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for Diminishing Ties

7/25/2013 c1 5iheartdonuts
This was beautifully well done. Characters were in character, which made it feel so canon. I think what makes this a great read is the tone that it sends to the viewers. As a SSX fanatic and Mac/Kaori supporter, this reminded me why I love the series so much along with Mac and Kaori as individual characters. Judging by the current status stated I'm assuming this is it? I'll love to see your input on their relationship by continuing the story. Regardless if you do or not, this is definitely going on my favorites. :)
7/23/2013 c1 9Matthew Everwoods
Hey there fellow SSX lover! First review to get you started.
Your writing is beautiful and exciting, the sphere you have is great, way better than mine but English is still hard for me. I would understand it if you think it's hard to make a full SSX story, the SSX story part was always very weak and not that much character development. I know because I'm writing one myself and I need SO much time to make just 1 chapter.

I'm still an amature writer, but I rather entertain people with my stories, even though it has some spelling errors. Of course Mac and Kaori are in the spotlight because to be honest, they are the only characters who are more developed than others. Since the first tournament, they had a crush on each other, that's a good way to get started on a story. In my story, their crush is going to get further and further.

Okay I'mma stop talking and get to the point. I wish you good luck on your story, but SSX is not that popular on FanFiction so it's hard to get a huge audience, I only have like 300 views and I started a couple months ago. I want to see how Mac and Kaori's relationship will play out. Good luck, by the way, if you want to, you can check out my SSX story. It has some flaws and spelling errors, but I'll correct them later. My story will contain romance, sadness, drama, and somebody from SSX will even die as the story progresses. Check it out when you have time

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