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7/24/2015 c8 7Bran the Warg
I'm reading this
7/6/2015 c10 Guest
I am reading this story.u can continue to make more chapters
6/27/2015 c10 3Phoenix Brooke
Can you please update! This is amazing
6/25/2015 c10 Rachel
Please continue writing! Anyway, it's too late, this is 2015. Well, I hoped you would have written further.
6/22/2015 c10 smileyava16
im still reading and love this story please post more
6/7/2015 c10 Me
Are you going to post or not because I want to know what happens next
6/7/2015 c10 waterlooroadbrat
I really like this story please update soon.
6/1/2015 c9 Ty x deuce shipper
I'm still read this story please update!
5/30/2015 c10 Zendinah96
I've been waiting forever! Please update I love it!
5/27/2015 c10 infinitystar3
im reading!
5/26/2015 c10 2XxfindthefuturexX
Please keep writing
5/19/2015 c10 Luna
Im still reading bro. Please make a new chapter this story's plot is too good to give up.
5/19/2015 c10 guest
I'm still reading, literally got so excited when I saw you updated and hoping you will continue writing it!
5/19/2015 c10 3Inugoma
I'm still reading
5/19/2015 c10 2UrielyALoser
I am!
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