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for Death Korps of Justice

6/29/2021 c44 Guest
where one falls ten take their place and a hundred for them, a thousand for them ten thousand for them

noble sentiment if you aren't the one that falls

but who am I to get in the way of morale
6/29/2021 c44 Worldkeeper
Absolutely love it! Btw the Nurgle part was enough to convince a friend of mine to finally start reading this (been trying to convince him since like chapter 4). Can't wait for the next one!
6/29/2021 c44 Guest
For all its feudal fascism and (completely justified) xenophobia the Imperium is gender and color equality
The Emperor ((Deus) Rex Brighthammer)Warchief of Confederated Coalition of the Neo Terran Meritocracy, Omnissiah of Mars, He who tamed the Void Dragon) defeating the Void Dragon should theoretically give mankind command of all technology possibly excepting artificial intelligence and there is the Dark Mechanicum and literal demonic computer viruses

What the tech priests usually do is just what we do repair work with added chanting and maybe burning incense and the like, and they actually DO make the machines work when they shouldn't sometimes though that's usually with the more advanced versions which may just be some artificial intelligence or advanced programming

Technical Knock and Gun Blessing talents. Technical Knock allows an operator to clear a "jam" (the catch-all term used for almost all weapon malfunctions, including in flame and energy weapons) with a swift, simple ritual that may or may not be code for hitting the gun just right. On the other hand, Tech Priests can learn the Gun Blessing, which allows them to unjam multiple weapons at once with a wave of their hand

Necron Crypteks have no connection to the warp, but in material world their technologies tend to surpass Eldar's can tell the laws of physics to "Piss off and quit cramping my style"

Jokaero food synthesizers

Grodd/Ultra-Humanite/Ghouloon/Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys/Kong

Grox (delicious and nutritious) in the good years, algae in the bad years, and corpse rations in the really bad years

Imperial medical tech anything short of severed limbs will heal but will leave scars if severe enough and they have bionics and vat grown replacements

Most servitors are vat grown never sentient

They call their ipads dataslates

Chainswords, knives, and bayonets sharpened to single atom laser power weapon

Electoos (finger guns)

Pushing buttons to find out what will happen on a laptop is one thing but on a spaceship with enough firepower to destroy a solar system it's really stupid

They put wood, stone, and bone club and bare handed killing each other feral world savages with professional trained from birth troopers from a Forge World equipped with plasma weapons and utilizing cameleoline cloaking and cybernetic augmentations, fighting alongside primitives who like draping themselves with noxious body paint and the bones of dead comrades, and prefer tomahawks and longbows over their lasguns

Death riders of Krieg motorcycle troops and horse cavalry fighting alongside giant robots

Aren't there circuit nanotech cybernetics coats

Orks primitive axes, clubs and boar-riding cavalry are regularly seen alongside laser guns and Humongous Mecha. The in-universe explanation is that their technology works by the Rule of Cool – if Orks believe something they've built will work, it will

A million worlds and that's before you start talking about inhabited asteroid fields, mining colonies off gas giants, space stations, star forts etc

There are an infinite number of psyker abilities but the most common are telepathy, telekinesis, divination, pyromancy, biomancy, daemonology/angelology?, and theosophamy

Part trade prince part privateer part conquistador

Isn't there a thriving black market of xeno tech

Some Rogue Traders are honorable and very pious others are no more than sanctioned pirates

"I claim this world for the Emperor of Humanity and his Imperium. I bring justice and truth for the loyal. Punishment and death for the guilty."

