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1/24/2018 c4 7Wild Birdie
Does Dumbledore still have her necklace? If so why hasnt she asked for it yet?
1/15/2018 c4 3Halariel
Please pmease pleassseeeeeeeee update this! ITS SO GREAT! Its a shame that unique gems like this get abandoned/not continued, but there are tens of thousands Naruto/harem stories/crossovers out there! Its so frustrating! pls update this I really love this story!
12/26/2017 c4 18Nolongerwritingheresorry
Wao~ I love it! The characters are perfect! Snape not being a emo is awesome! I’m even starting to get frustrated with the Hogwarts teachers. It feels so real! And I hope you do, do the flash back with Roger and Rouge meeting. I hope you update soon, and I can’t wait to get kicks out of it when they find out she married is actually 27 and came from a different dimension. Wao~ I’m get with many ideas~
12/7/2017 c4 Carol542
Please update soon
12/6/2017 c1 Carol542
Love it
11/8/2017 c4 4Monster King
Great story please update soon.
7/16/2017 c4 Guest
Really quite interresting!
7/10/2017 c4 1Ender the multiverse Detective
Very good
6/28/2017 c4 Kurochach
She must kill Dumbledore seriously... Find a way for her to have her dagger and sword, kill Voldemort and return to Ohara with the twins.
5/30/2017 c4 3PortgasDAnne01
I was wondering if I could use some of the content of this story in my own similar story if possible, or if I could adopted this story but change some of the content?
5/20/2017 c4 SnowWolf43
Why did you stop plese come back and finish this and your other wounderful fanfics
5/7/2017 c4 3Halariel
I know it has been over a year now but pleeeease, PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEE update this story! It is so great and super and genius ! Please update!
5/1/2017 c4 9Onishin Tsukitenshi
Please update soon!
4/19/2017 c4 7TurboDragonQueen
Please update! I love what you have.
3/16/2017 c4 IforgotmynameXD
Hoky fucking shit I love this story! One of the besteht fics I've eher read! Please update soon even though it:s already a year.
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