do you want the cattle prods again? Chris is right about chivalry, so if he wanted an exciting match perhaps he should’ve had Zeke in the boy’s match (…though we’ll talk about that in a bit).

Volleyball will come up, huh? Perhaps a challenge or just some recreational fun? I can actually see Katie (and I assume Sadie as well) playing volleyball.

I suspect Chris gave the extra point to Katie as a way of making the challenge more in the Eagles’ favor, like he did with the paintball deer hunt but for the Muskies. Given Gwen’s idols, he might want to ensure other fan favorites Lindsay and Heather are safe, and figures the Muskies popular with the fans we’ll be okay (I imagine Courtney and potentially Duncan). He probably figured with some of the uneven match ups in the Muskies favor, like Leshawna and DJ and what he assumes Cody and Duncan will be, it’d help.

I can totally see why Chris made the match Cody and Duncan though; as he said it was a very opposite match, which makes good television. I think Cody can pull it off though! LTDI has shown us not to count the underdog or the seeming fodder out. A good place for a cliffhanger too.

Another great chapter! A lot of fun (and of course amazing ships). The merge is just around the corner though (and I believe already happening in some chapters) and though I have some ideas on what may occur, I’m just really pumped for what’s to come!
12/16/2020 c21 RhondaTheStalkerFan
Well this has been severly overdue and I’m sorry for the long wait Gideon! Hopefully with Summer now here my comments will come out more quickly.

First off, I think we’ve talked about Brett’s grades slowly improving due to doing his home, but I’m glad to see it really paying off! Hmm…it does make me question if his intelligence and or study habits are a reflection of his parents? I will say that I might wait to post them on the WMG on the Tropes page, but I think I’ve narrowed down the identity of Brett’s mother to a few candidates and this acing of the test really sticks out who is a likely candidate in my opinion…

I don’t know if I mentioned it last time, but I think the radiation sickness is a clever idea. LTDI’s goal was about playing elements for laughs that were drama and while I figured that was down with the larger and more realistic explosion of Izzy’s bomb, the radiation poison makes a lot more sense (and I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘a story for another time’ was said around there…)

I think its rather humorous that Scott has become the back up medic leader, given how canon seasons make him come off as not too bright. Then again that kind of shows how series these interns deaths are that he’s that position. I’d say that Alejandro is the highest ranking intern, so is Scott the second highest? Or are they in their own divisions?

I like the mysterious edge of B and it makes sense he’s the one building moving targets. And Leonard is appearing too! I’m all for these guys getting some more attention, given their short tenure in canon. And Lindsay seems like the type to enjoy Leonard.

I also like the idea in setting up Leonard and Dawn in having a bit of a conflict (I could see the two as foils). I wasn’t expecting Leonard to actually be magical…but I like the idea he is. I predict that will cause problems in the future as Dawn feared. And I do get the feeling that Leonard won’t likely make it off the island alive.

I do find the exploring of magic in here interesting…and its prominence makes me go from thinking possibly real but vague in LTDI to one hundred real, no doubt. Which makes me wonder…if Dawn does come from a line of wizards why is she here on this show? Certainly her family history (and talent) are likely to get a better, less lethal job. I do have a theory on why (I need to update the WMGC, sorry I haven’t) and it relates to a certain redhead…

I like the shooting range challenge; its nice the campers get to blow off steam and have fun at a challenge for once. And it just sounds cool. And haha at everyone shooting at Heather…and HAHA at the campers shooting up Chris (who was a robot?).

Also I love Chef decides to have them eat trash! It works as an even bigger push for the food stealing that comes. The stealing of grease is another one of those allowed rule bendings that happen in LTDI that I love.

Is the campers doing a haka a reference to the similar challenge in TD:RR? And the ship tease between Duncan and Courtney and I love Courtney’s response; “I’d rather kiss the wrong end of Owen’s digestive tract.”

I figured Gwen would give out but I like she worked herself hard enough to earn her way to the next round (because Gwen is tough as nails!)

The essay writing was always one of my favorite bits of this challenge is canon and I found it fun here. The serious consequences for Duncan’s actions were really great threats and I liked it got Duncan to do his pushups. Leshawna’s essay is French was another nice twist!

And Scarlett as an intern! Izzy’s evil twin is pretty spot on for her character. Gwen’s poem was also wonderful and I like the other campers are learning poetry thanks to Noah. Also hahaha, I love Leshawna’s essay topic.

Well I’m glad the radiation sickness isn’t that lethal, but affecting their immune system is still not good. And so now there going to manipulate Ella’s magic to heal the others… Also Dawn joining in on the Chris hate, haha I love it!

I feel real bad for Beth; as the smallest and probably close to Izzy given their alliance its no surprise she’s really sick. And kudos to Katie sticking out for Sadie; I love that and wished that the twin’s friendship provided moments of awesome in canon.

Nice grueling pun! And this is an interesting idea; making the kitchen raiding part of the challenge. But the Brick Memorial Kitchen Raid? R.I.P Brick! I wouldn't usually see Brick as the raiding type, but I'm glad he got a reference in the military challenge. I’m guessing this is part of some grander plan, maybe tied to Ella.

And slow the phone, Beth had gotten alcohol for their party? I’m kind of surprised Alejandro helped her out with that, I feel like that could have gotten him in trouble. But that’s pretty realistic to teen parties.

The party’s just getting started so that can’t be Chef Hatchet…can it? Or is it some interns? Izzy? Harold’s ghost?

I really enjoyed this chapter! I enjoyed a lot of the character interactions and Dawn's bigger role in the story, though it does feel a bit like she's become a bigger character than some of the remaining contestants.

I'm excited and a bit nervous to see if you do something similar to the vote rigging in this challenge (a bit that always annoyed me in canon), though played for drama I could like it. I'll need to catch up soon to find out because it looks like you've almost reached the merge...
12/16/2020 c20 RhondaTheStalkerFan
Wonderful new chapter Gideon! And probably the one I Katie and Sadie squealed most at.

First I see Brett has completed his homework earlier, huh? Is this the first instance of this occasion?

I was expecting Lindsay to be okay, after already having to deal with a fire during the talent show. I didn’t think to suspect her gymnastics would save her, but I’m glad she had them. Gwen however…I feared the worst for her. And I was right too.

On the bright side, it brought a very funny moment from Rodney! I enjoyed his sudden crush on Gwen. As for Zeke, I expected him to be okay; we wouldn’t torture too people…right? And hooray for more Ella and Dawn; they would naturally (or should I say ‘naturely’) make an amazing team. And now Dawn has two gull sidekicks? Amazing! I’m guessing the gulls, while I saw a reference to Odin, might also be a reference to Jay?