Despite their free-ranging powers, one can assume that a renegade Rogue Trader guilty of heresy or treason will be severely prosecuted by the Inquisition. It is very likely that he is considered to have forsaken the Emperor's trust upon his family and that his punishment will be much more severe

some newly created Rogue Traders come from backgrounds such as the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Navy, the Merchant Fleets, the Administratum or even the Inquisition where they will have developed unique outlooks and approaches to situations. Some Rogue Traders are relatively poor, possessing a single ancient and dilapidated ship. Others are incredibly wealthy and powerful and have whole fleets and entire private armies at their disposal. Certain favoured individuals may even call upon detachments of Space Marines having entered pacts with individual Chapters. Some Rogue Traders operate as mercenaries, renting the service of their ship(s)

While Warrant of Trade or a Letter of Marque grants extraordinary freedoms within the Imperium, they also invariably contain particular conditions; sometimes Rogue Traders will be required to make regular visits to certain troublesome Imperial worlds, or sent to enact military action on world which do not require the force of the segmentum battlefleets. Often however, Rogue Traders will be required to travel outside the established territories of the Imperium in the name of settlement or exploration

pity the guardsman a weak sack of flesh destined to die for a dead god that never cared, it spends its pitiful, brief life alone in his foxhole with nothing to keep him company, or to keep him safe, than the cheapest, most disposable equipment. Me? As a servant of Chaos I enjoy all that this universe and the warp has to offer. Power courses through my veins. The gifts of the chaos gods will soon overtake me, and one day I may ascend. What has the guardsmen to look forward to but a grim life, and if he is lucky, perhaps he will feel nothing as my axe sends his soul to Khorne. He lives for a corpse god and he shall join his god.. as a corpse. And I shall spare a second to think of his kind. Then I shall only laugh. Hail CHAOS!

"At the end of the day, though he's been ferried through hell on a ship that's ten thousand years old to some godforsaken, war-torn rock; though he deployed from high orbit with nothing but a grav chute; though he is one of ten million men and women snatched from his homeworld to fight a war he barely understands; though he has been given a weapon that fires small suns and may annihilate him as he fires because the knowledge of how it functions has been lost; though his company is supported by tractor-tanks that run on anything you can burn; though he wages war against a devouring hivemind, ravenous demons, and hordes of hyper-advanced aliens with strange technologies and sorceries he never dreamed existed; no one will remember his sacrifice, there will be no records of his deeds, no glorious parades in his honor, and no remembrance of his name. All he will earn is a shallow, unmarked grave on a forgotten world untold lightyears from home.

Yet for all this thankless sacrifice a Guardsman is a man, just like you. He has no millennia-old genetic engineering, no prophetic leader, no miracles of faith. He has his lasgun, his orders, and his comrades. He is the Imperial Guard.

And he will hold the line."

You would laugh monster. But let me remind you. Within this weak sack of meat and bone, uncared for by his god and wept for by none, beats a heart. A human heart, that carries with it the strength and courage of all mankind. Within that sack of meat is the hope, the will, and the fury of every man, woman, and child from every corner of the Imperium. Within that weak sack of meat, festooned in thin armor and weapons only powerful in numbers, beats the heart of a man. And for ten thousand years, the hearts of men have beaten, strongly, in defiance of your so called "powers". For ten thousand years the hearts of humanity of beaten united against a universe that despises them for the sole reason of having the audacity to not lie down and die. For ten thousand years, your black crusades have been pushed back, beaten down, and made a mockery of, by weak sacks of flesh with cheap weapons and disposable equipment. For that weak sack of flesh that you so gleefully mock is no supersoldier, no immortal warrior, no creature cursed by chaos like you. He is a man, an Imperial Gaurdsman drawn from some forgotten corner of the Imperium to fight for his species and for the safety of the people he loves. He is a factory worker, a farmer, a storekeeper, a parent, a sibling, spouses, offspring, a mere human. And against creatures like you teeming and numberless, powered by the wills of thirsting Dread Gods of Ruin...He holds the line. He has held the line for ten thousand years. So what is your excuse, monster

A trooper stands besides his fire teams, squads, and sections, his companies, platoons, and regiments, they cover entire continents entire worlds, behind them roar and howl the engines of battle tanks war machines so massive they crush mountains to dust beneath their treads, ships and attack craft blot out the sun, at night horizons light up a message to the enemies of mankind they have come here to die

