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6/15/2015 c10 75Accidentally The Whole Fanfic
See, the HM section could use more wonderful, deranged stuff like this.

(Mary wasted resources on the arson, though. She could've just skinned Claire and wore her flesh as a suit.)
5/6/2015 c1 4Dame Selena
This was beautifully done, in just 100 words you've told a whole story! It was fun to read about dark and psychotic Mary.
12/10/2013 c10 LittlePetal
I thought it was going to be some sweet drabbles about fuzzy friendship! But I still loved it. Delightfully evil.
9/13/2013 c4 32Basikilos
Oh my goodness, Mary. Who knew you were so...scary.
7/24/2013 c10 22TheSoundofMusic
This was interesting, to say the least XD

I think for me the thing that bothered me is that because there are only ten words in each chapter and everything happened quickly it was difficult to truly grasp a feeling from this story.
Rather than just doing ten words per chapter, why not do drabbles? I've found that in doing a drabble you not only limit yourself to a word count (so you don't go overboard) but you still have enough words to clearly express whatever it is you're attempting to express.
Of course, this is all just advice so you don't have to mind it if you don't want to :)

Your overall writing style makes me smile though; it's very cute and I find it kind of endearing XD

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