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for The Dylan Morgan Show - Season 1

4/14/2019 c10 ceilil
Your books should be hugged in a dead grip that never lets go.
7/8/2017 c10 Mjnz
Dude! That was freakin awesome!
9/22/2013 c10 trekker1982
wow what an ending now I'm looking forward to the next story. i also love the relationship building between Rosie and Jackson they are so opposite to each other it will be interesting to see how that goes.
9/22/2013 c2 9Jenny Frame
I really appreciate your reply Trekker, and no offence taken. It's just a misunderstanding. I understand that a traditional breadwinner/housewife relationship isn't palatable to everyone, and I think what I was trying to show with both the characters Emily and Rosie, is that there are different ways to be a lesbian. To Rosie staying home and looking after children would horrify her, but to Emily it's everything she's ever dreamed of. There's room for all kinds of people and some people are just born nurturers. I just wouldn't like someone like Emily to thought of weak because of her personal choices. I'm glad you still have enjoyed the story. :-)
9/22/2013 c9 trekker1982
thank you for your reply and you are right and that is what Emily did say yes maybe I focused on the wrong things I do love your story as I said I didn't think I would but the stoy has been grat the ongoing thing with the stalker and all the changes they both had to make.

I realise that I have over focused on one aspect of you story I didn't mean offence and I apologias if I have caused it. maybe I picked up on something with Emily projected as having been someone who has struggled with financial stuff like many (no kids though) and who is very independent.

once again thank you for the reply and Please understand that I meant offence

trekker 1982
9/22/2013 c1 Jenny Frame
Trekker 1982 - You obviously think being a housewife makes a woman lesser, weaker. You couldn't be more wrong, it's a choice a strong independent woman makes, to stay at home and look after her family. I should know because I am a housewife myself. If you read the story, you will see Emily tells Dylan that her dream is to have a big family and to look after them. With Dylan having the means to support them, Emily is living her dream.
9/21/2013 c6 trekker1982
I like this story and I do like both your leads but you have turned Emily from a string independent woman into a house wife and she has very little to say about it. it's just a shame when she has such potential well maybe things will change in latter chapters.
9/20/2013 c1 trekker1982
well I didn't think I'd like this story but the first chapters grate there looks like there is more going on with Emily or at least I hope so I'm a bit worried that Emily will be swamped by Dylan and that Emily will end up being one dimensional.

we will see on to the next chapter.
7/23/2013 c1 3Bumbling Bard
Read Jenny... Read Jenny... Read Jenny... that is what the Bard says.. :) I am a PICKY fan fic reader.. and I won it... I love The Dylan Morgan Show... Glad to see it here!

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