I like to think the non chaos/other evil Warhammer Fantasy gods saints of the Emperor

Remember how much life for medieval peasants sucked to preindustrial cultures (before modern medicine and transportation) nature is a ruthless brutal b-word that whole harmony with nature is a city dweller concept

Commandments of Handrich

Be fair to consumers, employees, and the environment

Be sharp but not dishonest

Only cheat cheaters

Give charitably but within reason

Anakonda Amazons Greater than Slann High Age Weapons

Lizardmen Temple Cities giant space ships
Gator-Chamelean-Dino-Dragon (Rainbowfeathered Serpent/Ryu) Men



Reborn as noble abhumans-Dwarf/Giant
Beast(flora(chimera-wyvern/wolf/sabretooth(stripes/spots)/bat/avianmen /kaiju)/golem/robot)folk/ogre/troll/Heroes of the Storm

bacteria/plague insect/swarm bird/flock wear cities as crowns size changing dragons

Orks become Krork- Maestro/Leader/Doc Green/Professor/Green Scar/Sakaarson/Nul “Breaker of Worlds” as well as Hobgoblin/Demogoblyn

Eldar become Asurai organic Amazos/ Warhammer Fantasy Elves

Krork-Maestro/Leader/Professor/Doc Green/Doc Samson/Green Scar/Sakaarson/Nul “Breaker of Worlds” as well as Hobgoblin/Demogoblyn, Eldar become Azurai Magno organic Amazos/Brother Grimm Warhammer Fantasy Elves, halfangel-half devil demoness/Fairy/Pyxie/NegaSpyte/Genie, Gnome, arch/uber/ultragremlin/demiimp-antifairy, replicae (genetic diversity different races and genders) perfect human (captain America/Nick Fury/Cable) clone, enhance (cybernetic brains) completely under thrall Symbioids Justice Titans-Supermartian/Rann/(Skorp Von Warstar)Adam Strage-John Carter/Flash Gordon, Wonderhawk, Aquaorion, Alakazam-Captain Marvel/Shazam/Zatara-Doc Fate(Wyrd)Mandrake, Bat-Lantern, Zauriel, Superdemon, Squad Superman (Earth 14/33/13)

The Empire is never alone unity is their strength they may not always get along but the moment someone outside the Empire wrongs their neighbors they come to the aid of their countrymen) and Karl is not just an amazing warrior and general (who leads from the front and is a skilled and strong enough warrior to do so and keep his tactical and strategic mind which is far more useful the silver seal allows him to go toe to toe with orc warbosses, giants, and chaos champions) he is an equally skilled politician and diplomat the type of man who comes along once a thousand years

The Tzarina doesn't lead from the front using her tactical and strategic mind far more value but she is an extremely powerful and skilled warrior

One of Sigmar's well the cult of Sigmar's commandments is Thou shalt render all reasonable aid unto dwarf-folk from when the king of Dwarfs gave him the Ghal Maraz for saving his life

Delicious Halfling food

Prefer call it Sigmaria or something

Sometimes Karl Franz is the only noble who gives a damn about his subjects sometimes the Empire is fair and just, an enlightened ideal Renaissance-esque with industrial revolution just around the corner if not for Orcs, Chaos and all the rest, well as fair and just as possible in a medieval, feudal system of hereditary aristocracy

Mechanical horse their version of the car

Combine Alluminas and (never fallen/reformed) Obscuras into benevolent Tzeentch
6/29/2021 c44 Guest
I like to think Lex like Adrian Veidt in Watchmen can go toe to toe with any non-powered hero develop his own fighting style and workout program in addition to being scientific/business/political overall Renaissance man, that his white suit as powerful as his power armor
6/28/2021 c44 Guest
Omnipurpose VI drones mech biopsyber one atom/pinpoint/marble baseball/basketball/(taser)deathstar duplicate to swarms

