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for Embracing Destiny

10/10 c17 HoneyBear84
Seriously hope you will start updating it again someday soon
10/6 c17 Lyria17
I really like this story! It‘s great!

I hope, you are doing good and the only reason for this story not being complete is that your inspiration for this story left, and not something worse. Stay safe!
9/25 c1 angelicdeepti
this is an awesome fabrication. please update. i am sure there r many who wish to read this and see this completed
9/9 c17 3Raven BlackRose21
Nooooooo its such a great story! Please update this story again!
8/27 c17 annonymous
So I just started reading your storys for this series, brilliant idea by the way, and I saw the last time you updated it was 2017. Three years ago. I was wondering if you abandoned the story or not. Cause it's a really good story. It's hard to find good fanfiction about Harry Potter. Anyway I guess I kinda wanted to compliment you on your story and hope that maybe you might upload another chapter. It's kool if you don't. I get that life can take over and you might have other responsibilities or maybe you just lost inspiration. Whatever the reason, I really like what you've written so far. :) :)
8/24 c17 key94
This is a great story, and a wonderful sequel to Forging Destiny. I can't wait to see this continued as it is such a gripping and different story. I hope you do finish this story as it is wonderful and you have done such a great job with the plot, all the characters and just how you keep it entertaining whilst very much your own story.
8/8 c1 MommaMel
Love the story! I wish you would consider coming back to this story. I have read a lot of your HP stories and I love them all. I especially love this one.
8/6 c17 LoveNCIS
loving this story. hope the cancer remains in remission forever.
8/6 c9 LoveNCIS
Awesome tasks!
7/21 c17 morcheller
But sadly, there was no next time! Harry remained a hostage; he never faced Voldemort; and worst of all, he never found true love. So very sad.
7/20 c17 4Son of Athena and Hermes
7/9 c17 ladywolfinmt
Dear White Angel. I hope you are doing better than when you last updated this story. Are you planning on finishing it, I hope so because I find it to be a very good story of yours, as I have read a whole lot of your stories.
Sincerely, Terry L. Travis aka
6/17 c17 dawnsfire
I hope someday you pick this up again. Your take on the Tournament is different and interesting, plus I enjoy seeing Sirius outwitting Dumbledore.
6/18 c17 1InkCatWarrior
Woah, this is amazing. Love the story so much, it's much better than the original and I have learned to love some Dumbledore bashing. Keep up awesomeness and stay safe. And thank you for this awesome story.
Hi there!
The tasks are really interesting, and much better than cannon, can't wait to see what all you have planned for the rest of the story!
Thanks for sharing it with us!
P.S. - This sequel is super amazing so far... would you please consider continuing it?
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