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3/25 c47 Tony McNucklz
Hot damn, I revisited the chapter just to reread the Iowa's scene. Glorious.
3/25 c47 1LoneWolfAndCub
USS IowaBecause it's The Siege of Los Angeles and not The Siege of Hawaii.
3/24 c46 LoneWolfAndCub
Joker and Anarky sequence was on point. I love every moment of this fic. Keep up the good work.
3/22 c47 5nopeite nopeite nope
God this has been a really fun read and I look forwards to seeing more of it.
3/21 c47 Imperium enjoyer
I advocate for Total heretic death.
Burn heretics
Behead heretics
Roundhouse kick a heretic onto the floor
Line heretics up against the wall
Dropkick a heretic into a woodchipper
Throw a pregnant heretic in front of a moving train
Report all heretics to the God Emperor's Holy inquisition
Toss heretics into an active volcano
Turn heretics into paste with an M2
Feed heretics to Ogryn
Blow up heretics with rocket launchers
Impale heretics by the roadside.
3/21 c31 nopeite nopeite nope
the thing you did in that last paragraph. mad respect. I like what yah did there.
3/18 c47 SPARTAN-626
As always fantastic work here loved every bit of it and nice to see some heroes again. Looking forward to when we see Wonder Woman fight the Chaos Space Marine and see if he says/mentions anything related to the 40K galaxy besides the dark gods. As well nice seeing the genomorphs again and taking part in the war, and good on Conor for calling them traitors and no brothers/kin of his. Good to see how the sidekicks are doing and not doing the stupid no kill rule which by now Batman should yeet out the window already. Can’t wait to see how Raven handles the cultists trying to summon chaos demons and if she and Krieg will meet again. Totally agree with you on the USS Iowa cool as hell and should be used all the way until victory is won or it sinks from to much damage. Keep up the great work and hope to see more in the near future
3/18 c47 Guest
Soz raven is going to deal with a daemonic summoning/incursion, depending on the type of Daemon, she might have trouble, especially against a lord of change

Krieg will probably end up having to go to the rescue because it's daemons, so he'll see raven fighting and using magic

That'll be a fun/messy reunion
3/17 c47 RecklessBaka
Still amazing how you're able to juggle all these battles and conflicts between different characters and settings without it feeling cluttered or unfocused. It all flows so seemless.

And a 300 reference in 2023? It's more likely than you think.
3/17 c47 Gaspachu
I like fight scenes and all (as well as the occassional Sabaton), but at this point in the story, you focusing the past chapters and thousands of words into the "Battle of Los Angeles" is starting to become ridiculous. It's starting to become tudious to read all of these yet the plot is barely progressing, if at all.
3/16 c47 4Valkorion510
It's back
3/16 c47 lordoftentacle
This was a good chapter and I'm glad your working to shorten this arc because I'm getting really tired, hasn't it been a year since this whole battle started? I like this fic but it's just been getting so boring.
3/16 c47 AbyssWatcher
Praise the Emperor and the USS Iowa's machine spirit! Another chapter! Cool and slightly unnerving that M'gann's finally letting of the no kill rule. Suppose it was inevitable though. Hope the story doesn't die unfinished, it's easily the best warhammer Xover fanfic there is.
3/16 c47 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
3/15 c47 2ManwithaPlan113
It’s been a while since I read this. I admit I’m experience arc fatigue but the story is still enjoyable for its sheer carnage!
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