Cell/Insect swarms/bird flocks/gynoid armies/dragon Kaiju swarms

Battleorbs-medic/taser/sniper/machine gun nukes
teleporting flying castletank/battleship hordes

Construction/deconstruction drones teleporting flying marble-castletanks/battleships

come back if dead but with ten VI drones and one hundred for each of them a thousand for each of them and so on maybe limit a thousand for balance
6/28/2021 c44 Guest
Oh man is it bad that I really want to see krieg nearly reach breaking point and attempt to explain just how dangerous astartes are once he finds out they are present
6/27/2021 c44 Alexandr Guskov
Warning! The message is written through an interpreter.

The philosophy of this project amazes me. Moreover, the author wonders why the "league" does not kill. This is how the author shows us reasonable theses. Not like in the rest of the books. Read in the voice of a jerk: "Why didn't Batman and Superman get killed? Yes, because they are stupid. And also whiners. And they also have gendarme syndrome. And also... " The author is well done.

Most likely, the battle for Los Angeles will end next.

(First Option)

Azkillon towered over the pathetic loyalists like a boot over an ant. Pathetic. Despicable. Weak ones. Every idiot dreams of repelling his attack. Their desperate defense. Their pathetic resistance. And Krige protects them from despair. A soldier who dared to stand on his feet in front of him, and not fall to his knees, begging for mercy. How stupid his still-living body looks. A greatcoat, covered in blood and smelling of chemicals. There was a knife in his shoulder. And the pathetic rattling of his prayers and litanies. As if they could help him in any way. And Azkillon had no reason to go down. Unless it's a terrible desire to kill the soldier who insulted him.

Azkillon didn't even use his abilities. The swing of the tapore Krieg. And the axe hit his armor. With a simple kick. Krieg fell on his stomach. It's so simple. So boring. Such a disappointment. For the sake of at least some emotions, he impaled a living corpse on the sharp claws of his power armor. A short sigh and a cough.

"You have charmed me, poor slave," said the chaos wizard.

- ... Only soft words came out of Krieg's throat.

"What do you mean?" He confessed before his death, a pathetic loyalist...

- FOR THE EMPEROR! FOR HUMANITY! Krieg shouted at the top of his voice. He pulled out the desecrated blade that was stuck in his plicho, and stuck it into the neck of the Fallen Angel of the Emperor's Death.

The last blow. The most powerful blow in his entire life. A blow to the throat and a sharp jerk. Azkillon was actually beheaded. His head was held by the spine, and the entire neck, from end to end, was open. Krieg died for that blow. And it was this blow that became the beginning of the end, the invasion of Chaos.

(The second option.)

Anger. Fear. Hope. And the will. The power rings of the Phanari Corps are focused on this fusion of emotions. The fierce battles that claimed the lives of former masters gave freedom to these ancient artifacts. Four comets were flying in the vacuum of space, and if they did not know that their new carrier was the same person. But their future owner himself did not expect their arrival.

Right now, Krieg is causing fear in the ranks of heretics. We are waiting for reinforcements from the militia. Armed with an uzi and a cleaver, he looked like a mad berserker Khorne, but not as a loyalist. And what was it like to die at the hands of this slave? No one wanted to see it.

But the four comets suddenly slowed down. Flight near Titan, a satellite of Saturn. The golden glow attracted them to him. And when a clawed golden hand appeared in the radiance, the rings fell on his palm. Clenching the rings into a fist, they began to change. Like a new sun. For exactly one second. The golden ball with the gloved hand was gone. And four comets will fly again. But if before they were yellow, green, red and blue, now each ring has become gold. On the dial of the ring was the same symbol. With a heraldic lily. And like a mantra, a voice sounds inside them.

I will become the Light,
I will burn out the darkness.
With contempt,
I will punish my enemies,
But according to my faith
I'll stay clean.
And I swear to God,
to be a murderer.
By the light of a golden lantern.

