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for Death Korps of Justice

1/14 c43 Inquisition77
Malal would love Joker.
1/13 c43 12evolution-500
Man, more and more Krieg is becoming unlikable. Granted, he was never likable in the first place, but I'm not crazy with how the story is putting him on a kind of pedestal and making him the one to always be in the right. I get that his universe is a fucked-up shithole where guys like him are probably the closest anyone is ever going to get to a good guy...but even then, I just don't think this story is treating the other characters from the DC side well. Well, aside from Joker. I kind of figured that he would do something like what he did here. Seems like he's going to be a wild card for both these cultists and for the heroes. I almost get the sense that he's going to be humanity's hope along with Krieg...and that's terrifying to contemplate. It's a good story so far, I just wish more justice had been done for the DC side of things.
1/13 c43 Ceebarus
I read this entire story within the span of two days, TWO DAYS.

You know why? Because this story, is not afraid to be different, it is not afraid to experiment with the grimdarkness of 40k and the heroic DC universe. But those are not the reasons why I FUCKING love this story.

It is Krieg (Keled) himself that I love. The way he is written is so unique, he doesn't soften up to his teammates like most stories would make it, because it is 15 YEARS of indoctrination to serve the Emperor, it would take atleast 30 more years for him to have at least one small fraction of respect for the Young Justice crew (A bit exaggerated though because he is still 15 years old). Not only that, but it is the sheer fucking WILLPOWER that Krieg has. He has no powers getting pulled out of his ass, no psychic ability just for shock value, and no heroic goal to save the innocent. Only his military training, Faith in the emperor, and his unbreakable mind to get shit done. The part is probably the only unique "power" he has, an unbreakable mind that's been broken long ago.

Thats what Keled is, a man, who Gets. Shit. Done. and over with. A mere mortal, a foot soldier compared to the Astartes, he's not as powerful as Superman, Shazam, or even Superboy, (though that part with Keled and Superboy facing eachother WAS FUCKING COOL.) all he knows is to HOLD THE LINE.

It's also tragic too! Imagine what Keled would've been like had he been born in the DC universe, probably a happy German kid who just goes on with life. Maybe an autograph from Superman here or there, but he'd be nothing but a mere civilian who would depend on the Justice League like a coward.

But that's not who he is. No, he is a Guardsman, those who hold the line, the shield that guards humanity till that last breath, until their duty is done when they drop to the ground. And they are nothing but HUMAN beings, they are not metallic Necrons, not psychic Eldar, not hybrid Astartes, not fanatic Orks, nor are they Kryptonians, Atlanteans, Mutants, or even Aliens, but mere MEN

THAT is the main theme of this story in my opinion. It is about the true potential and will of a Human Being. There will be a time when Humanity can no longer rely on heroes, when they have to become one themselves. That first spark is Keled, the Guardsman from the Imperium.

Alas, none of my rambling. The adrenaline the last chapters you've pumped out are fucking AWESOME, and the build up is fucking edging me dude! To read the words "Astartes" in the last few chapters made me mentally whoop because it's been so long since I've seen something from Warhammer 40k other than Krieg to appear.

Now, this may sound Cliche, and stupid Deus Ex Machina bullshit, but this is a Fanfiction! Not Game Of Thrones or anything like that. But it would be such a spectacle to see Imperial Guardsmen and Space Marines drop from the sky and purge the forces of Chaos from the DC universe, Commissars taking control and Dreadnoughts clearing the streets of each and every heretic. And not because they want to save the world like heroes, but to purge Chaos just for the sake of the Emperor, never giving them breath. Just for the heroes to have witness what world Krieg had come from.

Keep writing Author, ignore the hate, and just Keep. Writing. Because it is so good that I might conjure a piece of fanart for it if I have the time.
1/11 c43 AgustinExplorer
Please continue the fanfic is very good and I am excited to know what will happen next This story is very good and I wanted to thank you for creating it Excellent job
1/9 c43 Guest
The Joker is going to become a daemon prince of Malice, I'm calling it here.
1/8 c43 LordMaster123
Oh shit the joker being thrown into this is going to turn ugly. Really really hope the chaos gods have a little sense and not elevate joker into a daemon prince. If that happens, the chaos gods might have another emperor to contend with
1/7 c25 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
i trash ship ravager and Krieg so much, my apologies
1/4 c43 the Authorown
All I can say is that almost 8 years running strong bitches and boy oooooh boy do I love this book read it months ago didn't really get anywhere with it now that I have read it all all I can say is mortem ad heretic
1/3 c1 Marionetka098765
who can make a reaction to this story?
12/30/2020 c43 Yohnos
Damn i love this fic!
For The Emperor!

Maybe Superman would be willing to help if Martha or Lois where suddenly victims of chaos?
12/25/2020 c11 1Earthling173
I have no idea how you do it but by chapter two I was hooked and looking forward to each next chapter. You're doing amazing with this story, and I think you've managed to somehow get a Kriegsman whose been transported to the DC world an actual personality while not being a standard "kill everything for the emperor" Mary sue or a "I've instantly changed my ways and am now the cool hero" type. It's working out really well, and apologies for the lack of better reviewing it's nearly 7 am and I haven't slept yet cus I've been reading your story. You go dude!
12/24/2020 c7 Guest
12/23/2020 c42 Germanspeaker
but when is the imperial banner hoisted?
12/23/2020 c43 Germanspeaker
so far i found his speech best moment. I mean, he just shows the chaos gods the middle finger.
12/22/2020 c5 Guest
For a soldier of the death corps, and a weapon for the emperor's will. he is pretty damn pethetic. Getting his ass kicked by someone like black Canary?. Training?, Why the hell would he need training?, If so, how the fuck did he survive a battle in 40k?

Should be on par with batman or shiva at least.
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