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for Volcano takes away, LA brings back

7/1/2014 c7 4Juliejustdance
Omg a clifthanger! I can't wait to see what happens!
7/1/2014 c7 15Morkee
I. AM. CONFUSED! Nah not really. We need to know what happens next!
6/29/2014 c1 jubs
Loving your story! Miss bitch has to be humilated or something like that! Update it soon or I'll...
6/25/2014 c6 awkwardchicklizzy
*reading chapter 6* omg alejandro noooo. Alicia you bitchhhh. Im almost positive you were the one who almost killed heather. *gets to bottom of page* where 7? No. No! Noo! Noooooo! What happens next? You cant just leave us like thiss! We need to knowww! Please update soon. Pretty please with aleheather on top 3
6/17/2014 c6 12Genevieveve
Ah ah ah! Noooooo! Update soon!
6/3/2014 c6 liar501
Loved it! Update it soon!
6/1/2014 c6 QuiddityOfMe
Noooo! bad al... :(
5/30/2014 c6 KitsuneUniverse99
Damn...that bxtch is sooo down bad! I like your story though, hope you update it soon.
5/30/2014 c6 4Juliejustdance
No! Now I remember why I didn't like Alejandro in season 3! I can't believe he would do that!
5/26/2014 c6 Guest
Oh stupid stupid Alejandro! This is getting interesting
5/25/2014 c6 BusyReader1994
Stupid Alejandro had to fall for the trick. Alicia is one of the best OCs I've ever seen (she's mean, but whatever) write more!
5/25/2014 c6 15Morkee
NOOOO! ALEJANDRO! ITS A FREAKIN TRAP! I can't wait till next chapter, lets see the major drama bomb that happens next
5/25/2014 c6 DeathByACookie
"THAT BITCH!" Best line ever xD Mss Bitch took Alejandro away D': That's okay I guess... for now... Muhahahaha... *Coughs* Ow... *Leaves*
5/25/2014 c6 TDforever
Now that was intense, I'll be waiting for more chapters
5/25/2014 c6 21coolbluerays
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