And of course Beth and Courtney, Zeke’s main girls, went looking for him. Once again, Zeke proves resourceful enough to survive. And now a Shawn cameo! Hooray for Zeke…although not so good for Gwen…

It was a good idea to go to the interns for the love note, though I should have thought that Chris would have them keep it a secret. And I was curious as to why Lindsay and Duncan were sent, I couldn’t remember if they were being punished or not.

I love the trust reward idea, sounds like something I might have to steal for my own fic. Poor Gwen, losing a finger sounds gross. And she maybe out of the game? I doubt it because she’s, as Chris kind of said, she’s good for the story. And I imagine she’d still try and win it for her mom. And now we’re foreshadowing Heather might be physically damaged later…

An immunity idol sounds like a great reward twist, though I’m sure Heather wouldn’t give to Leshawna. And is Leshawna’s cheese allergy a reference to it in TDA (if it was a cheese allergy; they said she didn’t do pizza but then later she ate cheese, bread and sat in tomatoes…). I feel like if Lindsay has the option, she’ll give an immunity idol to Katie (though she may not). I also enjoyed Cody’s little jib at Heather.

And oh no, Eva’s at the chocking block? I don’t think she’d go home, considering she’s one of your favorites (and one of mine in LTDI) but if it’s her or Ezekiel…yeah, her chances are slim. And nice to see D.J. trying to use some strategy.

The rewards were interesting; I figured Cody would’ve given Lindsay the shopping spree but considering it was the Truck Stop, but it was better for the call. And I love Heather’s prize (kind of wish it was a date with Owen though). And of course Katie gets the best reward, it being from a friend.

I expected Chris to reveal idols were option…but not to give them to Gwen. And yay, Gwen is alive! I really enjoyed how she appeared on stage. As for why Chris is giving her such special treatment…well I have my reasons but they involve things I may know so I can’t say…

And so it turns out the loser is…Eva. Not going to lie, I’ll miss her. I loved her and Leshawna’s goodbye to each other. And then of course…

I WAS RIGHT! I feel that happens so rarely (in general) that I feel like celebrating! That ended up being a hilarious yet such cute sendoff! I seriously ship it now. You and me both called it Brett; there were a lot of signs I should’ve picked up on earlier too but I ended up guessing correct.

And so now the boot camp episode is next! And wow Heather, way to just announce to Katie you’ll vote for her if things turn sour. That’s not the smartest move. Especially, now that Gwen and Leshawna are playing strategically.

And now Sky is an intern! And the military challenge is already starting off fun! I love the cannon idea, a Hunger Games reference, and am just excited about more Chef in general.

And now people have radiation poisoning? I wasn’t expecting that to come up; I know Californium is radioactive but still…and does that mean Izzy might be poisoned with radiation too? Wonderful cliffhanger, though I’m not sure how this will be resolved.

Another awesome chapter; it wasn’t too challenge filled but I liked the character interactions that happened along with a lot of pay-off and so new build up. Excited to see where this goes!
12/16/2020 c19 RhondaTheStalkerFan
I'm way too behind on this, but I'm trying to get back on track :p

Hmm, a here flaw in the strategy of Heather’s gameplay; can she trust anyone? I didn’t really realize it but that’s what these challenges were suppose to be about in canon, so I’m glad you actually offered an angle on that here. Still, this will bite Heather in the butt.

You keep coming up with great ways to describe food, and calling Chef’s a ‘violation of natural law’ made me crack up xD And I love Eva’s diss against Heather, and the hilarity of Heather’s own epic fail. And so that was what was up with Katie’s fugu stunt. She is a sweetheart.

Nice twist to see its Courtney whose the apple shooter (and I enjoyed her banter with Duncan). And I figured Chris would rub in the penalty to the teams, though it was a nice touch to make it the blindfolds. Also, Rodney cameos as an intern!

Of course when Heather puts the terms in fashion terms Lindsay becomes an expert shooter. And it did add a little skill to it, with the campers having to explain to their shooters how to aim. I also enjoyed Courtney’s little dig at Tyler.

And a Henry Hall song! I loved Henry Hall since I heard a song of his in a videogame. And a variation of this song was used on Barney once I remember from my childhood.

Yeah, I’d be a bit worried Eva, though Tyler can do responses well. And Chris was obviously going to choose Leshawna the whole time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would’ve chosen Eva anyway, picking the biggest girls and the guys who’d struggle most. Cody’s vow was very sweet. And I love how Leshawna asks Cody, that sounds just like her. You write teenagers better than I do.

Haha, of course Tyler messes up so thank goodness that Eva didn’t jump. And I love how Tyler catches her. I’m claiming this support for my theory he’s leaving the love notes for Eva! And Leshawna and Cody have an awkward kind of sexual moment as well. I could ship them.

Well, I know this is sledding challenge but I enjoy it that Lindsay had to model that bikini. And the love-note subplot hits a new snag. Courtney thinks Tyler may know something…hmm. I wonder if they thought to ask an intern about it.

And wow, this course sounds deadly. Like I’m expecting something to go wrong. And I hadn’t noticed what Courtney had said about Judgment Day but that makes a lot of sense. Naturally, Lindsay has to be the navigator. Chris does make a good point about why Leshawna and Lindsay can’t be blindfolded. He didn’t say someone else like say Heather could do it, but I doubt Heather would bring up that idea.

And oh yeah, Katie’s curse could hurt both of them really bad. But Dawn fixed it right? RIGHT? I feel like we are setting up for something bad to happen to them. And oh no, foreshadowing of horrible things to happen to Ella? I can only assume when Ella says she could stay there forever that means she’s going to die on the island.

Oh, I can feel the tension mounting. It reminds me of the build up to a rollercoaster, just waiting for the drop. Poor Ezekiel and DJ, though I’m glad they’re alive. Or I thought they were alive, but Zeke wasn’t with DJ so I’m scared but I don’t think the homeschooled boy died, he’s been too focused on and we’ve already had Harold’s death.

And I knew something bad was going to happen to Lindsay and Gwen! I’m worried to find out what…

Overall, an excellent chapter! It was very funny, good pacing, tension and a really great cliffhanger to end on. Hopefully I will catch up soon!
12/16/2020 c18 RhondaTheStalkerFan
I had homework to do, so I couldn’t comment exactly when I saw it, but I’m done now. I'm super psyched it’s out, and it was wonderful!

I just love how you did Dawn. I know some people are unsure of mystical nature, but I’d loved it here (considering this is a legend it felt right).

Hmm, so the wendigo is spiritual in nature. It sounds like Katie is very easy to be possessed by a wendigo, perhaps she may be yet (I’m calling cannibalistic Katie right now).

I flipped when Dawn said they weren’t alone. Based on what you told me, I guessed it was Izzy and sure enough. And now Katie can see auras? I feel like that won’t be the last we see of her doing that.

Izzy and Dawn have a previous connection, why am I not surprised? The different names threw me for a loop for a little bit. I do love that Dawn addressed her and Sunshine both. I suspect Dawn was one of those psychics who worked for cops at one point.

