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9/16/2014 c3 foreveryoung
It's like watching a movie! You rock yo!
9/4/2014 c1 2NobleChild
Incredible fanfic! I enjoy reading every phrase every single word of it! 3 Please keep it up when you can, it's one of the best in here! :D
7/31/2014 c3 Snowfall
I'm obsessed! This is amazing!
7/30/2014 c3 dil
This is a great gripping story, hope you continue and update soon!
I shall be waiting! 3
7/28/2014 c3 Guest
awesome story! please update soon!
7/28/2014 c3 3PhoenixForce42
Yay! You updated :D Ace chapter, I can just imagine everything in my head :D You're awesome! ;)
3/28/2014 c2 XiaolinShowdownLover
What's next!? Pls say that ur gonna update soon!
3/28/2014 c1 XiaolinShowdownLover
You're an amazing author! What a great way to start a story!
1/9/2014 c2 Guest
cant wait for more! you rock yo!
1/7/2014 c2 Guest
this story is awesome please continue asap!
12/28/2013 c2 RaiKimLover
Omg! I hadn't expected that! Kimiko preserved Rai's body, I'm feeling the romantic/creepy vibes here I JUST LOVE IT! Davi is so cute!
12/25/2013 c2 XSRaiKim7
LOVE IT! Please do continue !
12/24/2013 c2 3TheIrishPixie
Finally an update!(though I can't say much, I have habit of neglecting my own stories :/)

Honestly this is really great, please update soon
12/24/2013 c2 Guest
HOLY MOLY DOLY THIS IS AWESOME! Update ASAP, this is killing me!
12/24/2013 c2 Guest
So excited to see what you're going to do with this! Great job so far, and good luck with updating often, I know how hard I can be to juggle fandoms and real life :/
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