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12/16/2020 c7 3RhondaTheStalkerFan
I just finished a little bit ago, and I loved it!

I can't remember exactly, but I think this is the first mention of the mom's marital status, which seems to be that she is not married. Courtney was very in character, and I liked that she didn't want to give up leadership to Duncan, but that she is willing to do what must be down. Duncan's plan was pretty genius, and the details seemed pretty smart.

I love Katie and Sadie in LTDI, and I loved their teamwork. I feel bad for Sadie, she tried to catch the ball and she gets a limp. I think you have captured what was stated about Sadie; out of the twins, she is the one who thinks with her head. This is kind of thrown out in a lot of cases in fanfictions, but you let it shine.

I loved Chris' interferences, and how he is the Lord of Wawanakwa. After the ear kissing, I felt it was pretty funny Cody was the one to talk to Noah, but it makes sense. Again, Cody mentions Sadie has trying her hardest even though she can't do much. Another reason Sadie is so great here. “You’re not giving her enough credit.” That is so true of alot of fans of Total Drama. Is it wrong I want Sadie to win?

I was also glad to see Lindsay's gymnastics skills. Unlike the writers, you read the Total Drama bios. I was glad Cody and Noah were the ones to come up with the idea on how to defeat the strategy. And go Noah for wanting to do something!

I loved your poem, it flowed very nicely, and certainly seemed like a good speech before battle. My favorite part was;

"In times to come, when people talk about
This day and how we earned our fame and honor,
Whether as gloried victors or as valiant
Vanquished, we shall recall our deeds of yore."

I don't really know why, it just was. But overall it was very good. Courtney's speech wasn't as poetic, but I still liked it, especially when she says for Harold. Eva vs. Justin was a great conclusion, and I was afraid you would leave off there, and am glad you didn't.

Zeke cheering for Eva was awesome, and I'm glad he is starting to be more respectable. Hope that continues. In the end, I was in favor of Eva in the end, simply because I love Eva in LTDI, so I was very glad when she won.

The cliffhanger was great! Will Cody work with Heather? It drives me crazy that we may not know. Though I do want you to play up the suspense because it is a great idea!

Can't wait for more (though I have to). Again, great job with the poem and the characterization.
12/16/2020 c6 RhondaTheStalkerFan
I was very excited to see what happened and you didn't disappoint (not that I thought you would). Felt bad Courtney got out but she just couldn't handle it.

I liked how Sadie was thinking so strategically. Out of the two she is stated to think with her head, and you have shown that wonderfully. And I liked the Jen 6teen reference.

I was sad Heather didn't last, but factually it didn't make sense for her to. And Chris's information about teams not hanging together was a shocker to them, but not as much to me as we know Chris. Duncan's shakiness, was a bit of odd and hooked me into him but I'll get to that and the teams not allowed to interact in a bit.

Poor Owen. All he wanted was seconds and now you're on the chopping block. I did think Sadie's crush on Owen was rather cute. I did like Sadie's thinking of saving Owen, again showing her true brain power. She really did get the reward for best portrayal of a canon character and you just keep showing that.

I understand Heather's reasoning skills and hope her plan can help send home Justin, just because I love your portrayal of Heather. Though I do love Justin, he and Lindsay are adorable and I totally love them together.

I love how you had the final 2 be the bottom two. It was just great irony. In the end, I will miss Owen, which is something I never thought I could say. But he was portrayed greatly too. I did love how you panned the show and gave the background about the five nights a week and about Blaineley. Very clever.

I really like this alliance of four and hope they can succeed in voting someone off. Heather is still Heather and I remember that rule about borrowing things and I'm glad Heather at least gave a reason. I'm glad Courtney is keeping a close eye on Zeke as I think it's a good idea and I want him to change.

I love Lindsay reply to Noah, it definitely got a crack out of me. I liked the better explanation of the rules, and I have to say that I loved the way you wrote the dodgeball scene like an actual war. It was incredibly awesome!

I liked Eva's paying strategy, it was very humorous. Tyler was still really bad and I'm wondering if anyone is thinking of wanting he was actually eliminated than Beth who was spared. I like how Noah still didn't compete though I'm hoping that won't cause his elimination. And Chris' evil surprise was really great.

I liked Gwen's strategy for winning by scavenging, though I'm not surprised Izzy got her. I loved Katie and Sadie's domination but I really loved Bridgette's getting the neo Gemini twins (love the nickname) out. And Cody was really awesome to with way of his getting DJ out.