And woah Izzy just ate that lizard, not to surprised there. And it sounds like Izzy has multiple personality disorder…is she Mike also? (joking of course). And woah, Dawn teleported, we all know it. So it’s not a wendigo, but there is a wenidgo here. So cannibal Katie is still a possibility, or perhaps someone else gets possessed. I admit I like the idol curse here, if only because of the fun mysticism going on here.

And now I’m worried Katie will stay long enough that she’ll have to go back to Boney Island. We already lost Harold, we can’t lose Katie too! I also like the idea of Gwen and Dawn having a friendship. And I really enjoyed that poem after Dawn mentions the old ways; I like poems that go in numerical lists like that, for some reason.

And I also love a Katie and Gwen friendship, I’m glad to see they’ve grown closer. And I really like we’re getting to see a spell. I laughed when it said ‘the mystic left the cabin-normally, by using the door.’ I like how you had to specify it.

And I agree with Courtney and Gwen that the love notes were written by Noah, but I’m sticking by my theory there from Tyler to Eva. And so Gwen will need Dawn’s help for another story for another time? Glad to hear there will be more Dawn!

I also love Eva was taught yoga by Bridgette; not only does it fit Bridgette’s character but shows a friendship between the two, which I like. I also like it showing Eva is trying to change. And Courtney and Leshawna doing it a great touch.

And a mystic note that only Katie can read? Things are getting crazy. Glad the name thing was addressed with, I was curious about the Becky and Angie (though Becky is still iffy).

And Dawn just cast a magic spell; my mind is officially blown. Poor Courtney though, getting lost like that. I guess you have no choice but to believe in her now, huh Courtney?

When Katie mentioned wizard I was almost expecting Leonard to pop out. After LTDI, you ought to write a story about Dawn because I love her magic angle and her whole family backstory. Her company from a firm of sorcerers is both humorous and enticing. I immediately fall in love with the song here (the actor in the video is phenomenal).

And then things get any crazy with the spirits. So Ravi and Sunshine are spirits, eh? Did Dawn give them to Izzy?

I loved the other chant and I feel very enchanted by it all. I could see everything so vividly too; Dawn becoming wraith like, the glow and then how it all faded into normalcy. And so even though Dawn says the idol is all okay, it doesn’t sound we’ve seen the last of it…

“…Dawn glided in as silently as a moonbeam and sat down beside her.” I love that writing for some reason. And so Gwen has a guardian angel? More and more questions. And I was wondering about Dawn healing her memory myself, but I’m not surprised she can’t.

All in all, the mystical show was completely worth the wait for me. It had some great moments, answered a few questions while bringing up more and was something different from the use, but was still very welcome.

And even better, that’s not all of it! There’s still more of the chapter 3

Chris does bring up a good point; unlike canon, everyone (for the most part) seems to be getting along. I like how Chris knows what to expect from Lindsay also.

I love Courtney and Gwen’s friendship here; they should become amateur detectives.

And here comes Ella’s LTDI debut! (I also love that Ella and Dawn may interact more, given that’s another story for another time.) I loved in it chat, and I love it here still. The added poem was also wonderful.

So Heather and Gwen made a truce? That sounds way too easier than it should have. I feel Heather may back out on it. Still, it got my Heather x Cody shipping senses tingling. I also enjoyed Beth blushing (is it wrong I’m still not sure on the mom yet? There is so much ship teasing here. Although, my theory that it’s Chris is still too sound to throw out).

And woo, Beth facing her fear with the ants! I suspected Chris would fire some liquid at Heather (I can’t remember if the explosives were there in canon or not though). I do like Chris gave Gwen a better chance with Ezekiel’s harder path. And again, woo to Beth saving his life and leading the Muskies in a win!

And I’m not sure if I should be happy that Courtney isn’t jealous of Beth and Ezekiel or not. That pun she made was wonderful though.

And no more Elle for a time! Is it wrong I love the interns this much? I think I enjoy side characters coming in to a story, which fits an epic or legend I think.

I like Eva and Duncan’s little conversation before the dish preparation, it showed their softer sides. The tense build up with the preparing was so unnerving though. I’m kind of sad Eva chickened out, even if it was for the best.

And Katie actually trying to poison Heather? I doubt that but at the same time it sounds like something’s up…

All in all, I adored this chapter. It delivered on a lot and had a lot of great characters moments and some interesting foreshadowing. As I said earlier, it was completely worth the wait.
12/16/2020 c17 RhondaTheStalkerFan
Well I’m late commeting :p Which is a shame because this was another great chapter.

I liked Leshawna and Dawn’s little conversation; it quickly established Dawn’s characteristics (and I laughed at that Doctor Dolittle reference). And so Beardo is the one from Pakthiew Island? He seems like a solid choice to be an intern, not seeming like a big character in the canon he’d have plenty to do. And he does have a pretty distinct appearance.

That was harsh of Heather to say that about Noah, but completely logical. I’m sure many of them were thinking it. DJ is an awesome leader, and I’m glad he’s gotten a lot of focus.

Blaineley! I’m a Blaineley fan and I have to say I loved your portrayal of her. Very rude and self obsessed. And I liked how you had her and Chris as exes. I bet she was hired just so she could interact with Chris like this for TV.

I like the head chef penalty vote. Very clever and sneaky. The judging was very well written, and Chef’s lines really felt like a cooking judge. It almost made me hungry as heck.

I feel for poor Lindsay. Honestly, they should’ve been keeping a better watch on her. And poor Noah. It was rather chivalrous of him to accept his fate and allow himself to be voted off. I agree with Brett, it stinks for him. Though I like that it was done in the story. And what does Brett’s mom mean when she says “you’ve been overcoming obstacles all your life.”

And why did Noah wanna see Tyler? My predication is that Noah is helping Tyler write the love notes, since Tyler has admitted to crushing on someone before. I liked Courtney and Gwen being friendly and I can’t wait to see what their detective work turns up.

Dawn and Katie’s scene was so sweet. I admit to be really interested in mystical stuff like that, so I really enjoy the spotlight Dawn is getting. I’m really interested to see how that lizard business gets brought back up again.

A wendigo? My first thought turned to the Marvel Comics character or Digimon, but as the trivia said it’s also a spirit, so I’m guessing that’s what is affecting Katie. Or maybe it’s foreshadowing of the first appearance of the Sasquatch. Either way I’m digging this and looking forward to more of this plot!

While the chapter was more heavily Screaming Eagles featured, they just had more going I’ll admit. They certainly have more cracks in their team than say the Killer Muskies, who can pull it together.

Anyway, this chapter didn’t have a lot of action but I loved it; it had good comedy, good character moments and the feeling of development and some mystery with this wendigo.
12/16/2020 c16 RhondaTheStalkerFan
Another wonderful chapter Gideon, though also heartbreaking. Sadie R.I.P. (Actually, that joke might jinx it so she dies)

You got my hopes up with Heather wanting Katie gone. It did shock me a bit, because Sadie is the bigger threat and or the harder one to control.

