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for Fear

2/7/2017 c1 78EphemeralSakura
Gosh, when he wrapped his arms around her... I don't know, it made me feel so warm and comfortable! It was a wonderful fic! Thank you for this!
And about Sakura being shippable... it's not our fault if she's just perfect, right? ;)
5/25/2014 c1 BurningAkira97
I love those kind of stories :') so heartwarming
5/6/2014 c1 Guest
Daaayyyyum girl! U sound like tsunade, but I agree sakura rocks and anyone who doesn't think so is a bitch with a 50ft pole stuck up their ass. Anyway, I absolutely love stories with sakura hugging/comforting sasuke, keep writing u rock.
7/22/2013 c1 1OTP-addict
Oh my friggin God, you write well! I don't think I found a single flaw (which is a big deal to me, I'm the ultimate grammar nazi :P). Really, REALLY nice story! Bonus for me: I love fanfics with Sasuke-nightmares... *_*
Keep writing, then you will make a lot of people happy (including me)! :D
7/15/2013 c1 64Tiger Priestess
Great job!

I can't see Sasuke or Sakura with someone other than each other though.

Love this story!
7/15/2013 c1 crazymel2008
love it.
7/15/2013 c1 JadeClemente
Hello. After so many years since i first started reading ff, ive finally decided to create my own ff account. So yey me! Im quite choosy when it comes to sasusaku ffs. I easily dismiss those that does not hve impressive plot,writing style etc. But ya know what? Somethng tells me this ff of yours is not one of those. Keep it up and please update fast! Guys like you is what inspires me to write my own sasusaku ff. Hopefuly, il find the heart to do so smeday.

By the way, this is my first-ever review since i discovered fanfiction which by the way was 9 years ago. So, another yey me!
7/15/2013 c1 10Saucysasusaku
Loved it! It was too cute!
7/15/2013 c1 3xmysteriousunknownx
OMMMG I totally agree with you. Sakura do ship with everyone DKSKKDKSLLDLDLELSLDLLSLDLELLW and amazing story. I love how you portrayed sasukes feeling
7/15/2013 c1 Anon
This story is cute! I love it. Also, i know what you mean by shipping Sakura with everyone xD i do it too. she's very shippable for some reason...

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