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for The Dalton Family Saga - Book One - The Road to Dencotte House

3/22/2019 c22 ceilil
A writer who makes you cry with single sentences...I just melted inside.
Writer zeroed in on the idea and made a killing success.
The first book was a constant state of arousal with no hope of release.
Book two soothe my soul little bit by bit.
Won't take up more of your time better spent reading their work.
PS: Poni and Alex didn't get lung cancer during the creation of this book.

Lovely Writing
"Alexander and Anthony both had only daughters but did not believe, as most men did at the time, that ladies should only be educated in matters that would help them get a husband."
"I say each to their own as long as they do no harm."

"She had never really thought about sex before but since she had met Alex she found herself daydreaming about it all the time. She craved Alex, to feel her weight lying on top of her and her large hands grasping her breasts in passion. She knew without a doubt that once Alex had made love to her, she would never be able to get enough. She had been worried about Alex holding out for a long time, she was now beginning to wonder how she would hold out herself!"

"Oh please! Not more talk of horses! Beth, that is all I hear about when these two numbskulls are together! Don't try and infect my only friend and ally with this obsession with riding."
Poni popped her eyes above the top of the newspaper. "Depends on what kind of riding!" Alex and Poni exploded in laughter."

"I need to get ready for the hordes of women due to land on us!"
7/11/2017 c22 Mjnz
That was great, thanks for writing :)
7/21/2013 c22 1descendantsofevil
I read this while setting in the waiting room with my moms. We all read it which was hard to do waiting on someone to finish a page just so I could get to the next. I love Alex and Beth in this story very well written my moms keep saying to me. The good old days where courting was an art form. Thank you

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