I love Courtney's leading skills and Duncan's smoking habit coming to light is shocking and interesting. And I loved the talk of sex, both sorta of talking about crack pairings but also bringing up the mom we all know about.

I loved Heather getting even with Noah too, enjoying how we understand Heather's feelings, making her snarky comment about sports being his forte even funnier. LeShawna and Eva's lines to each other were great and I really loved them talking about their pasts. And poor Lindsay, but I loved Justin unleashing his anger and winning. Those two are so cute!

Really great chapter Gideon, but I hate how I have to wait, though the wait is always worth it.
12/16/2020 c4 RhondaTheStalkerFan
Oh, My, Gideon, the new chapter made me love LTDI even more! It was just so fantastic! It was amazing. I love how you narrate the story, it's so powerful and charming. You could narrate a story about eating a sandwich and it would be awesome! I like how your narrative is strong and very intelligent and sophisticated but when the contestants talk like you would think they would sound. It makes such a great read. And I love how everyone has a nickname, makes it much less repetitive.

Is Harold really dead? It seems too shocking to believe, and with no blood or body it seems to hard to believe. It seems like a real trick. But if Harold is dead, it was definitely shocking. You said you wish you could nominate the first elimination of LTDI for most shocking elimination. Is this the one you meant, because I would vote for it.

Katie and Sadie's scene was purely awesome. You've given those two more character development and screen time then the actual show. Katie and Sadie are always counted out early in fanfictions and are really just fillers. The way their portrayed is great! I think Chris said it best, "all the early-out cannon fodder is turning out way different from what I expected." Eva was written really well too and I loved how major you've made her. Again, you've given Eva more character development and screen time then the actual show.

I feel bad for poor Beth. Being switched teams and picked on. I liked her discussion with Alejandro. I loved the Camp TV allusion and how Alejandro was talking about him being a Gary Stu. XD! I think the Alejandro and Beth was a red herring for the real mom. You said they heard all the stories from interviews so I suspect Alejandro was also interviewed.

LeShawna and Heather's duel was as, if not more, awesome than on the shows. LeShawna and Heather sound really believable. Katie and Sadie's period mishap was funny. I remember you mentioning LTDI had made mention to periods.

Zeke's sexism is going to be really interesting in the future, based on the previews. I really liked the poem about how the female is deadlier than the male. I really love all the allusions in the story, they're so clever. I liked the plans to open the crates and I liked how Heather used Gwen's mattress, can't wait to see what happens :D.

I felt bad that the Muskies lost, but I'm glad they didn't steal the part. If the Muskies found a way to make the water hot, (like boiling it) who would have won? I found it humorous Eva got the first marshmallow because she wasn't at the first ceremony. I don't know if that was planned but I still like it. I'm pretty sure I know who is staying based on previews but I'm still nervous to see who goes. I prefer Beth staying since I think she has more reason.

I can't wait for more!
12/16/2020 c5 RhondaTheStalkerFan
I was really glad Beth stayed! I really like Beth, especially here so I was extremely glad she stayed. I didn't really think Tyler had a reason, story-wise, to stay but if he does I'm interested in seeing what it is. Brett asked a pretty good question and the mom gave a pretty good answer. I agree Beth was the most fame hungry of all twenty two contestants. I wonder if Brett is having second thoughts on joining, though I'm sure things have changed.

I like that they made a cross for Harold, it was very sweet. And I love how Izzy burnt in an inscription using a magnifying glass. I also like how you explained the mourning as, "...the campers were mourning Harold not so much because he had been Harold as because he had been one of their own." I don't why, but it really stuck out to me. I also liked how Lindsay still can't remember his name. It shouldn't be funny since this is Harold's (supposed) death but you know Lindsay would.

Bridgette's dream was really convincing. The most believable thing is that everyone in the dream is very accurately portrayed, which I find weird since Bridgette shouldn't know them that well. But I don't how well Bridgette knows everyone and the characters are based on stereotypes so she could have stereotyped them in her dream. In any case, I didn't question that while reading the story. Ezekiel following Bridgette is very believable since Ezekiel does have a crush on Bridgette in the canon.

I love all the romance going on! Lindsay and Justin are really cute though I'm pretty positive Heather will screw it up. I also like Trent and Gwen's romance. I'm hoping it won't end like it did in the canon. I'm glad they got rid of Cody during the run (no offense to Cody). I feel bad that Cody had to walk alone, but I can believe Courtney pushed her self that hard.