Heather and Gwen's interactions are hysterical. I kind of miss that there isn't anything like this in Total Drama seasons now a days. Cody and Heather's scene was really interesting to me. I like their interactions, probably because it has both great strategic moments and character development. I think Cody has developed some more confidence or strength, given he is doing a better job at flirting with Gwen, according to Heather.

It makes sense Heather would chose based on looks, this is Heather. Sadie sadly is the better choice. I saw a review of the Lord of the Rings movies, and I remember hearing about Tom Bombadil. If I remember he wasn't really important to the plot at all. Don't know what that has to do with the situation, just thought I'd share.

Asking Heather for a favor? Now that is confidence. I agree with Heather, that is amazingly sweet. Also, I enjoyed this little gem, "Heather would rather shave her head than see that happen." I see what you did there Gid.

"When people see how devoted you can be, girls will be flocking to you. The deceiver was thus the deceived, for this bit of shameless flattery was in fact truth spoken in jest, but that is another story for another time." I think this could be referring to Sierra.

All these ship teases are driving me crazy. My hopeless romantic nature is enjoying it all too much. Clever Chris, very clever to hide the votes. It wouldn't surprise me if Chris actually did do that in the actual show as well. It might be a technic I might use in my fics as well.

Noah really gets major points with Katie for singing that. I'm curious to see if they sing that to Heather. I could see them doing it as a joke.

I liked Dawn's introduction. I have a bit of a fascination with the interns in LTDI (and to a lesser degree recurring intern characters in other fics as well). Perhaps you should write a future story about their misadventures. Poor Alejandro. I like what Dawn seems to bring to the table. It does feel like there is great evil here.

I like the way Katie is persuaded from not thinking Sadie would be voted off. I do think Heather should be catching on to what Noah is trying to do right in front of her face. I feel like Noah's dealings are going to come and pay him back, and Katie will find out.

Oh Lindsay, you're so cute and innocent. Katie just can't give up yet though, she has to remember to try for Sadie! I'm very curious to see who this guest judge is for the contestant. I know a Pahkitew Island camper is suppose to show up next chapter, so perhaps them? Although given Chris's statements about her my guess is either Blaineley or Dakota.

I like Courtney allowing DJ to take the position of Head Chef and leader. This is why you're likable here Courtney. Naturally all the food talk gets me hungry. I like Heather's smart enough to recognize a better idea when she is presented with it. And I'm interested in how Cody plans on kissing up.

And so the giant lampreys make their appearance, they sound hideous and terrifying. I like their description, particularly how you said 'And it had eyes.' Naturally Heather is considered with the challenge, although now I kind of want to taste lamprey.

And oh gosh no, Noah's fallen! I doubt he's going to die or leave for medical attention, he has too much plot at the moment. But this certainly isn't going to fare well for them. Similar to the canon challenge, it seems the Screaming Eagles are losing members just like they did in the first challenge.

As for who loses, this is even harder to tell than usual. No one has really messed up so far, but the uneven favors for the Eagles makes me think it's their loss. But I feel a Muskie going is far more natural at the moment, given that about every Eagle feels they have some plot to stay for. I would like to seem so more Muskie focus soon, given the large amount the Eagles (mostly the power alliance) has had, even if it was great.

Another great chapter, with a lot of great conversations and a really good send off to a character done right.
12/16/2020 c15 RhondaTheStalkerFan
The fourtheenth night did not dissapoint :) It did seem a bit short to me, though it's probably because the challenge was finished in one night, which isn't usual. But I'm fine with that, as I enjoyed how the deer challenge was done (one of my favorite episodes).

So it seems Courtney lost the challenge. I was really unsure with that idol Katie got. But Heather managed to prevail. I love the phrase she said to Lindsay to get her to move faster. The race was close all the way to the end, and I enjoyed it throughly.

Part of the reason I thought the Screaming Eagles would lose, is that it seemed to be easy to tell who would go on their team. I like how the choices were examined, it just shows how hard it would really be. Haha, I love the added twist that the steaks were made of those beavers, that was genius. They don't let anything go to waste...though it makes me wonder what could've happened to the poor interns' bodies. I was really touched by Eva's ode to Jo.

I didn't even think much about Izzy knowing so much about the wine. It did feel like a pretty knowledgable thing for her to know, and felt a bit odd how she said that, but I just assumed that was Izzy. But the fact that Izzy is actually a criminal woman is crazy! I didn't expect that at all. I'm interested on how will see Izzy again...though I have my ideas.

It's sad to see Izzy go though. For one, I know she's easy and a favorite of yours to write, and a good source of comedy. I thought I remember a talk about Dawn meeting Izzy and seeing Sunshine, but I suppose that's been changed...or will be different than I thought. Speaking of which, I feel it's gonna be awkward thinking about Sunshine without Izzy, for the contestants. And poor Izzy and Beth :(

I don't think Courtney was really eliminated. She's too strong a player, just look at the talent show or phobia factor. Heck, even this challenge; she made the risky move of the more difficult path to keep up and was rocking the duel. Not to mention her close friendship with Zeke. My money was on Duncan, Izzy and Beth already had it out for him, and Courtney and Eva wouldn't mind joining in on that as well. Will these votes ever be revealed on a later date? I'm thinking towards a reunion.

I think it's sweet the Eagles learn the song. Although it certainly seems like something that might feel awkward given what seems like is going to happen. Heather's comment to Leshawna felt like it was there for us to assume Heather meant Leshawna when she told Katie and Sadie later. Nicely done.

I enjoyed Duncan getting served by Chris, a very Chris moment. The challenge outcome did feel rather inevitable. But I enjoyed the moments of it a whole lot more. I knew Heather would have to do the challenge, and not just from the preview, but from how Chris said could. I felt smart for that one.

The plane is a genius idea, and something I wish was actually done. I loved the idea and how well it worked. I loved the DJ and Heather moment. It was sweet, and rather genuine coming from Heather. I admit I can't remember exactly what favor DJ owned to Heather (or one of her servants as it was put). DJ actually has gotten some good focus this chapter, and now that I think about it, Heather and DJ would be a really cute couple.

I loved Beth's faking moment. It was too hilarious and given Beth's poor characterization in canon, I really enjoy LTDI's portrayal of her. The plane worked really well and I like how it's described (particularly The Flying Fish haha). I didn't expect Cody to run into the bear here for some reason, though it'd obviously be a good moment to play for drama.

I caught some of thee references this chapter, including the flawless victory and the Three Caballeras. Katie and Sadie's turn was exceptional. I like the argument, and how you can't tell who said what. It felt rapid pace to me, which I feel is what you were going for. And Heather's just desserts were wonderful.

