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2/23/2021 c45 1lykiana
Thank you so much for this story! As you can see from previous comments I read it in less than a day, and now I will have to go and see what else you wrote.
2/23/2021 c42 lykiana
Damn it Jack! First you say you're sorry for treating Ianto like a whore and then you go and do it all over again.
2/23/2021 c41 lykiana
I really hate Rex! I'm glad Gwen put him into his place.
2/22/2021 c29 lykiana
that was so heartbreakingly beautiful
2/22/2021 c26 lykiana
New Ianto has already experienced the 456. I have a feeling Ianto will get immunity against their virus from new Ianto. Pretty please?
2/22/2021 c19 lykiana
well that was hilarious!
2/22/2021 c16 lykiana
Well, those two certainly know what us readers want.
2/22/2021 c11 lykiana
And more waterworks... my wife is looking at me strangely, asking why I read it, if it makes me cry. I read it, because it's bloody well-writen!
2/21/2021 c6 lykiana
and here you can see a tear rolling down my cheek at Ianto's words to His Jack. So beautiful, yet so sad.
I know I'm late to the party, but I have a feeling I won't be able to put this down much.
10/22/2019 c45 4FranArian
Wow...that was quite the ride...
2/6/2019 c45 sandysan2013
10/13/2018 c45 sandysan2013
Wonderful and amazing!
10/13/2018 c15 sandysan2013
Is review comes many years after the original posting, but that was one hell of a chapter and I loved the dialogue and interactions. I’m sure everyone who read it enjoyed it and just neglected to review. I often did when I was new to the fandom. I took writers for granted and mostly forgot to tell them how much I appreciated their gifts. Sorry.
7/21/2018 c45 36AliceCullen3
4/14/2017 c41 SuziH-J
I didn't really like Rex during MD. And in this story I absolutely hate him, how dare he talk to Ianto like that. I'm pissed with Jack too, but I guess in a way can understand why he is mad at Ianto. But Rex has hated Ianto since he came back, & from what Gwen said even before then. Rex needs to get his head out of his arse.
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