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11/16/2022 c46 Kaykaykaykayan
Fuckin great, love this fic
11/13/2022 c46 Krieg
An amazing update as always, each of the defenders is Krieg. The Spirit of Humanity. Some of them like the hero’s will fall with their weak ideals, while others will rise to the challenge.
11/9/2022 c46 DGrayman97
Here’s an awesome idea, during the battle on Themyscira the forces of chaos open a Chaos gate to let the daemons through, but instead of daemons out comes Kaldor Draigo Supreme Grandmaster of the Grey Knights rushing hacking and slashing at daemons. It would work for the story considering Kaldor Draigo is stuck in the warp as the lore says
11/3/2022 c5 7Savior16
"We do not do that kind of thing?", Black Canary says

Looking at Batman: That's bullshit
11/3/2022 c1 Weez
A little unrelated but I'd love to see the Game of Thrones/Elder Scrolls crossover that you've put in your bio I find the premise you've written about it very intriguing and would love to see it written one day but I'm alright with you putting it on hold if you want to focus on Death Korps of Justice whatever works with you Dude!
11/3/2022 c46 Weez
Best fic I've read in ages I'm definitely going to continue reading
10/20/2022 c26 1KamenRiderWizardx
we *cough* They Live in a society Where The Self proclaimed Protecters Are Dumb as Shit. Like bro, Can't you see how Many Innocent Bystander's Had Died to Murderers, Criminals, Etc?. just kill the fucking threats
10/19/2022 c8 KamenRiderWizardx
I don't know if it's Pure Stupidity, Naivety, Or just Plot but the Way they just decided that Krieg's opinion didn't matter Baffles Me, And he had a pretty fucking good reason too. Kudos To you Auther For making the Mc atleast Smart than these pea sized brain heroes.
10/19/2022 c8 KamenRiderWizardx
The DC's Heroes Morality Is the problem. While Keeping Mass Murderers, Theives, And criminals alive. That will eventually Escape prison Cause Thousand's If not millons of dollars of Damaged Property. And Many lives to be taken away By their hands.
10/19/2022 c7 KamenRiderWizardx
"might Come in handy" Didn't expect A Pun From a Krieg soldier
10/19/2022 c7 KamenRiderWizardx
blow it to kingdome come? Blast Zone? Is that a Meme references Or Just pure coincidence?
10/15/2022 c46 Guest
Great chapter!
10/9/2022 c3 bascospc
this is bull.. lame attempt to put the mc in the dc verse.. he was supposed to be an emotionless soldier that was groomed to finish his objective, he already had the amulet.. he should've just destroyed it and escaped.. why the hell did he save robin? and that line "spur of the moment" is sh*t, well dropping it.. bye
10/5/2022 c46 BloodRedRoses11
Is the Joker a champion of Malice now? That would be epic and he kind of match it through! btw, where is Johnny Rancid? I am expecting some motorcycle action scene since his introduction! anyway hope the next chapter come soon, see ya!
10/1/2022 c5 Guest

I found a little issue here with this,

He had no superpowers, and the drillmasters back on Krieg had never given him and his fellow comrades an in-depth training in hand-to-hand combat, focusing more on weapon training.
This part here is wrong, because according to the Warhammer 40k wikipage, the guardsmen in the Death Korps of Krieg regiments are given training in close quarters combat, due to the very nature of trench warfare they often fight in, which "They are also exemplary hand-to-hand combatants, with bayonet-drill being practiced from childhood. Accuracy is secondary in Death Korps weapons training to fire discipline, with the ability to maintain continuous fire en masse as part of an infantry formation considered to be of paramount importance."

But here, he was prohibited from killing and thus had to rely on martial arts to incapacitate his opponents.

Tl;dr: Whoever was the drillmaster that trained Keled needs to be shot for gross incompetence in failing to properly train Keled in CQC.
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