Dang, I'm really interested to see how Heather's plans go down. It seems like a really risky gambit. I feel like Heather's plans could go a lot of ways. Heather can't really get anyone on her side, particularly because Cody and Noah want Katie to stick around (though Heather doesn't know that). Even if say Leshawna and Katie were tied votes, I feel Katie would be more likely to stay due to being a fan favorite and a better drama causer. Though Chris might hold a grudge.

Although maybe Heather is trying to make Katie and Sadie closer to her by making it seem like Katie was being targeted. And of course, Heather doesn't know about Katie's deal with Gwen, who might have to tell Gwen this. I almost wanna say it's Heather, but earlier it was said that Lindsay would turn against her, so we have to wait till then. I'm dying to see how this plays out!

Another good chapter, it had a lot of good character moments. Like I said, I can't wait for more!
12/16/2020 c14 RhondaTheStalkerFan
Okay, I admit it, I was suckered! That's probably clear from the guessing game I've had in previous comments. I thought perhaps I had read it wouldn't be an intern, but maybe I just made that up in my head. Either way I was definitely sad at the death of Jo.

It was a really great scene. It gave me a really good mental image with a lot of the detail, even if it was grotesque. I also like everyone's dialogue around it, Izzy's mild reactions, Courtney analyzing and making conclusions, the way Eva mentioned it didn't take her heart and she would've liked to go head to head with Jo.

I think that is also such a nice part of it too. Jo was partially or seemed to be partially based on Eva and fans often compare them. I think that another thing I like about this scene is how this scene fans of Total Drama can get, knowing who the intern is in canon and the similarities between Jo and Eva adds a little something. I think that's a clever way of using what is a story based on a preexisting work.

I don't if the scene would be less strong if we didn't know about Jo though. Maybe we'd have less attachment to her, but the tragedy would still be felt.

Lightning's death is depressing too. I'm not a big fan of Lightning in the canon, but he seemed helpful in this story, especially the great Katie and Sadie incident. It's sad to see him go as well. Although based on your reply to Space, we'll be having another exciting encounter with an intern...

So Katie finds the idol? Not sure how I feel about the idol yet. I thought it was funny when Beth was late and found out about it. I think it would've been better if they had played it as questioning if the idol was really cursed or not, did the Screaming Gophers really just fail the challenges or was it other power. It might not have worked. I do think that using the idol as an excuse to eliminate Beth as she was showing a lot of her character development, and there was plenty of better choices [Owen being the biggest in my opinion].

I'm getting offtrack. I'm not sure how I feel about the idol yet, but it seems the idol won't be as awful. I like the conversation that emerges from Katie and Izzy about the idol. And, the really great way you have Katie's short term memory come into play. I feel so bad for poor Katie, and I'm worried what will happen with her now that she has the idol.

I do think it was interesting she got it to show Noah. I also like how it ties back into that simple conversation about the totem that just seemed like a small joke. I'm interested to see the developments that follow this.

And Courtney finds another love note? I'm starting to question if it is by Noah, as like Space said that is everyone's first assumption. The title of Diamond Maid, makes it harder to guess, and I'm trying to think of anyone connected to diamonds.

Heather's performance about seeing Harold's ghost really had me. For a second I thought you had Jo's death in there to trick us into believing a contestant wouldn't die and then kill off Heather. Heather makes a great argument as to why they should follow her plan.

Also the ending discussion between Sadie and Heather really struck me. I thought it was really intelligent for Sadie to ask that. And the way Heather says she doesn't believe in ghosts makes me think something related to ghosts will befall the queen bee.

Izzy's fire scene was great. I really like Izzy's comedic work in this episode, perhaps the most present she had been in any chapter. Perhaps my favorite thing is how she says "By The Power of Grayskull! or how she tries to say she has the power before it goes boom.

Hmm...curious to see what happens now that the RCMP has seen Izzy's explosion. I actually thought they wouldn't be brought up in the story, but now that they have I hope Izzy will be okay.

I thought it was odd for Heather to admit her plan, but I suppose it was better to be open about it. And Heather's plan was rather genius. I think it was actually much more clever than canon Heather, and I'd like to see more of her doing that [I voted that in the poll]. It was also pretty dark for canon Heather too, with lying about Harold's ghost.

And I love the paddle catfight Heather and Courtney go into. That's a great cliffhanger. My guess is that Courtney wins, partially due to the cursed idol. Although her paddle could break. What I really think will happen is that one of them will fall as they reach it or something like that, making it not count because it didn't have both members.

Another great chapter, I'm really excited to see how this one ends!
12/16/2020 c13 RhondaTheStalkerFan
My twelfth might comment is here, and at least earlier than the previous ones.

I liked how Gwen decides to start making bribes based on the story of The Golden Apples. I loved the recap of the myth, it was very detailed. The bribes escalated quickly, and I really wasn't expecting Katie to offer that up. I guess I was wrong about him choosing Katie, though I liked the logic behind it.

I get Cody's mind wandering, I do that all the time when I shouldn't be. I feel like I should've realized Cody would go to save Gwen. Even Chris suspected Cody would come, that makes sense. It's disappointing we didn't get to see the explosion, but I suppose will see more in due time.

I guess I was wrong about Justin kissing Chef Hatchet. Poor Izzy on the plane. And another person defecates in their clothes, I wonder if this is gonna happen again [probably the horror challenge if I had to guess].

Thank goodness both Katie and Gwen were saved, though I suspected they would due to the death next challenge. I'm curious if this experience will strength their relationship. And yay Eva! I'm enjoying this brawn and brains this character has.

And yay Noah, Lindsay and Sadie for completing their challenge as well. Ezekiel didn't complete his fear here, but I predict he may have to deal with Sophie's choice again in the future, and this time not orchestrated by Chris.

And wow, Katie is a really good person, saying should would've gone through with it. I'm interested to see where Gwen's debt to Cody will go.

I'd be furious at Justin for saying that as well. Poor Beth, I feel awful for the gal. I do find it kinda funny because Beth and Justin is a somewhat popular pairing in fandom.

And now Courtney's trial is revealed, and I gotta say I like it! Very clever, and better than diving head into the Jell-O like canon. And I like how she is asleep and they have to eat her out of it [though not really, but it was a nice twist].

As for Chris' speech about the tiebreaker, I like if you can't tell if he made it up or had it planned. And yay Courtney for winning the challenge! She get an M.V.P award or something. I'm also interested to see how the wetsuit will play in.

Well, I'm glad Justin's going after his comment. I also suppose that if it had to be someone, Justin is the best bet. He's just not the most interesting person, especially in canon standards.

I liked the way the decisions behind it were played. First a confessional, then the results, and then another confessional. I do think Lindsay's vote may bite her in the butt sometime down the road. After all, she was just tempting fate to in her confessional.

Duncan makes a good point, they really wouldn't let such meat go to waste. They probably feed it to the beavers on Boney Island if it wasn't in the stew.

