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for The Itch

1/16/2014 c1 3Myktison
My back itches now. JULIUS!
7/21/2013 c1 3OTAKUbooknerd-OBN
Aw... SO CUUUUUUUUUUTE! :) AliceXJulius is the best!
7/20/2013 c1 Guest
Wow, funny and kinda fluffy. Me like. The weird thing is that I can't sympathise - I can reach any part of my back if I try...
7/18/2013 c1 2Estellos
Yay you wrote it! And I like how they react over a small thing. If I were Alice and Julius was my boyfriend it would go something like this...
Me: L- Leo my back itches p- please-
Leo(A.K.A. my douche boyfriend): I don't give a sh**. (Awkward silence)
I'm off to see if that's his reaction! Wish me luck! **
7/18/2013 c1 13In The Forest
Somewhere you put Jumo instead of jump. This was cute fluff! And so true! I hate those itches.

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