I will say that I didn't fall for the Deja Vu scene of Bridgette's dream. I really liked all the little paragraphs explaining what those that had finished had done. XD I have to say I love Izzy. Every line she is in just cracks a smile on my face. I also liked Duncan, DJ and Ezekiel playing five-finger fillet.

I love Eva and LeShawna's friendship and hope at the end of the story they might actually get to harm Chris. I also love Gwen's response to Heather (gosh, their is so much to compliment). I think lacing it with a mild sedative was a smart idea and makes a lot more sense. XD Again I love Izzy! I feel so bad she threw up.

Justin and Katie's scene was pretty steamy, though I like Lindsay and Justin better and I like that he only dates one girl at a time. Your portrayal of Justin might be my favorite. I also liked Ezekiel and Courtney's discussion. It did bring up a lot of good points, though I was rooting for Courtney of course. I love all the poetry you incorporate and think you should keep doing it.

I'm glad Heather decided to have Katie and Sadie join an alliance. I love these two, though I'm pretty sure Heather will discard them rather quickly, or before the merge, or at least one of them. I also can't wait to find out who Noah is crushing on. And Heather having to compete alone...way to leave on a cliffhanger!

I can't wait for more! I'm really loving it Gideon and I hate I have to wait but it will be worth the wait!
7/26/2020 c33 Pedantic Aspie
I'm probably being dumb but wanted to double check something:

You've started keeping track of character's appearance changes at the end of the chapters.

In the brunch of disgustingness challenge Duncan ends up eating something that pierces his cheeks. The dialogue makes it sound somewhat permanent given Courtney's reluctance to do the same thing. Nothing about this appearance change is listed.

Does Duncan still have piercings/holes in his cheeks? Did they (start to) heal over? Is it not significant because he already has a lot of piercings as is stated in that chapter? Or am I being really stupid and have missed something obvious?
6/7/2020 c4 VoraciousSquire
Bro so Harold's really gone? Wtf that's crazy I mean he wasn't my favorite, but still
6/7/2020 c2 VoraciousSquire
Omg omg omg I don't know what hole I was stuck under to not have known about this oh so wonderfully perfect story, but I am so happy I found out about it today. This is literally the best TDI fanfiction I have ever read and this is just this first chapter this is literally perfect. You took a great show like TDI and turned it into something even better! I even forget this was supposed to be a retelling be a "storyteller" it's so good. Kudos to author you deserve all of the awards for the first chapter alone.
5/15/2020 c33 Guest
but I can assure you it won't take another nine months.

Narrator: It didn’t. It took thirteen months.
4/29/2020 c33 Digthatgirl
I've re-read this fanfic so many times, I'm still coming up with new theories and opinions.

I feel like either Courtney or Katie is the Storyteller, Heather feels too predictable in my honest opinion. Given how much development Katie has in contrast to her canon counterpart I'd say there's a good chance she's Brett's mum (or mom as you guys across the pond say). Then again Courtney seems like a fair bet due to the numerous love interests and further development.

Supposedly Courtney is meant to have four love interests: Ezekiel, Duncan, DJ, and one the fandom doesn't seem to have pegged yet. I'm still torn as to whether the fourth is Harold or Chris; Harold due to Geoff's comments that they would make a good couple, and Chris because of the chivalry when Courtney arrived and... you know, because he's Chris, he's bound to get involved somehow.

From what I've seen on the wikia poll a lot of people think Harold isn't really dead. Whether you set that as a tease or because he really will return I could definitely picture him returning somehow and that leading to him and Courtney conceiving Brett.

The only thing I haven't enjoyed with the story so far is the fact that Izzy has gone fairly far with some of the male campers. I understand that they're 16 and she's still a young adult that looks like and is based on a 16 year old but it still squicks the hell out of me. Fair enough if other people disagree but I have my own reasons for finding this sort of thing uncomfortable, agree to disagree.

I do hope there's an update soon, I must check the page every week or so just in case! But by all means take your time, you put so much hard work into the story, better to be thorough and give us an amazing new chapter than rush it out, I'm willing to wait as long as it takes.
4/19/2020 c2 StarwarsFan321
Hello. I was wondering if both Anakin or Darth Vader will fight Harry in open field. Even with Harry having magic at his side I belive that Vader or Anakin still have the pure, raw power of the Force on his.
1/8/2020 c33 Historyfan15
"But your characterization of him...is the exact opposite. He immediately gives in to Heather's temptation and eliminates Trent just on the off-chance he can have another shot at hooking up with Gwen (something which is immediately shot down mere paragraphs later). Such blatant jealousy and shortsightedness...is that not the opposite of his character?
Seeing as you're 33 chapters in and you probably don't care anymore I'll shut up. It's your story, do your thing, but I won't be reading it."

