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for Embracing Destiny

4/29 c17 Hallon H. Stark
I really hope that you would update this story. The tasks are even better than the original ones and the fact that they are more academic makes more sense than the super dangerous ones. I love how the teams work together. And Sirius being minister and thorn in Dumbles side is my new favourite thing. Even though I would like to know which girl would end up with Harry in the end. (my hopes are for Daphne if I’m being honest) Fact that Harry is now more independent (in thinking) and has more friends is something that I would wish that the canon would have but you can’t have everything you want. Keep up with the good work if you see this.
4/25 c17 Guest
You to countinue
4/20 c17 4Wren Truesong
Lovely stuff.
4/19 c17 LoveGoodBooks86
I love this story and hope you continue with writing it as it’s so interesting and fun! Cannot wait to finish reading!
3/28 c17 samanthasherman78
love the story feel better
3/26 c1 Man0711
Hi... hope you are fine...
Very captivating story... hoping that you come back to it..
3/23 c17 Guest
Actualiz plissss
3/23 c1 umaca
I love the idea, please continue the story or let us know how you plan to end it maybe if you don't have a muse for it? I can see you're still writing, I hope the cancer is better!
3/21 c17 LittleTom45
Wow! Just Wow! The best story I have read this year. Exciting on all levels. Changing the tournament to school teams events, obstacles using each type of magic taught, making non life threatening. Wow. You really have written a winner. I can't wait to find out what happens next. You have the good guys and the evil wizard and it isn't Voldemort all the time. You writing style keeps it captivating and the story is well planned out. Good job. I see you haven't updated since 2017. Well that means life is happening for you. Sometimes it gets in the way and sometimes it changes us to a point were we don't want to finish and can't get the right feeling for finishing. I am thankful for what you have completed. With little changes here and there, this story could be marketed. I think it would sale. Something to think about. Best Wishes.
3/12 c17 odonnellzoo99
Most importantly, I hope that you are still in remission from the cancer.
Less importantly, since you are still writing and posting other stories, I hope you decide come back and finish this story some day. At least the second task? Maybe get Daphne and Christopher off the flying carpet?
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
3/8 c1 Sourav768728
Any updates on this?
3/4 c17 Callum Runchman
Soooo, approaching 4 years without an update... I was really enjoying this series and the challenges were fascinating to watch/read about. Why is it all the really good stories are abandoned! This series, if completed, was going to be added to my top 10 fanfictions, to which there's only 1 place left resulting in me willingly knocking another story out the way for them both.
It's getting to the point with fanfictions where I just give up and am disappointed at the essential lack of professionalism displayed in people's creations, I mean if you're gonna make something don't leave and forget about it half way through
3/2 c17 elanga.blake
i really enjoyed this story i hope that it had not been discontinued.

respectfully and appreciation
2/28 c17 GeminiEyes
Oh man I hope you plan on continuing this story. I’m really enjoying it
2/9 c17 Winter1906
Update soon please
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