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4/4 c3 Gurka
Hey, heres a plot bunny or hole, it whatever they called it these days. The Flash, one of his abilities, is being able to run so fast that he can time travel. He can time travel forward, or backwards. So, why didn't they just have the Flash carry Krieg in his arms while he's running to break the time barrier?
3/31 c8 Knolleg
Yeah I'm out since there's literally haven't been any satisfactory deaths in this fic.
3/19 c1 4Vulviingah
tbh, a 40k guardsman would be deadly if placed into DC. Mostly due to the fact they're always up against creatures (daemons and tyranids, mainly) that could easily kill any DC superhero on a near daily basis. Granted, their survival rate is extremely low but the ones that survive come out with a ton experience (IF they're not executed by a Commissar, Inquisitor, or simply by catching the ire of a nobleman for dumb asf reasons).
3/18 c36 Guest
PLEASE update this I am BEGGING you
3/16 c10 Duckduckduckhunt
You know, something tells me that Krieg would be getting along just with Jason Todd, and to a lesser extent, Damian Wayne. Jason enjoys killing criminals and Krieg wishes he could. Now Damian, he also grew up killing people. Only problem is his ego but otherwise, he will get along well with Krieg who only likes humans.
3/2 c47 1Jack Huynh
When will you post another update? Or you’re gonna put it on indefinite hiatus?

Please don’t axed this story
2/24 c47 Guest
Wonder if any Geomorphs are against Dubbliex? Then again, the only one shown close to Conner beside him was Kraig, who according to the comics left CADMUDS not long after Superboy was freed.
2/24 c47 Guest
Welp. Ten years, it was a good run. Been about a year since chapter 47 dropped, don't know if it's continuing. Loved it while it lasted.
2/4 c2 1tonatiuheber
Big E said that the Xenos must be Enslaved
2/2 c47 2CMVreud
I really like this chapter.
True, it's a waste to slim it down by cutting the dose of Krieg action in it, but it surprisingly helps the flow. XD
And by not concentrating too much on one hero/villain there is a sense of progression, as in the feeling of time passing. When it feels as if 5 minutes is a hour, but at dusk you wonder where the day was. Often remin'cend by old WW1 vets thinking about the trenches. PS: And 'Rule Of Cool' trumps even comic logic.
1/24 c47 FusionCoreReactor
I get not having the big hitters play a role in the story for thematic and storytelling reasons. To make the narrative last longer, but seriously, when it gets to the point where the hero’s need to set aside their pacifist ideals to see the bigger picture. I better see hero’s like Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Swamp Thing, etc…Put in work dealing with the forces of Chaos, cause they are by far some of the few heavy hitting hero’s in DC and it would be completely irrational if they don’t don’t do significant work in cutting down the enemy numbers. It’s unreasonable for them to sit on the bench’s and watch the world burn from the sidelines.

I’m enjoying the story so far, but come on…These are DC Characters we’re talking about. Hero’s and Villains have worked to deal with crap like this before Ex. Dark Knights: Metal (Death Metal), The Darkseid War, Flashpoint, Crisis On Infinite Earths, etc.
1/24 c43 CMVreud
Yeah, that irked me about the "Chaos" gods too. Because theres is a lot of evil and order but not much on the case of bonbon dropping assault handbaskets made of cheese and bacon (raw).
1/24 c42 CMVreud
The Joker and Chaos?
That goes together like the world on fire.
Malal Joker when?
1/20 c15 TsarSoviets707
Great story so far, will continue reading if author updates, as it's been like 10 months since the last chapter was published.
1/18 c30 CMVreud
Can't wait for Krieg to Upgrade. A laser carabine and a shovel should be the least he could do. Or Luthor.
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