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7/9 c13 1mattoblat
I spent the last couple days reading these stories, and I have to say they’re very good. I hope you pick this back up sometime, I’d be very interested in reading more of this.
10/9/2020 c13 4TacoKing23
I am sad that I have arrived about seven years too late to encourage you to continue this story. It has been a lot of fun to see your idea of how things would have gone. In the unlikely event you ever come back to it, you'll have at least one continuing reader, anyway.
8/28/2020 c13 KOTHP5532
P good.
12/15/2018 c13 voidzzz
Went through both your starcraft stories in the last few days, good stuff! Even if it's unlikely, I hope you''ll find the time and motivation to continue this at some point, Legacy of the Void was underwhelming and your re-imagining of hots gives me the hope that you can write something great out of it.
5/7/2018 c1 arispuffer
Man I’m just so pissed off, I came 5 years late to the party and miss such a brilliant writer.

However, thank you for Her Body’s Plaything, it was everything that I never knew I need until I find it. I love everything that you have done with it.

So all in all thank you for your efforts. I wish I came earlier and bombarded you with reviews so this story got finisehd.

I know this will be a brilliant story as well but I don’t have the gut to start reading it in fear of getting to attached.
8/27/2017 c13 Scarease
I want New chapter Soon I like your Starcraft stories so far keep it up.
6/8/2017 c5 1Ilireanwri
I would prefer if you would divide the spotlight about 50/50 like you did the last time, because it resulted in a very good Story :)
4/24/2017 c12 Ibskib
the whole "that cold. Soulless voice" thing was pretty repetitive, came across as more annoying than engaging.
Lakena also voiced his worry too vaguely for some reason, if he were more direct and said that an artifact was stolen which could cause the death of millions he might have had a lot more success.
There was mention that Lakena could sift through people's mind, why didn't he try that with the Acolyte?
12/21/2016 c1 Guest
When are you going to start on to whatever end again it's been three years
12/18/2015 c13 Ruyh
Hey, just wanted to say, that you are an excellent writter, I have only read "Her Body's Plaything" Because im not familiar with the Worm series, but it is REALLY good, I mean the sort of good where you could in the future, when you get more readers (which I think you are definitely gonna get if you write consistently) could set a patreon.

Don't stop writting you have a talent for this, I honestly think you actually do a better job than those guys at Blizzard. I haven't read "To Whatever End" recently because I was waiting for a chunk of chapters.

Lastly I reccommend you to ask shoutouts from more well known authors, just ask them to read"Her Body's Plaything" and to shoutout if they like it, that way you are gonna get more readers.

P.S.: If you do stop writting I'm gonna find you and tickle you...to death...really!
12/7/2015 c1 2epiclink8480
I would like to start by thanking you for all the time and effort that you put into your fics. It is truly a pleasure to read them and I have actually forgone typical literature for over a month just to read your "Her Body's Plaything" Fic.

Your grasp of motivations and the reasons behind the "reasons"/excuses is so profound that every chapter is like stepping into another world in which you are experiencing every thought and emotion as if it is your own.

I think that your writing style perfectly combines seriousness and humour to make it so that the story is profound but not soul crushing. Plus the pop culture references and funny quips make me laugh every day.

As a fan of the starcraft lore, I believe that your grasp of the characters and their motivations may even be more thought out than what they gave in the games themselves. You must have put a lot of thought into your characters, especially Kerrigan. I love her character because she isn't a hero. She has been dealt more shit than a intergalactic cattle farmer, has committed atrocities that hitler would cringe at, and is still fighting everyday to be a better person than the last. I think that you gave her more justice than the games ever did, and I even played Legacy of the Void!

You understand the necessity of finality, death is forever, infestation changes you. This gives weight to every event. The future is not set in stone, as you said even the narrator is not omniscient, but your past is final. Some stories are just so wishy washy that if a character dies you just think "oh well I'll see them later anyways" but not yours.

I apologize for ranting for so long but your stories really are that good. I hope you realize that.

As long as you are writing stories, I will be reading them. I realize that the dedication of one fan may not be enough to sway you to keep writing "To Whatever End" but please note that I , a 17 year old media student, will be waiting on baited breath for every single update. I do, however completely understand the strains of school and/or work and will understand if it becomes too much to handle. Your writing reflects how much you enjoy the stories you create, so if you stop enjoying them don't write them.

But I really hope that you decide to write this fic to completion, if not for me, then for yourself.

An avid reader of your work.

11/26/2015 c10 12Kaoupa
Great story! Shame you dropped it...
10/30/2015 c13 Oyshik
I have only one thing to say after this chapter...politics is too much trouble.
9/27/2015 c13 27kenyizsu
This... is a damn fine piece of writing right here! I loved it! :D Is there any chance that it will be continued one day? (Especially now since the final instalment of the game is coming up.)
9/24/2015 c10 pt1oef
Where will have UNN show with Kerrigan?
Want to have Dominion PR vs Zerg PR?
Will Lilth meet her family in UNN building in fighting PR battle against each other?
Hope Morrigon vs Kerrigan in show face to face.
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