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3/31/2016 c2 Elfin69
I have a feeling that she will not fall for his lies and that he had better hope that he returns her rings and does not mess with her babies.
3/31/2016 c1 Elfin69
I was hoping that she would not be de-aged and would still be an adult. At least if it has been over 15 years, then she should at least be 16-17 years old.
3/30/2016 c4 draco7347
love story cant wait for new chapters
3/27/2016 c1 2Twillightfairy
I have read all or almost all that has been posted of this story and there is one thing that completely bugs me. Is it *Rogue* which you have throughout or *Rouge* for Ace's mom?
3/19/2016 c4 2demon.lvr
This is awesome! Too bad for everyone who thinks they can tell Rouge what to do. Although I do think madam Pomphrey had a good reason not to want her getting out of bed so soon if she didn't know she could heal herself. Personally, i'm hoping that Snape will be reasonable and accept at least her name change, and listen to her side of the story before trying to get her to move in.
3/10/2016 c2 kitsune-miko-witch
I love the idea of Rouge being just as powerful and dangerous a pirate as Roger! (I forgot to ask in one of my other reviews but is Sergei a reincarnated Gol D Roger?
3/10/2016 c3 kitsune-miko-witch
Awesome story! Does the younger Krum brother know Rouge?
3/10/2016 c4 kitsune-miko-witch
I love Female Harry as Rouge! I'll be interesting to see how Ace will turn out growing up with his mother alive and a twin sister as well- will Sabo and Luffy be added to their family when they return to the One Piece world? Will Ace still end up as Whitebeard's second division Commander?Would Anne join Ace when he sets out to be a pirate? Marines should be careful of attacking/trying to capture/trying to kill the Portgas twins somehow I don't think that Rouge will take that well at all!Looking forward to the next update!
3/1/2016 c4 Allyis
I love the story! Great job so far. When are you gonna post the next chapter?
2/22/2016 c4 Guest
Is sergi actually roger?
2/21/2016 c4 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

2/19/2016 c4 Guest
Awesome ~!
2/19/2016 c4 2blackbloodywolf
This is amazing! more please!
2/17/2016 c4 Forever Fanfiction Lover22
So great! Please please update!
2/8/2016 c2 beulah2013
In love with all of those unnamed fics! If/when you find them please send me their links!
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