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for The story of Marry Kathrin Bomba

6/1/2015 c1 7Myra the Dovahkiin
great story. keep writing. update soon. I can't wait to read more! This is getting interesting.
12/22/2013 c1 kyubbi lover 98
Update soon please
8/19/2013 c1 26917brat
curious I am want more I do. okay enough of that this is a good story and has caught my attention. Mainly because I seriously want to read a crossover like this soon after watching epic. so please keep this up cause I am so glade you wrote this story.
7/25/2013 c1 LunaFluttershyAmelia
Because I am obsessed with correct spelling or grammar and I'm bored I decided to correct this chapter, I am also a major Potterhead and I felt the need. You may want to look over it as a few things I am assumed and some I don't understand (they are in brackets).

In Godric Hollows twins were born to the Potter family, which was a surprise to everyone, but no matter; the Potters and everyone, except for four people, ignored the younger. They cooed over the elder child, James Godric Potter Jr., and claimed him to be the chosen one. He had a little bit of brown hair, hazel eyes and red skin. In all that they forgot all about the younger child.

However, unaware to the parents, (Lily and James Potter,) the younger child was also being cooed over by a certain four people. What shocked these four was that the healer had lied to the parents; the younger twin was not a boy, but a baby girl who was placed under an oddly enough (incomplete sentence). They agreed that the child was safe this (would be safer with them) and while the parents where cooing over her brother, the four (decided to) blood adopt(ed) her. One of the four who was holding the child asked the Potters what the child's name would be.
Her father said, without looking at the child, "There's really no reason for that one, he's weak and possibly a squib... but if he must have one... his name will be Harry James Potter."
The four looked at the child and when they looked up they saw the headmaster of the school, (Albus Dumbledore).
He looked grimly at Harry "This child will be sent away to an orphanage so that Lily and James can raise James Jr. without having to worry about sibling rivalry."
He he took the child, making the four protest, but they stopped when they saw the child's parents agreeing. One of the four, a man, whose image flicked and for a brief moment showed a young women with black hair and blues eyes, looked sadly as the child was taken away.


On a step in front of an orphanage laid a basket with a sleeping child, whose glamour was broken once the man who left it departed, leaving a little girl with a mop of raven hair, fair skin and emerald green eyes... all in all she looked like a little doll. Her birth certificate, that was left with the child, was also changed. An elderly woman opened the door, picked up the child and read the certificate, only to widen her eyes. It read:

Name: Mary-Kathrine Bomba

Mother: Mary Ann Bomba

Father: Jame Harold Bomba

Uncle/s: Remus J Lupin, Lucius A Malfoy

Aunt/s: Iries Walsin Black, Serena Tabatha Snape

Born: 31 July, 1980

Once she finished reading she rushed inside and dialled the phone and when it was answered she replied "Professor Bomba, I found your daughter." She smiled at the sleeping child.

(11 years later)

"We're going to Auntie Iries'?!" exclaimed a 11 year old Mary-Kathrine to her mother, who nodded grimly as they left their home.
"Yes... we'll be staying there for a while," she said sadly as they left for England, leaving behind Mary-Kathrine's father and home.


"Mary-Kathrine, this Diagon Alley" said Mary-Kathrine's mother, only to make Mary-Kathrine look up at her and all the shops
"Diagon Alley" Mary-Kathrine repeated, "Mum what is this place?" she asked when they walked inside a building and stopped at a counter.
"This is the wizarding world. This place is the wizard's bank, it's run by goblins." she answered as the goblin pointed them to a door, which they went through.

" Welcome Ms. Bomba and Young one" the goblin said as Mary-Kathrine and her mother sat down. "Now, the first thing to do is the inheritance test" the goblin said. Mary-Kathrine's mother nodded and Mary-Kathrine looked at the paper oddly.
"I need one drop of your blood on this parchment" he said and she nodded, poked her finger and once the blood dropped it read:

Name: Mary-Kathrine Bomba

Gender: Female

Alias Name: Harry James Potter

Mother: Mary Ann Bomba, nee Peverell

Father: Jame Harold Bomba

Uncles: Remus J Lupin ,Lucius A Malfoy

Aunts: Iries Walsin Black, Serena Tabatha Snape

Born: 31 July, 1980

Heir to:














Known Heir Abilities:


Anumletongue (Animaltongue)



Mind-Sheild (Occlemens or Occlumency)

Mind-Read (Legilimens or Legilimency)

Betrothed to: None

Uneeded Family Betrothal contracts: Ron Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Draco Malfoy.

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