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5/31/2019 c13 58Trekkiehood
quite an enjoyable story. I hope for more at some point :)
5/12/2019 c13 7Minecraft Guardiansaiyan
Ultron better fail cause happy endings are NEEDED!
5/11/2019 c13 112Qweb
Wo, it really has been a long time. I'm glad to see a new chapter. It's nice to go back to the beginning after the trauma of Infinity War and Endgame. I hope we see the self defense class in action.
4/29/2019 c12 9Nzie
Well, this is a really enjoyable story, and I feel like the voices are accurate to the characters. I have some long-abandoned WIPs myself so no room to critique, but I've put a follow notice on just in case you come back to it—and favorited it because it was enjoyable even unresolved. :-) Only one note as someone who lives in Manhattan—you'd never have to go 2 miles to find a grocery store, as is mentioned in an earlier chapter, as there are quite a few around, but it's a minor point. Thanks for this enjoyable read. :-)
1/24/2019 c7 distanceincrowdedrooms
Aww, I just love the thing about the punching bag! And you're so good at writing Jarvis' lines.
1/24/2019 c3 distanceincrowdedrooms
Awww. I liked this chapter a lot! It wasn't overly fluffy, but just the right amount! I really liked how Steve and Tony apologized to each other!
7/30/2015 c12 ShadowPhoenix22
AHH THIS IS JUST SO AMAZING! Its realistic, well thought out and is really well written! Steve and Tony are both written perfectly in-character and their talks are hilarious. I couldn't stop reading it! :) I really enjoyed it, and I hope you have the chance to update it soon. I loved it so much, thanks for taking the time to actually write this awesomeness! :)
3/13/2015 c12 14ShadowShock
Wow, very good! I love how you write Tony Stark and his random lines and actions ("why am I down here?"). It keeps his brash, arrogant character without being a total washout. And how you kept Steve Rogers feelings of actual manners - that's just him.
So, yes. You drew me in with your characters. And while not much "action" is taking place, I'm enjoying the pace of this story and how Rogers is dealing with the new world. A refreshing read. Certainly don't care if it's AU - though really not at all so far. Thank you for writing and having a care for what you are writing.
Okay, so I feel bad for not reviewing every chapter... I'll try to go back and review individual chapters.
2/10/2015 c12 A
Yay another chapter! This was another good one :) Can't wait for the next.
1/5/2015 c12 ViolettaVie
I am so glad you were able to update. I really love this story. I was actually excited to read about Steve's new job. Great stuff there.
1/5/2015 c12 11GenderBender25
Oh that defense class is going to be so much fun to read about. We do get to read it, right?
Thank you for updating! It wqs really good.
1/5/2015 c12 ErinKenobi2893
Steve is an AWESOME teacher. (I want drawing lessons with him so very badly. Maybe I'll actually get shading down then...)
1/5/2015 c12 67sirensbane
Tony is a spaz. I'm a little surprised that he fixed the oven without Pepper bugging him…But he's right about one thing; the women in the self-defense course will be drooling.
1/5/2015 c10 ErinKenobi2893
YES! The Hobbit and Steve reading LotR are also in my headcanons! YAY! *squees and hugs you*
Did I mention I love this story? :-D
1/5/2015 c12 112Qweb
Yay, a new chapter. I'm so happy.
Data entry would be dull. Hanging balloons and teaching self defense would be more interesting. Captain America in lieu of a step ladder. I like it.
Hope we see more chapters soon.
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