(The Third Option.)

The surviving scientists of Lex Luther, StarLab and many other companies are currently engaged in debugging the weapons of liberation. Weeks of war take the lives and souls of soldiers. And at the moment, people are the most valuable resource. That's why Lex Luthor decided to build a clone factory. Cadmus has adjusted the production of doubles. Red arrow and superboy are a perfect example. Grown in weeks, perfect clones. A clone of Roy Harper, still considers himself an origenal. So what is it worth to clone the best soldier and set this army against the cultists?

The problems turned out to be very prosaic. Namely, psychology. Clones of people who realized themselves as origenals lost the meaning of life and often tried to commit suicide. And the motivation of their "creators", with the desire to incite them against enemies like cannon fodder, did not give them peace of mind.

And as it is not strange, the ideal candidate for DNA donation was Luther's favorite superhero-and this is Krieg. Psychologically, he is an ideal soldier, ready for war. Killing and dying are not just natural for him, they are desirable.

"There is a war in life. There is peace in death. In life, it's a shame. In death — redemption"

The revealed secret of Krieg, about his past life, only added points to his personality. He's the perfect soldier. And that's all. And it is for this reason that Krieg has now come out naked to the waist, showing the factory employees his scars and marks.

"Are you ready, my boy?" Luther asked.

- Can I have a mirror? Luther just pointed at the glass. Krieg walked up to him and started talking to someone. And most likely this is an appeal to a clone that will appear in the near future. - With the awakening of the soldiers. I am glad to inform you that you have been given a chance to redeem your debt to the God-Emperor. Holy Terra is on fire, and you must die for her. I don't know what His plan is. Whether he punished me, or whether he has special plans for me... And because of my actions, my death will be a defeat. And your death will become a stone for victory. Kill in His name. Clear Terra of yerisi. And let the glory go to the first victim.

6/27/2021 c44 Guest
Antimatter Earth-3 Pocket Dimension Alexander Luthor/Mazahs/Doc Savage/Edison Rex/Axel Brass (Century Babies)/Xanatos (copy Ultimate Archmage familiar Stee/Iron Clan/Thailog shock troops)/Hank Scorpio/Oliver Warbucks-self-made man, never lost the common touch and never forgot where he came from, felt strongly that business owners had a responsibility to treat their employees fairly and had an equally great hatred of corruption

I always imagined nanotech like Spawn or the Darklings, Matrix, Satin Satan Girl (succubi/nymphs) , Belinda Zee, Supra/Ultra/Ubergirl, Superior Girl, Divine, Nuclear Men, Bizarros-stronger, Smarter, faster, tougher, better looking than Supes, Ms. Gsptlsnz, OMACS, Warsuits Luthor's power armor, Havokoids, Warmaker 1s, Alphina Brainiacs Indigo, enhanced Doomsday clones (Steel/Cyborg Superman/Eradicator, Tactile TK), Doomslayer, Superdoom, World Killers, Paragon, Vartox, Amazo

Rao's familiars- Flamebird and Nightwing Angelus Warriors: combined Shadowflamewing/Imperium of Mankind Double psyber Eagle egg/sunstone; Rao (god of the sun), Cythonna (goddess of ice) Yuda (goddess of the moon), Telle (god of wisdom), Mordo (god of strength), and Lorra (goddess of beauty)

Familiars- Wolves, Scratch-9-Gyrinx-Sabretooth/Witch familiar/pharaoh-Alley-Kat-Abra (Sleen),Ravens (American Eagle), Monkey, Winged Unicorn, Gryphon, (Black, White, Gray, Rainbow) Phoenix, Phaethon and Savitar, the sun dogs (dragons-insect to cat to Kaiju sized)- born out of Solaris' own nuclear furnace, and heir to his hydrogen-fueled power and fury Octus, the eight-dimensional cephalopod - from the bottom of the seas of neptune. While it is impossible for creatures limited to a three-dimensional perception of the universe to fully understand his powers, his weird limpet grenades have proven to be most effective weapons.