Okay, but Cody actually does realize his mistake when Trent returns and he keeps his promise to Gwen.

Also, "but I assure you it won't take another nine months." Yeeeaaahhhh, might wanna check in on that.
5/4/2019 c8 67randompandattack
I enjoy reading reboots/rewrites (w/e you want to call them) of season one, so I thought I'd give this story a try. And while I've found a lot of your characterization to be pretty questionable, it's been interesting enough that I've kept going. Unfortunately, I think I've reached my end point.
Your characterization of Cody at the end of the previous chapter and beginning of this one just seems to go against his very character. I don't believe it's inaccurate at all to say the entire point of Cody's character in season one is that he falls for a girl (Gwen) that doesn't return his feelings but instead likes someone else (Trent). Instead of getting jealous Cody selflessly does his best to hook them up; no hard feelings. At the end he's even rewarded by Gwen acknowledging him as a friend. I feel this is what many Cody fans like about him.
But your characterization of him...is the exact opposite. He immediately gives in to Heather's temptation and eliminates Trent just on the off-chance he can have another shot at hooking up with Gwen (something which is immediately shot down mere paragraphs later). Such blatant jealousy and shortsightedness...is that not the opposite of his character?
Seeing as you're 33 chapters in and you probably don't care anymore I'll shut up. It's your story, do your thing, but I won't be reading it.
4/22/2019 c33 4TDI-Ryro-Eclares
Please update again soon! This is really good!
4/14/2019 c33 12StayOuttaMyShed
Well that was an unexpected cliffhanger. The easy guess was to predict things coming to a climax between Heather and her allies since this is where Lindsay snapped on her canonically, but seems that may not be the case. Judging by the cutoff beatdown from Leshawna, I'm guessing that will lead to Leshawna potentially being disqualified or at the least maybe racking up some extra penalty votes to be eliminated. I mean I guess there's a small possibility she could hurt Heather enough to knock HER out of the game, but I doubt that. Feels like a definite Leshawna elimination setup. Not too surprising considering how she has the least going on for the cast. Still, it's surprising how we're about to enter the final 8 and apparently have all of Heather's alliance in tact. Heather's actions this chapter seemed like it was reaching the point where Katie could stop putting up with it, especially those insults after the crash. Perhaps the next challenge has the potential to trigger things along considering which one it is.

As far as the challenge itself goes it was solid stuff. The jousting was a nice addition and unsurprisingly the convoluted rules for elimination from canon were done away with. If I had to guess it'll probably be Lindsay winning the thing, but since I'm predicting Leshawna getting booted by DQ it likely doesn't mean much. The fallout to the fight should be interesting, I'd imagine Leshawna can do some serious damage to Heather that could potentially affect her for the rest of her run in the story. Then there's the question of how Katie will react and if she'll feel sympathetic or not. Again I think a lot of it can depend on the events of the next challenge.

Good enough reason as any to start talking about the next challenge since it could possibly start next chapter. I always look forward to how the psycho killer challenge is altered in these re-imaginings, and the tensions of the situation could lead to some serious drama via people abandoning others when encountering the killer. I have a feeling that could happen with Heather and Katie or Lindsay. It's also a big question of how the real killer will be treated. I don't think we'll get another dead contestant joining Harold, but I won't be surprised if some interns bite the dust. I'd also imagine the "whoever gets scared the most get eliminated" stipulation will be done away with since surely DJ isn't getting eliminated in the same episode and putting us at two dudes and Heather keeping both allies. I'd have Lindsay getting eliminated next challenge as my early prediction, but things could change my mind depending on what happens next chapter.
4/8/2019 c33 5Sour Dough but epicer
Glad to see Cody made it out alive, though I assume the next favor he'll repay Gwen with mentioned by Brett's mother would be quitting for her, even if it's foolish.

On the topic of the challenge though, you've fixed the problems with the second/third parts of the challenge perfectly, giving off a more enjoyable experience than the one given in canon. Speaking of a more enjoyable experience, Heather getting socked in the face by Leshawna was definitely one.

Not much to say honestly which is disappointing, but what can be done when the elimination doesn't happen until the next challenge?
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