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7/29 c4 jeromy scott
there is Gotta be more chapters than 4 I need more chapters come on toystorylover please from A toy story fan to Another
7/4 c4 6BlueJacket242
I can't wait to see the rest
7/4 c1 BlueJacket242
Yikes. Andy sure isn't happy
5/7 c4 jeromy scott
dang andy is pissed with woody
5/6 c4 jeromy scott
more chapters please keep me posted every morning
3/14 c2 1MarvelousFanfic
I love this new version of toy story as a fanfic. nice work!
3/8 c4 4Kristy LeeKL
I like the concept of Andy knowing the toys are alive. That I why I chose this fanfic.
It will be hard to have that conversation with Woody when Andy's mom is there. Please update!
2/5 c1 Guest
Interesting. I think Disney on ice version the ending scene Andy heard and knew the toys coming to life, then he went upstairs and enjoying with them.
9/10/2021 c1 Lewis Moreman
Very nice story and I was always wondering ‘bout what happened if the toys were seen alive
5/5/2021 c4 jeromy scott
i love this story i noticed there are three chapters need more chapters
1/1/2020 c4 haleyham92
when is the next chapter cant wait!
12/7/2019 c1 G
please make more of this I really like it so please more
10/10/2019 c2 Guest
Im a huge fan and like i like tey storey this is like SO hot and stuph bro, like no cap. Keep going and stuff,.
10/28/2018 c4 4TheFastFox
9/11/2017 c1 marilena
Alice and Arthur became King and Queen of Camelot after he pulled Excalibur from the stone and they were crowned. One fine morning Alice decided to go for a walk in the woods but she forgot to warn her husband that she's going and she leaves the castle with her mare Heather. Until they stopped when they saw a label on top from teh forest reading Tulgey woods. Without a hesitation they enter and they meet strange forest creatures such a mother trumpet duck and her kids two shovel pelicans umbrella vultures and a mirror bird. Having enough the mare leaves her mistress who now became frightened and desperate to find a way to return back to camelot. Alice sees a strange animal who points to her a way and she smiles thanking it but as she goes there she gasps and stopped. A broom dog came and it was sweeping the way and when it arrived on her it stopped and barked:Are You lost Mrs?. Alice says to the broom dog:Yes if You please kind lady do You know where Camelot is?. The broom dog barked saying:You must be Queen Alice the wife of King Arthur it's a pleasure to meet You madam follow me. Queen Alice follows the broom dog only to find a broom cat sweeping the way and as she came to their way she swept it all leaving only a piece and the dog leaves the queen to deal with the snobbish cat. Queen Alice stood there before she sighed sadly and exclaimed:Oh dear now i will never find my way home back to my husband. She finds a pice of rock and sits down and says:Well if soemone is lost my dear mother said that a good advice is to stay there and wait patiently till someone will come and look for you. She hadn't realised that her husband had followed her because he wondered if she had an affair with Lancelot but he was relieved to see that she didn't. Then she asked a little loud:But who could be possibly thinking of searching me in here?. The pencil birds looked at each other before replying:Maybe Your husband King Arthur is searching For You Queen Alice. Alice said giving a small sob:Good advice [sniffing] If i had followed My good advice i wouldn't be here but that's my fault. One of the pencil birds said:It isn't Your fault Mrs Alice. Queen Alice said sobbing:But yes it is cause i always give myself some good advice [singing] but i really seldom followed it. The accordion owl came out of her place nd said:Oh Your highness there's no reason to cry. Queen Alice continued singing:Well that explains the trouble that i'm in everytime be patient is a very good advice but waiting for hours makes me curious [hears a honking noise]. Mother trumpet duck apepared and said:There there Queen Alice everything is gonna be fine Your husband might be somewhere here so You don't have to worry. The young queen looked at her saying:Thank You Mrs duck but where could he possible be [continues singing] and i'd love the change for something strange to begin. King Arthur stared at his wife sadly because she was already giving up the hope of finding him as she continued singing:Well i made a very merry way going along but i never stopped to reason. The umbrella vultures who were perched on a branch looked at each other sadly before looking symphathetically at the young queen who continued singing this time crying too:Oh I should have known that there's a price to pay for my curiousness some day maybe some day [ tears fall from her blue eyes as she holds a handchierf and she wipes them]. The pencil birds look at each other sadly before crying as well and they look over and see a young man probably twenty eight years old wearing a navy blue royal attire. His hair was blonde so was his beard and they saw his blue eyes streamed with tears as well and they knew it was the Queen's husband. She continued singing before sobbing on her handchierf:I give myself very good advice but i really seldom followed [crying on her handchierf]. The hammer birds the umbrella vulture cry too and they disappeared magically. King Arthur was crying as well because his wife gave up on him and she was crying. She sang while crying:Will i ever learn the things i should?. All the animals disappeared magically and so did the forest leaving Queen Alice to sob hopelessly saying:Oh i wish I could return back to Camelot but i don't know my way. Suddenly she heard someone approaching her and she felt strong arms wrapping around her as she was crying and tears fall into her hair. She looked up and saw her husband King Arthur holding her into his arms and she hugged him as he said:Please don't give up again and don't cry again It breaks my heart.
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