Wormhole - unfathomable denizens of the black gulfs between stars, with the ability to bend space and time to his command

Flashpoint/Epsilon: Magog, Tokyo Rose- Mystic martial arts (Darklings from Darkness (as well as symbiote/Super-Adaptoid/Demogoglin) like giant robots and monsters like Kaiju as well as cyborg demonic ninjas and Samurais/Huntsclan/Snake Eyes, Mirabai, Manotaur, XXX like 666-Judge Dread-Judge Dredd and Death/Mortis, NIL-8, Americommando-Major Glory

Stormwatch/Meritocracy/Protectorate: Mr. Majestic, Midnighter, Century Babies amalgam-Doc Savage, Jenny Quarx-Mystechnician, King of Cities/Wyld, John Lynch/TAO


Manchester Black-Telekinesis telepathy, symbiote/symbeast(s)-(Darkness/Angelus/Witchblade/Spawn), magic club, magic hat from which can pull anything; Manchester Black Americanitis John Smith- shirt with American flag and baseball bat-Shine/Bright Knight-Shade, Angelus etc

Billy Butcher; Good Homelander/Major Glory-The Boys coat etc., Becky Butcher, Greg D. Mallory, Tommy Monaghan- Ace of Winchesters, Jesse Custer-Preacher, Max Damage

Buck “Buffaloman” Storm- modern/future mystic Pecos Bill lasers/Super Chief/Black Bison/Flying Fox/Manitou Raven/Silver Deer/(Winged Bison belt like winged golden ram fleece-Olympian-flocks/herds of buffalotaurs)Forge/Black Condor/Nightwolf/Chief Thunder/Turok/Bravestarr/BlackstarPaladin alternative Batman cowboy Punisher/spliced with Terraman/Deadshot/Jonah Hex/King Faraday/Slam Bradley/Tommy Monaghan/Terry Sloan/Matches Malone/Lefty Knox

Thrax Von Brighthammer- Brighthammer Living Saint/Sage Illuminatus Inquisitor/Rogue Trader

Dirk Torch-Axel Brass (Century Babies/Mystechnician)/Oliver Warbucks/Richard Henry Benson
Dollarmation Starcloak

Bruno Godkiller- Thundragoria, Neo-Primordia-life began on Earth avoid White Martians' ancient experiments so like Kryptonians plus inherit white plasma on par with Starheart/Shazam's magic lightning, Vartox/Amazo/Paragon
6/27/2021 c44 742The Cowardly Christian
Okay that part where Krieg say's 'And you are?' Hands down one of my FAVORITE scenes...comedy gold.

Ad I admire the tactical genius behind the ambush of the Atlanteans, you really went all out here!

Hope you update soon!
6/27/2021 c44 Guest
I loved this chapter amazing work can’t wait to see what happens next
6/26/2021 c44 Josiador
Throne dammit, they've got Death Guard. Will Imperial reinforcements ever show up? Irish may need them.
6/26/2021 c44 4Commissar Waffles
Poor King Orin. Even if he lives, if any of his army lives, their very souls are probably tainted by whatever diseases are present in those plague marines and what I assume are pox walkers, or some manner of plague zombie. God forbid it’s Nurgle’s Rot, then all of them are doomed.
6/26/2021 c44 ndabdm
Glad to see you back! This is one of if not my favorite fanfics out there.
6/26/2021 c44 Lone wolf aka Black Hawk Omega
Was waiting for this chapter and it did not disappoint!
6/26/2021 c44 Terminator57
Congratulations on the important work in this excellent chapter !
I especially enjoyed the interactions between Krieg, Ravager, and the young members of Justice League in this chapter.
And all my encouragement in your university studies as well as in your author's adventure : )
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