The Boney Island challenge is here! I know someone is going to die, and I'm trying to figure out who. I feel like it would be an Eagle since the Muskies lost Harold, and a girl since so many boys have left. My initial fear was that it was one of the wonder twins, but after all the torture they've had, especially Katie, I somewhat doubt it.

My guess might be Leshawna, as she did speak French in this episode, which was why she had to be part french, though just for a rowing song seems rather vague. If that was why she had to speak French, then I can believably see her dying.

There are hints that Lindsay will rebel against Heather, so I don't think either will die. If Gwen died it would be kind of funny given your one-shot, Legacy. Another guess I would make might be Cody based on how the canoeing interaction. Would give Gwen horrible guilt for rejecting him. I guess we'll have to wait...

Poor Katie, it so awful. I can't help but feel like her short-term memory will cause some big mistake, perhaps causing her to forget who she was going to vote for and messing up an elimination.

Of course there is a curse that whoever dies there will never be able to rest in piece. I'm going to cry when someone does die, I just know it.

Leshawna and Noah as canoeing partners is a great and hilarious idea. Most of the pairs are pretty likable. I feel really bad for Cody when he is rejected, this just won't end well.

And now we get the cliffhanger happening right before we see the Wooly Beavers. My guess is they're eating something [or someone] there. Like I said, I'm going to cry when someone dies.

This chapter was really good, I loved seeing more of the fear trials, the elimination was great and the humor was very funny all trough out, as usual. I can't wait to see how this goes!
12/16/2020 c12 RhondaTheStalkerFan
This was a shorter chapter, but still a really great one.

I love how kind of recapping the events of the previous night you also set up a good joke about Chef’s cooking. Oh, I can’t wait to see what Courtney has to do. You’ve used the canon fears but not in the exact same way as in the canon, so I’m curious to see if she’ll have to jump into the green Jell-O.

Oh course Chris is sadistic enough to have the chest for Beth’s challenge look like a coffin. I remember in canon Beth faced her fear and it seemed like nothing for her, so I like the extremity of her reaction, heaving.

I predicted LeShawna wouldn’t complete her fear. I did laugh out loud when LeShawna yells at a knocked out Heather about failing her fear. I was surprised to see Owen back as the sumo, but it worked and her fear of sumos being due to a dislike of obesity makes sense. I’m also surprised Owen didn’t say anything, though I’m kind of glad he didn’t.

I loved the Pixie Chicks cameo here, truly clever. And that’s actually a very interesting way of measuring a pun. And Eva was very hilarious with her line. I think Eva could be a very funny character, if some effort was put in to her. And I agree with Izzy, Sunshine needs that kiss!

I didn’t realize it, but Katie and Gwen having the same fear was probably a hint Zeke would have to save them. I’m glad that Gwen had the company, and I’m wondering if the two will form a friendship or closer bond from this, already kind of being allies after the Trent incident.

Eva’s very real fear I’m really enjoying, it just makes a more three dimensional character. Yes she’s a real tough person but even she has a fear. And I love Chris’ sadistic twist, having the battery go out. And I’m with Tyler; she won’t let them down.

I didn’t think about that, but Chris does value hair care so he even finds Sadie and Lindsay’s punishment cruel. And go Lindsay, being smart with the idea of using hair extensions.

My guess is that Izzy and Justin will go to the plane with Chef Hatchet cross-dressing as the air flight attendant and Justin will have to kiss Chef.

I liked DJ’s pep-talk and I really thought Ty would conquer it. I wasn’t expecting a fighting cock, but that’s great. You really play Chris’ sadistic nature well without making him to unlikable.

The comparison of the snake and DJ was pretty clever, as was DJ figuring out about the snake. Poor DJ, all the animals around just see to keep dying or getting in painful situations. Eva was pretty clever too with her strategy of rationing light.

I didn’t know bank’s used paint bombs like that, is there a way to clean the paint from the money? It feels like it’d be a waste of money to catch robbers instead of using another method, in my opinion.

Man, that was a really clever fear for Zeke and I really don’t know whom he’ll pick. If my only two choices were to pick Katie or Gwen [meaning I could not pick do nothing] I guess I would go with Katie, simply because she has a best friend and almost died already. But that’s just me.

Well this was a really funny chapter I think, with so good character in there as well. I’m so excited to see who Zeke saves, if he saves anyone.
12/16/2020 c11 RhondaTheStalkerFan
his chapter gave such a great resolution to the previous cliffhanger and a great start off to Phobia Factor!

Poor Tyler, I knew he couldn’t stay awake [I tried to vote in the polls, but they never work for me]. I like how Zeke was nice enough to wake up Tyler and promise not to say. And I laughed when he said no one wanted to hear another lecture.

And oh my goodness, Sadie not hearing a heartbeat has to be so crazy. I was soooo sad, but then of course Sadie starts thinking rationally and I’m thinking, ‘those are good points.’

I was literally cheering for Sadie in mind as she was trying to move. I how they are in serious danger, not liking they could’ve died and the story would be without the Wonder Twins, but how serious and realistic this peril feels.

And thank goodness Sadie heard a heartbeat.

I love the little dialogue between the Eagles as they awake. Lindsay, in particular was funny. I also like how you haven’t shown the fate of the Muskies. The way you’ve set up it builds some suspense and gives the feel of a race. Wish I could think of it like that.

Katie losing her bowel control was so funny but at the same time horrible! I really wasn’t expecting her to loss her bowl control though. I was glad to see another appearance of Alejandro, and just because it saved Sadie.

I also believe this is the first appearance of Cameron, or at least first time he is referred to by name. And the first appearance of Jo! I enjoyed the little intern scene; it was nice to see this. I suppose the mother talked with the interns as well.

Again, great use of having the challenge solved by wit and skills with the Eagles victory. The exchange between Heather and Courtney back at camp was good too. I’m wondering if these giant lampreys will show up. Perhaps at Boney Island?

As for Chris holding out the fates of Sadie and Katie, hilarious and genius. I can even see how that would be shown in the final episode. It feels so Chris too. And of course, they contestants argue over this and Chris twists the logic, hilarious.

When Chris said Katie had died I thought he was serious and I was freaking out! I was thinking ‘she made it all the way back for nothing!’ Thank goodness it was psych, a clever one.

As for Noah’s outburst, I found it funny coming from Noah. Just the extreme vulgarness but at the same time still some what wordy or at least not as modern.

I’m wondering what aftereffects Katie will have. It’s brought up so I can’t imagine it won’t come up. As for the Birthday surprise, I remember it from the teaser and it was really sweet, even sweeter knowing the events that happened the same day. Also, are those three candles meant to symbolize something or am I’m just reading too far into this?

I liked how you spiced about elimination this time, with just cutting to the bottom three. And I liked how you showed the bottom twos thought process on the matter. I particularly liked Duncan’s on how girls liked him.

