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8/4 c4 HikariAyoshi
... I'm not even surprised that most of the dunderheads we call wizards and witches (with it's few exceptions, like Draco) didn't even TRY to think about what happened while she was away.
After too many stories and possibilities you aren't able to be surprised anymore.
But then again, I praise Draco for outright being the ONLY ONE who thought about it without any event (to his knowing) happening to start thinking. Like, this first one with more than 3 brain cells. Snape too, but he has just 2 and a half, 'cuz he needed to hear about it to think about it.
N E Gays, this is a big fat chance to Rogue get on her best pose with her kids and yell to the world:
7/25 c4 1jthy
Love it need more Rouge in my life
7/19 c4 Solar spell
will you be continuing this? I love Rogue and can't wait to see what she'll do
6/21 c4 luvan1mefang1rl
Badass story. Hahahah ron got his arse handed 2 him by rouge. Looking 4ward 2 reading ur next stories chapts & what will happen next.
6/3 c4 12Esmereilda
same it's dead it was just getting good
6/2 c2 Esmereilda
yea good luck with that 'snorts'
6/2 c1 Esmereilda
unfortunately for u albus but she's used to dealing with schemers so I doubt ull find a pawn in her
1/8 c4 3Gemesies
little wrong in your story and i hate realy that it's not Portgas D. Rogue but Portgas D. Rouge Rogue was Severus Rogue in french
9/6/2020 c3 Nad19
why ever you need to explain, that's your advantage please!
9/6/2020 c3 Nad19
I am sorry for wasting your time, but I get really mad that I just skip all this nonsense
9/6/2020 c1 Nad19
hey hey hey, she IS pregnant ya know? how did he supposed to carry her like a sack of potato with bulging stomach?
9/6/2020 c1 Nad19
huh, you mean marine?
8/5/2020 c4 6era-romance
a bit of a wastecould've been a good story but it's a little long winded and doesn't really go anywhere. basically ur main is summoned and deaged, gives birth, we learn that dumbles and his cohorts are manipulative f.. ks and that's it. that is the sum of your story. the earlier chapters are great, it's only once you get to the hogwarts portion of the story that things get tiresome
if u decide to rewrite and continue, u need only restart from ur mains arrival in hogwarts. the rest was good
6/14/2020 c4 Foxy chibi
Is this story going to be discontinued or is it on hiatus?
4/26/2020 c4 13Olaf74
Absolutely AMAZING! Please write more.
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