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8/26/2013 c1 23Lily D. Cave
I like the story, but it looked like you only put the big lines in it. I mean it is not very detailed and or extensive (don't know if that are two different thing).
8/22/2013 c2 4jackiehorse
I love this! It's so cute! _
8/20/2013 c2 NorioX
funny please update! this is really great!
7/25/2013 c2 inactive.please.delete.thank
Update please! I am sooooooo happy you adopted this! I think even with a new author it will be awesome! : )
7/18/2013 c2 Inviso-Al
Keep it coming
7/18/2013 c2 26XxXNightcoreQueenXxX
i wonder if Danny can talk to the other pokemon?
i'm just imagining him asking rhetorically ," Is he always like this?"
and Picachu answering: " yeah, pretty much."
7/17/2013 c1 3FandomManic
When that come back Nocturne is gonna faint from all the amazing Pokemon! I want to see Danny's Pokemon form!
7/17/2013 c1 26XxXNightcoreQueenXxX
giggle oh they are gonna come back with a pokemon army, to boot.
7/15/2013 c1 Inviso-Al
What happens?
7/15/2013 c1 12me
a good beginning to a interesting sounding story keep up the good work :D
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