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for Tame Me Not

9/27/2016 c4 1NewtonianLaw134
please tell me you are planning to update this soon, I really want to know what happens next
9/6/2016 c4 Guest
I really liked the story so far. However the whole explanation of the past years from severus and dumbledore was a bit much and some things have been repeated. The 'AN' have been really long as well. You could have written 1 or even 2 new chapters had you not used the time to make the 'AN' this long. If you don't include the criteria, it really is a good story and I hope to read more soon. :)
8/16/2016 c4 tamashiyuki
Be continued?
Very gooooooooooood!
7/29/2016 c4 8Emrys Akayuki
Do you not know the difference between light and lighting? Light is not fucking electricity! Secondly, what the fuck are those names of the kids? Those have to be some of the most pretentious adn stupid names I've ever heard of.

and what the hell do you think an argument sounds like? Because it's not fucking that, that was just a load of people saying the same thing over and over again, it was just fucking annoying and finally, stop putting emphasis on every other fucking word THAT'S NOT HOW THAT WORKS! You can't convey a specific tone to a specific word if you change it 6 times in the same sentence!

This story was so annoying to read through, I kept going because I figured it had to get better and the plot was interesting but NOPE Just kept getting worse! And what the fuck was all that reiterating every fucking detail form every perspective?!

I hate this story so much.
7/22/2016 c4 CrimsonDream01
I absolutely love this Story so far. its Unique I do hope you update really soon, I would love to read more XD
7/17/2016 c4 roxsandf
OMG This is so amazing! I love it so frickin much. Thank you for your work!
6/30/2016 c4 2HeartLuvAnimeGirl
I love this story and can't wait for more.
6/29/2016 c4 Luke1t0

I've enjoyed what I've read so far, I hope you update somewhere down the track
5/31/2016 c4 1cooke.sam47
this amazing chapter
Can't wait for the next one
5/1/2016 c2 16FallenNiji
Please update soon, kudos. _
4/24/2016 c4 2JDS62
Hope this gets updated soon its really good!
4/15/2016 c2 1amerdism
Was wondering if the next update will be soon? Also I seen you say you were deciding if you want to either give rogue Kizarus abilities, the Goro Goro no mi abilities or create your own, I was thinking you could do all of them, her pika pika no ki manipulates light which is what the Lightning of the Goro Goro no ki is, create a few of your own attacks for occasion since there aren't many attacks Seen of each devil fruit then add in Kizarus abilities to ya know. Though you could do it something like making Kizarus abilities the attacks that are lethal cause let's face it all his attacks are, so basically make those rogues heavy hitter attacks while her Goro Goro attacks are her "light weight" attacks or in other words non lethal attacks, then add the in some of your own creative ideas for abilities. Course it's up to you.
4/11/2016 c4 Guest
Interresting and unique
4/1/2016 c4 Elfin69
So is Victor's brother maybe Roger from before and he might remember her. I have a feeling that she will not actually live in Hogwarts with her children, just attend the tournament on the days required.
4/1/2016 c3 Elfin69
I wonder how he will try and keep her there and if she will have to go to Gringotts or the Ministry and have them do an age test on her to prove that she is over 21
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