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1/30/2016 c4 1hellfire45
Good make more chapters and this is a good story but I wish robin was with her
1/28/2016 c2 lizabeth1917
I absolutely love your story and am eagerly keeping an eye out for more. If you find numbers 5 and 12 on the list I would really like to know their names and where to find them.
1/27/2016 c4 Alex2909
love this story, fem harry as rogue is freaking kickass
1/26/2016 c4 DragonFire Princess
1/24/2016 c4 naruto
great story so far keep it up though the only thing I don't like is her age reduction
1/23/2016 c4 1Shadow Wolf 15846
Nice! What about the necklace did she get it back?
1/23/2016 c4 1Uchiha D. Allie
Sorry but do the Krum's brother has any relationship with the Pirate' king? And please update soon, thank you
1/23/2016 c4 Mai
Please update soon, and I have a feeling that the guy, Serei Kira, Krum's brother has something similar to Roger(Gol D Roger) I don't know why then please, if you can, I would be greatful if you answer me.
I really love the story, bye!
1/23/2016 c4 StrongGuy159
Cool story continue please.
1/23/2016 c4 UmbrasLupas
I want more
1/22/2016 c4 1SilverSnowVixenAiko
Is Sergei Kira Krum, Gol D. Roger reborn... At least that is who I think he is.
1/22/2016 c4 22Slytherin Studios
I love it, please update soon.
1/21/2016 c4 2GreenDrkness
I liked it but besides the last part to me it wasn't really exciting but I know all of it is necessary to the plot so I can't wait for the next chapter
Ps I really wonder what their going to do about Rogue's inability to swim are they going to modify the bubble head charm and cover her whole body? Or something else
Keep on the writes
1/20/2016 c4 8Tigris DivingHawk
He he he he hates having have I love it that moRon got what he deserved
1/19/2016 c4 21Tanzanite-Pony
I like this verson of harry very much :D also the second task... How will Rouge do it if she can't swim? Some magic silution? Hmm I feel sorry for the wizarding world. No one messes with someone that has D in their name! That's asking for death or destruction to the opposers!
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