I hate to see that Izzy’s plan failed, simply because Izzy and Beth are such a great alliance, at least to me.

As for Geoff leaving, it’s sad but Chris has a point, Duncan would cause more drama. As it said in the trivia, Geoff had no real set place but it worked best for him here. I’d agree with that, and I think it’s a good ending for him to go see Bridgette.

And as for the Warner Brothers claiming the rights to Happy Birthday, that’s pretty stupid. That detail does show the narrator maybe an unreliable narrator, and it makes me curious as to what will happen.

I love the ‘Ghost Of…’ joke, hilarious. I thought it was nice of the Eagles to try and show up, though I suspect some wanted to brag about their luck.

I like how the conversation about fear gets started with the contestants, feels a bit more natural than in the actual episode.

And I love how Izzy has a fight with Sunshine right there. Sunshine has to be one of my favorite jokes with Izzy. And then you add Ravi too. As for Eva, I actually feel bad for her. She’s afraid of the dark and she’s so ashamed. It’s really touching.

I also love how everyone keeps saying Courtney’s fear of Jell-O and she denies it. It’s too funny. I also like that little moment where Noah does the fake accent to impress Katie and it kind of works. Of course then he quips about DJ’s fears and she finds that rather harsh. Poor Noah.

I like the idea behind Zeke’s fear, perfect for a cliffhanger and knowing how we know this plays out, hilarious [does that count as irony?]. I also love how you give a reason for Noah to never use the confessional, having a fear of outhouses. I also like how you make it so he isn’t even ashamed.

Also, Eva’s reasoning behind the sundresses was rather nice in my opinion. I like it, it would make me a fan of Katie and Sadie.

So all in all, this was such a suspenseful but really enjoyable chapter!
12/16/2020 c10 RhondaTheStalkerFan
So the Ninth Night has to be one of the best chapters [which is stiff competition] or at least have one of the most hook in cliffhangers.

Izzy and Courtney would make a good comedy duo. I can only imagine the kind of exchanges that happened. I think I may have mentioned before but I like Ezekiel and Beth as friends and Beth having a farming background, even though the latter was only mentioned in the bios, which are hardly remembered by the writers.

As for Beth and Izzy as an alliance, I completely support the idea. I love the two of them separate [which means an alliance may help them stay longer], but a friendship between them seems really clever. I also like the idea of Courtney and Zeke having an alliance, though I wonder what Duncan would say…

Hmm…so Heather doesn’t plan on following her own ‘no romance’ rule? I’m pretty sure that’s foreshadowing… I didn’t think Heather was the mother after awhile because The Storyteller often refers to her as ‘the dark queen’ and other similar things. Talking negatively about her.

But it could be that The Storyteller [if she is Heather] does think her actions back then were awful and sees herself as a different person [which is why she goes by a different name].

I’m glad Leshawna realizes she was wrong and apologizes, and of course LTDI actually had that ‘keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer’ thing resolved.

Your characterization of Heather is exactly how I see her and I love how it is discussed here! I wish I could have put it that clearly and simply when I was trying to explain it.

I love Katie’s logic on which path to take, it kind of makes sense but is so crazy. I love even more that it worked but they still didn’t go the right way!

As for the Muskies dinner, it sounds odd. I didn’t know people ate porcupines but I love the descriptions of how it was caught. My favorite catch though has to be Eva’s, simply for the way it was described. Delicate and lady-like indeed.

I feel so bad for D.J. and the loss of his bunny. I wonder if another bunny will show up for him during the team-building challenge, if DJ lasts that long. I like the idea of a conflict between DJ and Zeke based on the idea animal lover vs. a hunter. It also gives Zeke some good conflict, I know that a few other notable TD fanfics portray Zeke positively but give him no real conflicts with anyone at times, so it was nice to see a change.

I still love the Brain Trust, and how they found the cattails. It’s things like that; surviving or using your knowledge and skills I kinda wish I saw more of that in canon, a lot of challenges just feel physical.

I love the suggestions for what to sing at the campfire. I had actually heard ‘The Clean Song’ before but didn’t know it was called the Clean Song. Also, it is by coincidence that three of the four songs [Not Iris and Rose] are related to the ocean, being like sea shanties?

I love the idea of them learning the song Zeke sang to use at their eliminations. I also love how you used the poem, The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. It was very clever, with how it related to the story. And it was a nice way of setting it up as well.

Katie and Sadie are just too awesome. I love how we don’t know who is saying what in their discussion [but I feel like Katie is the first person talking, followed by Sadie]. It’s made even more hilarious when one of them says, “Well, everyone keeps saying that they can’t tell us apart. Like, hello, we’re totally different, but whatev.” I’m also curious about their life back at home. They say they’re hot and popular back home and I wonder if that’s true.

I hadn’t noticed too much in detail, but looking back [I’m rereading to refresh my memory along with cite examples better] there was a few instances of foreshadowing Geoff’s fate. The first is when Courtney states Geoff is flirting too much, and I felt it was weird, as I didn’t see this flirting. But it was to start instances of Geoff being shown as unreliable. I liked how it was done.

I wasn’t really expecting for one of the twins to get in such perilous condition. I liked the way it was described, both in the scientific detail and the way it was shown through the situation.

Also, what is going on with Eva? Well, I know but at the time I didn’t but I like her fear and the foreshadowing with it.

The cliffhanger for this chapter was sooooo crazy. With all this effort put in to make the twins just stand out and lovable characters, I can’t even fathom seeing them die. But Harold died so it could happen, especially since someone will die at Boney Island.

The dialogue here only adds to the suspense, but is still in character for them and so heartbreaking but sweet. So thank you Gideon, for giving some needed focus and development Katie and Sadie needed that hadn’t been delivered in canon or fanfiction [at least that I’ve read].
12/16/2020 c9 RhondaTheStalkerFan
First I'm sooooooooooooooooooo sorry I haven't commented yet! I don't know where my head is :P And it's awful because everything so far has been great! I've been caught up but I've been trying to balance lots of stuff. But better late than never I suppose. Hopefully this won't happen again.

I enjoyed reading Heather's thoughts as she sweated it out, it certainly built on the already escalating tension. It'd be interesting to see what would have happened had Courtney prevailed. Unfortunately for Courtney she had not. It was an amazing effort and I kind of wanted her to prevail, but Heather leaving now maybe too soon.

I also love Eva and Zeke little scene there as they help Courtney. It makes me really hope for Ezekiel. XD Although I do love how Chris mentions that only the dude succeeded and that probably wasn't helping Zeke's opinion. Wonder if he and Chef have made a bet on whether Zeke changes or not.

And I'm guessing Chris' dig on Heather not being genre savvy here was a bit of an allusion to your own feelings on Heather's canon portrayal or feelings on the incident. And sweet Chef, he's really a good guy underneath it all. He's just doing his job. It looks like Heather still in some form of power, especially since no one has the courage to confront her. Bet Trent would if he was still there.

