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9/18 c241 WearyCurmudgeon
Not sure if I've commented on this before, but anyway...

- Weight
This might just be comics giving off an unrealistic weight, but...

Jubilee is 5′5″ (1.65 m) and weighs 115 lbs (52.16 kg).

Angelica "Firestar" Jones clocks in at:
5′8″ (1.73 m) and 142 lbs (64.41 kg).

While Ororo "Storm" Monroe is 5′11″ (1.80 m) and 145 lbs (65.77 kg).

So this: "The girl couldn't have been more than a hundred and fifty pounds soaking wet."

Seems a bit odd for a teen who is seemingly underweight. Drop it down to 100 lbs and if she's around 5ft 4", than yeah.. more than likely not a healthy weight
9/10 c265 5DGJabberwocky
Oh thank God! Finally the first story that does not bash Ron or Hermione or Ginny!
8/26 c317 AyameKitsune
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
8/21 c319 Guest
hp/ghost hunt: gene lives/coma, albus/vernon bashing, fem hp, mod hp, Gene/Harry
The fact the Potter's had twins was a little known, which albus used to get rid of the youngest. Thing is the twins are psychic so his binds don't work, so the twins grow up plotting Harry's escape to Japan. Which happens just after Harry's 3 year. Gene survives cause he is not the only one hit, he and Harry act as Mai's spirit guide/guardians while their comatose. The hospital their at is haunted the gang takes the case, after is solved the older sib's wake up. Harry takes the sleeping Mai & Naru back to her and Gene's room, some how the others freak out doesn't wake the two up.
Please adopt/write
8/4 c319 Mari Wollsch
kudos xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8/4 c317 Mari Wollsch
great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7/30 c315 3Karma189
Can U Plsssssss Continue This One?! There's soooo few good God Of War Stories out there!
7/25 c319 Phoenix
Ooohhh this is Sooo good. Things for the update. And I hope for another chapter if you're able to
7/25 c319 Old steamer
I like this one I hope you continue it.
7/25 c319 WearyCurmudgeon

Well, considering the rituals continued with Ming Yue absent and seemingly not even an attempt to locate her...

Well, that does invalidate my previous hypothesis that she might've been doing things to help her daughter.
7/27 c319 4Greatazuredragon
Very nice chapter, good work.
7/27 c299 Vampire207343
Can you update Stigmata
7/27 c319 Jostanos
*sighs* And then, in turn, Raven/Ming Yue may tell Clow the truth about herself. Ne?
*rubs the back of head sheepishly* Or may that be wishful thinking?

Please continue when you may, Sakura. :)
7/26 c319 Floating Ash
Want to see ‘radiant rivers’ ch 319 , please! XDXDXD
Like what happens with the confrontation of Clow and Su Yung and the reveal of Ming Yue’s parentage and if she will inherit the clow cards. XDXDXD XDXDXD
7/26 c317 airunee
Ooohhh I like this very much. Petunia has a lot more sense than to scream in their face the second she met them and Loki once again acts like a cautious cat meeting a human for the first time. i also really like the name Amaryllis, it's one of the names I had chosen to call my own Fem!Harry but ultimately decided on another one. I also like the idea that it's Bruce not Natasha that she's relate to, I guess I keep forgetting that Banner has green eyes as well even though it's pretty clear in the Hulk
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