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for Zero Hour

5/18/2015 c9 Guest
Please update this story please I'm loving it so far
5/9/2015 c9 Guest
Update it now!
1/30/2015 c9 Guest
Please make more I love them
7/28/2014 c9 T-bone256
Update soon! (: it's a great story!
7/19/2014 c9 Madison12321
I like he story you should keep going with the story..:-)
7/18/2014 c1 7THE 100
I'm kind of interested in this story...I can't wait for the ending.
7/10/2014 c9 Guest
Its awesome but can u plz finish the story
6/28/2014 c9 Guest
So far so good,i love it!
6/27/2014 c9 2kritiasthegod
More please. I hope cece changes.
6/26/2014 c8 6Rocky9870
I'm still reading it
6/24/2014 c8 1Flower-Power328
Hey im still reading and waiting :) I REALLLY love this story so plz keep writing
6/24/2014 c8 3Waterlooroadbrat
I am still reading. I love this story I just don't review as often as I should sorry.
6/23/2014 c8 2DragonPhoenix1026
Hello I'm a new to you story and I like it. Please update your Story.
6/23/2014 c8 0BROOKIE01
Can it be about rocky pleeeeeeeeaaaase?! She is my favourite character and Cece gets most of the attention.
6/23/2014 c8 4Pinkpoodle8
Oh, don't worry, I am still reading, so please continue soon. I love this story!
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