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for Avatar A Legend in Progress

3/3/2014 c7 1Selias
Man, this guy is a pimp. Can't wait until Zuko and Azula find out that he banged their mother.
1/20/2014 c6 HavocollyLate
This story is hilarious and I enjoy the explanation of firebending.
1/1/2014 c6 Phoenixbat
Wow just wow loved awaiting the next chappy!
12/27/2013 c1 5Exiled Soul Nomad
It's funny...They mentioned the fire rat outside of the use in Inuyasha's clothing...I wonder why no one else was smart enough to make use of them?
12/6/2013 c6 5Orchamus
Ah, as good as ever, though perhaps I would have like Zhao to get a scar similar to Zuko's
12/6/2013 c6 serialkeller
Good stuff, but don't angst the crap out of it like in your other stories, that was the main turn off for me. Update this again soon, it's great _
11/30/2013 c5 1Selias
Ohhhh! That makes a LOT more sense! I misread the part about who he slept with in chapter one, so I thought that he had slept with Mai. Finding out that it was her mother makes it make a lot more sense. It also makes it a lot less creepy, though I figured that you had just increased her age, or something. I can't wait until the Gaang runs into Azula's group. Well, that's still pretty far off, unless Ozai decides to send Azula after Red.
11/30/2013 c4 Selias
This is an OC, not a Self-Instert, right? Why the hell would he say "bosh'tet?" Actually, I don't know why SIs would say it, either, considering that it's an imaginary word from an imaginary language used by an imaginary species in an imaginary universe.
11/22/2013 c5 Guest
The story entierly stopped being interesting at the moment you decided to put some manga cliche, like the hero who collapse cause he is tired from doing a too powerfull fireball. I don't know what you smoke, but in Avatar, people DON'T collapse for that. In fact, that kind of bullshit have nothing to do here. Oh, and, one word of advice, japanese word like Kami, or Sensei, have nothing to do here.
Combine that to the blabantly annoying self-insert-like, happy-go-lucky, goody-two-shoes protagonist full of cliche, with such a hollow personality, and the story, is just plain annoying to read.
11/22/2013 c4 Guest
THAT'S how he reveal that he is a Firebender ? What the heck ? It was too freaking awkward !
9/25/2013 c1 5Orchamus
Well, this looks rather interesting, I'm somewhat curious as to whther Red is actually a Firebender or not. Odds are I'd say a gifted one.
7/15/2013 c5 Kaioo
7/15/2013 c4 1NIX'S WARDEN
Very Nice! Bosht'et was the shout out! Also wow! LOT of drama! Red definitely has one hell of a past.
7/15/2013 c4 Kaioo
So.. is it is June? Or was she a fling?
7/15/2013 c4 5War Sage
great chapter
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