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2h c301 98Eiks
Really enjoyed this one! Hope there are more chapters for this story, or a full story.
5h c301 6TekoloKuautli
This is funny, especially how alike in appearance Aurora and Malleus are, they really could have been siblings except for obvious non-human features. I always found it odd how incarnations of Harry in there stories would explain themselves to strangers, like the Karen here. There doesn't seem to be a reason.
12h c301 Kitsune95
Interesting. Would love to see more!
13h c289 pupstarstar
MORE! Please?
16h c301 27917brat
This is a wonderful story idea I adore the idea of a baby Malleus and wonder will he ever find out that Aurora isn't Aurora lovegood but a Potter or will if he does turn back to an adult be looking for Aurora Lovegood to thank only to find Luna Lovegood who tells him the truth?
18h c301 Jostanos
If whatever was added to Lillia's meal for her family hasn't reverted them back to their normal selves by now then it either:
a) take more time to wear off than she thought.
b) be irreversible thus Silver and Malleus won't be going back to 'normal' any time soon.

Please continue when you may, Sakura. :)
21h c301 1Sakihinata
Cute ;)
6/28 c301 8Belphy
this is adorable and im loving the plot. I'll hope this turns into a multi chap story. but no pressure. do what you enjoy.
6/28 c301 DevilishMinx
I really hope to read more soon! Hopefully Malleus will have no problem helping Aurora get out of there! Though I'm curious how Aurora is hiding his horns from everyone unless they are not noticeable? I'm curious has to how they will get in contact with Lilia or the school. Hope this turns into a multi-chap story, it's definitely a great one!
6/28 c301 1Shinigami04
This is an interesting plot. I am curious how Malleus would react to Aurora’s magic and the magic side. 3
6/28 c301 SilverFeatherWings
I would love for a second chapter of this story. I really want to know what happens next:)
6/27 c301 176Firehedgehog
6/27 c301 12Hakuei Shirei
omg. yes pleaaassee. I didn't even know I needed this! I love it! thank you for all the brill plot bunnies as always!
6/27 c301 tastybigsexy
Very interesting and good so far
6/27 c301 PasiveNox
Nice chapter
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