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for Little Green Eyes

9/10/2016 c16 nicarose24
8/2/2015 c6 1Miss Sarah Bearah
Bwahahaha! Beast Boy! Your an imbecile
(Refenerence to a comedian) IMBECELIN!
12/21/2014 c16 Ohaymikoto
Dude it's nearly Christmas where is the new chapters?
11/23/2014 c16 5Apollo Holmes
Ha! I love Batsy. Please update soon!
7/16/2014 c16 1Crystal013
I like Grant, please update soon! ;)
3/29/2014 c16 The Hazard
Good chapter, and it sets up nicely for the next chapter.
3/29/2014 c16 1Truman B
3/29/2014 c16 8azarathianscribbles
Let's rescue and fix Jericho! I am wondering what will happen to Grant after Joey is rescued... I guess you'll cross that bridge when you come to it. Please keep writing!
3/29/2014 c16 17Pixies Between The Pages
This chapter really moved forward with the plot, and I loved it!
3/15/2014 c1 teen titan fan
This is so exciting! :-)
3/16/2014 c15 1Truman B
3/15/2014 c15 The Hazard
This seems like an awesome story! Going in my favorites!
3/15/2014 c15 8azarathianscribbles
I think this story is really awesome! Please keep writing!
3/15/2014 c15 17Pixies Between The Pages
Ooooh, YEEEEESSSS! AMAZING PERFECT I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Wilson family...Always good to get a healthy does of it.
3/8/2014 c11 titan lover
I am in a worst situation than you. I got in trouble and my mom gave me the worst punishment EVER! I can't listen to music, play on my phone, and play with friends. SOMEBODY HELP Me!
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