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5/12 c273 Guest
Love this chapter , also will you be writing more Fate Grand/Order crossover here in the drabbles series?

Because I hope to see more with fate grand order crossover with a Fem!Harry in the chapters with my TOP favorite guys servants as pairings XD

Caster!Cu Chulainn
Archer!Robin Hood
Prototype!Cu Chulainn
Prototype!Arthur Pendragon (he's male btw)
Assassin!Yan Qing
Assassin!Okada Izou
Berserker!Alter!Cu Chulainn
Avenger!Edmond Dantes
Avenger!Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Avenger!Antonio Salieri
Avenger!Alter!Male!Jeanne d'Arc
Lancer!Cu Chulainn
Lancer!Male!Arthur Pendragon
Lancer!Male!Alter!Arthur Pendragon
Lancer!Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Saber!Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Saber!Alter!Male!Arthur Pendragon

P.S yes I know that Arthur and Jeanne are female's but a Male version is hot (look at google for art drawing's because they are smoking hot in genderbend xD)
5/14 c166 8animecutylover
This is awesome! And interesting. XD
5/9 c273 shadowwolf2345
I hope this will become a story of it's own because it's very good so far.
5/8 c252 Samthekiller15
Hey Sakura! I am currently re-reading this set of drabbles and am wondering if you could start the 'Time Gone By' idea. It's a How To Train Your Dragon one, but reading it again caught my interest to the point that I wrote this comment. If you don't start a story for it, its fine because I just wanted to ask about it. I love all of your ideas/stories and wanted to say it at least once! I hope you have a wonderful time with whatever you are doing.

A Loyal Reader

(P.S. You are AMAZING! Don't let any haters get you down. You are better than them by at least 137% times 7)
5/1 c273 Guest
I know that Aiden got most of his/her looks from Female!Merlin ,but it would be great that Aiden also got Solomon looks XD (because Romani's real identity is actually Solomon)

like for example when in battle mode Aiden looks changes into Solomon and when the fight is over Aiden looks changes back to Female!Merlin

please make Shadow of Avalon into a full story because I want to see Aiden having handsome male servants fall in love with Aiden XD ( it can be a harem for they Lol)
5/2 c252 Draculora6
Love this story XD hope you can make more
252 time gone by fem hiccup time travel
5/2 c273 176Firehedgehog
4/29 c273 Guest
Please write "Shadow of Avalon" into a Full story because I don't see much
Fate Grand Order/Harry Potter crossover much here :D
5/1 c271 NeveFulmine
It's a very interesting story.. like to see more of it..
muy interesante. las historias de pokemos HP casi nunca me llaman la atención, pero esta no es una que deseo dejar pasar
4/27 c231 StarKurama
I've just began reading final fantasy fanfiction and so far I love them. this would be an awesome thing to read
4/27 c224 StarKurama
this seems like a great story to read
4/25 c273 Phoenix
This particular story is rather good I'd like to read what goes next
4/26 c273 SeiryuNoAme
...Ash without a Charizard seems so wrong IMO. It’s one of his most iconic Pokémon. You could give him the Charmander Cross has (from the movie “I Choose You!”, which was like an alternate take of Ash’s journey at the start)... Or give Aster that one. But loving the fact Ash got a fossil Pokémon. Plus Amaura is a good fit. He doesn’t have many ice or rock Pokémon...Plus yay for the Agra and Espurr.
4/26 c273 2Noitaerc
Sabrina could have had it worse: Ash could have developed mental defense using his memories of all his encounters with Legendaries. Facing Arceus using Judgement is no laughing matter.
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