As for the Muskie's choice, it's hard to say. I don't think Courtney deserved to go, especially after she risked all that to try and give her team a win. They need to give props where props are due. XD I love how Izzy fistbumps Sunshine. LTDI's portrayal of Izzy makes remember just how much I love her! I also love this friendship between Beth and Alejandro. I kind of want them to be a couple now...

I like how Zeke sticks up for Courtney. It's interesting how different and almost ironic (such as Zeke and Courtney being friends when they were the bottom 2) LTDI is from canon TDI and yet the characterizations feel genuine. If it were me I'd vote off Izzy but I glad she didn't go home because I love seeing her!

Another intern cameo, this time from Cameron! I do love how you do the elimination ceremonies, you milk the drama so great it has amazing payoff! The confessionals are really great, and I like how many of them are similarly worded. I also like how Izzy mentioned Heather's hair should've got the damage. Another canon reference I assume ;) So sad Bridgette had to leave but better her than Beth or Izzy (though I knew Beth would be safe thanks to a preview :P)

Gwen's definitely is in a good position game wise. With Katie telling her everything she may bring down Heather yet. I completely agree with Brett's reaction. Epic karma indeed! And now knowing someone will die at Boney Island, I agree, best Bridgette left while she could. She was just too nice.

Poor Lindsay, so innocent and sweet. I love Lindsay for that. Also glad to see Heather's being a little smart by giving Lindsay a makeover instead of going too far. I think the makeover scene was really sweet and really helped lighten up the mood (especially with what is to come, mainly for poor Katie and Sadie). I really like the happy squeal part XD

Also Staci cameo :D I liked Cody and Noah's reaction to Katie and Sadie's new look. Hmm and I wonder who Tyler has a crush on. I might guess Eva, just for the irony. These looks sound really great, I particularly like Lindsay's and how she is now more of an 'earth goddess'.

And a love poem? My first thought was that the love letter was like the one LeShawna got in canon. Based on the poetry I'm assuming its written by Noah for Katie. They're so cute :3 And the two people who went missing...my first guess was Sadie and Katie, which was right.

Overall, great chapter, my favorite part being the elimination ceremony! Sorry it took so long to comment.
12/16/2020 c8 RhondaTheStalkerFan
So Cody actually went with the plan. I have to say this was a great twist and I liked it! I'm interested to see what Heather will have Cody do to pay her back. I can see and agree with why Heather sees romantic pairings as alliances. Friendships and relationships are basically alliances, except they usually weren't formed to be alliances. The friends/couple vote together to ensure the other doesn't go home.

I like Cody and Noah's interactions and their brain alliance. Brains for the win! And Noah likes Katie? I was kinda of hoping for Heather and Noah, but I do like Katie and Noah as a couple. I will say that I like Sadie more than Katie, and in my opinion I feel like most people (but not all people of course) like Katie better because she is more attractive and better to pair couples. But I don't dislike Katie. I like how you lampshaded the reason most people disagree with Katie and Noah is because they are too different.

Poor Gwen and Trent. I do have to say that Gwen had fallen hard, but that is actually realistic and something teens often do. It seems like the mom isn't Gwen, since she doesn't get boys who play guitars and Gwen does. I really enjoyed the scene of LeShawna comforting Gwen, you write LeShawna's speech so clever and witty, I love it! It makes me love LeShawna even more. I particularly like her line, “A broken heart’s a bad guide." And I like her nickname Shawnee. It makes sense for her.

More redcoats have arrived to the island! I liked how Chris started with and gets 13 more new interns. It is funny Beth is the superstitious one, since the tiki idol she found was cursed. I'm sure you realize that. I couldn't agree more with Bridgette, and I loved her confessional. Bridgette is just another character you write really well. I do however have one question; what do you mean "a natural to wear one of the white hats"? I'm not familiar with the term and I tried searching it, but it didn't help.

I loved Duncan and Eva's interactions. I hope Duncan doesn't rub too much off on Zeke. I also like how Courtney and Heather had a little spat. Looking back on it, was it hinting at Heather's possible elimination? And the fact Courtney may cause it?

I liked the added details you gave to the different talents, such as Bridgette doing contortionist tricks. And I particularly like Eva's talent. Poor Beth, getting chosen over for Izzy. I liked how Izzy understood and let her join her. Maybe Beth, Izzy and Sunshine will all become friends! Speaking of which, I like the way people explain "Sunshine told me". It is simply hysterical. I'm going to have to find a way to reference that.

Heather is taking charge again! I really like your portrayal of Heather. I'm going to be sad if she leaves, but it could open up all kinds of possibilities, and shows no one is really safe. At first the intern I thought helping Heather was the intern based on DJ's prototype design (which I believe influenced B's future design). I found it hysterical it was Lightning.

I love Katie and Sadie as piano players. That just works. And I'm not surprised at Noah's talent either. And Lindsay and Justin as "family friendly" pole dancers? I can see that. I loved they worked together in a tango. I can only imagine what it would be like.

The Cody and Gwen scene was nice. I can see Cody and Gwen as good friends if Cody wasn't such a stalker (they kind of were in TDI but TDWT ruined any genuine feeling friendship for me). It is interesting that the contestants are all ready thinking of returning contestants. I'm interested to see if that happens. I wonder if it will be Harold if anyone does return...

And of course Bridgette has to injure Courtney again. I'm actually glad it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm actually glad her violin survived, though I was expecting you to reference to Courtney and the Violin of Despair. And I love the break of the fourth wall you did with Scott as an intern!

The talent show was fantastic! Everyone's talents were great. I love Zeke showing off his bullwhipping techniques. Again, a talent that just works for the character. And I just realized a clever foreshadowing you had done to Izzy and Beth's talent show accident;

“And now, for the Eagle’s second act, it’s time for Justin and Lindsay to burn the floor!

“Promises,” Izzy quipped to Beth.

It was really Izzy and Beth who burnt the floor (among Lindsay's hair). But Justin and Lindsay did a great dance. I love the costumes they wear and how you described everything about their dance. And I love how you described Beth and Izzy's performance as well. And the 'finale' to their performance was quite interesting. It was really interesting to read. Poor Lindsay, her hair ruined. I'm worried how Justin might react...

I recognized the title of Heather's dramatic reading! Very clever Gideon. I liked how you went into detail about how Heather read, and you certainly made it seem like a much more humiliating read that way. Too bad Harold and his ant farm isn't here.

Man, Courtney has guts. Which I love, because that is the kind of person I think Courtney is. I'm looking forward to see if she makes a perfect score. Like I said in my earlier comment, Heather possibly going would be so shocking! I'm interested to see where this goes. The polls certainly hint at several different possibilities.

I can't wait to see more Gideon! I'm dying to find out Heather's fate!
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