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1/25/2014 c3 Ivansama
i love it and I'm happy every time I seen an update
1/25/2014 c3 4Zaralann
Nice chapter! But your description about her Devil Fruit is wrong again... Why are you powering her down?
1/25/2014 c3 7Wednesday101
Yay! I'm so happy you updated, this is an absolutly fantastic story. I understand why you took so long to update, that is a lot of word... Great job, by the way. I'll be waiting for the next one. : )
1/15/2014 c2 7Mickyg Luvs Most Stuff
Phooey. Can't wait for the next cha[pter!
1/14/2014 c2 Ddragon21
that sucks man I wanted to see the fall out between the people and rogue.
1/14/2014 c1 Ddragon21
whoa rogue is going to be pissed and they can't do anyhting since she is 29 her body is de aged only
1/13/2014 c2 egwolf65
great story!
1/11/2014 c2 moi
first :sorry sorry ifit's don't mean anything but i'm french.
For the name of Ace tween sister Eiliem (in archive of our own) find a better name than Ann: Une . And it's really more logical than Ann i think ,his/her (i don't know) explanation:
"Both names he picked had the meaning of "number one". If it was a boy, then - Ace. We all know how that's related to "one".

But if it was a girl? アン Or, in romaji, "an". Most translators took this and ran with it, making it "Ann", or even "Anne".

It's not. It's not the name "Anne", at all. It's the number "one", in French. Which, in Japanese, is written and pronounced "an". Yeah, I know it's un in French (and I know it's masculine, which weirds me out - linguistically, it should've been une... but I have no idea how that'd be transcribed in Japanese). But in Japanese? "An".

So - his child would be either ゴール・D・エース (gooru D eesu, Gol D Ace) or ゴール・D・アン (gooru D an, Gol D Un)."

Now, as a francophone, I am physically, mentally, and emotionally unable to name a girl the masculine "Un", and have, for the sake of my linguistic sanity, transformed this to the feminine version: "Une". Or, since this is Ace's parallel universe "sister": Unne."
1/8/2014 c2 Yananikki
Hi thanks for the story I look forward to the next chap and number 10 is Harry Poké Potter by Traban16 I've read number 5 but can't remember the name sorry
1/7/2014 c2 3PCheshire
please return her to the OP world after this nonsense with the HP world is over...
would've been so much cooler if she arrives just in time to save Ace or Sabo when she comes back from HP world... oh well... kind of underwhelming though
1/7/2014 c2 1gaara king of the sand
wow this was a long wait but i can say it was worth it i hope you can update soon

as for your the story's your looking for i can't say i've read any of them but number 11 on your list look like a fine read i'll keep a look out but i don't think i'll find it

well till next message bye
1/7/2014 c2 7Eventhedarkestlightshines
:0 great chapter but I'm wonderin why r there so many twins in this? Meh, either way great update! N if u find out the name of number 5 can u tell me? It seems really interesting...
1/6/2014 c1 Cinder.Kitsune
Update soon
1/6/2014 c2 Cinder.Kitsune
Keep going
1/6/2014 c2 29EveJHoang
Oh, I so want to see Rouge kick everybody's arse, I'm squirming with impatience!
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