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for Death Korps of Justice

3/21 c2 Ashton Chane
This is great! I wonder how the League and the rest of the world will react to Captain Atom killing both Captain Marvel (Shazam) and Hawkgirl. No doubt once this information goes public the League's reputation and public support are gonna go down the drainage even further. Big time. He'll, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the League will be back into the Connor from the populace to do either A) turn themselves to the authorities because of one their own killed two other leaguers one of them being a kid or B) they are forced into retirement and the League is disbanded, for good. Either way, once this war is over. The Leauge's position in the world will NOT be good. As for Krieg, I can only imagine that his position and place in the world will be seen as a good thing by many people and herald him as a hero, along with Luthor or anyone that took up arms against the Forces of Chaos.
3/20 c45 Cosray8d
Fantastic fic!
Krieg is a great character and his frustrations with the league is understandable.
Batman no kill policy with the Joker potentially cost thousands if not millions of life's.
Him stopping Krieg from killing the Joker was despicable.
If the same thing happened to him he would have killed him himself the bloody hypocrite!
But I hope Krieg will one day learn to relax (after the war) and learn to appreciate mundane things like friendship and love. (with either Ravager and/or Raven)
And learn to cease being a xenophobe.
Miss Martian will however most likely die by his hands.
3/11 c45 2RandomSonOfDorn
I wouldn't surprised if Keeled either ended up becoming pseudo-Living Saint or an actual Living Saint after wearing Doctor Fate's helmet.

If said helmet have connection to The Emperor as backup plan.
3/4 c44 Cooldude101011
I wouldn’t be surprised if many old warships are reactivated by both sides
3/4 c39 Cooldude101011
Oh god. I hope the victims of the Slanesshi were either rescued or granted the mercy of quick deaths.
3/4 c45 Cooldude101011
May I suggest the Lamenters chapter show up?
3/4 c42 Cooldude101011
It would be possible to get her weapons online (main battery, secondaries, AA, etc) in a good amount of time but getting her engines and such online will probably be harder.
3/3 c45 Grog the Big
I know it's one of the silly DKoK tropes, but I would love to see Krieg acquire and use an entrenching tool. There's surprisingly little trench-digging going on in a city under siege.

All that aside, I've enjoyed your story immensely, and am looking forward to the next installment.
3/3 c20 Cooldude101011
Khorne too? Goddamnit
3/3 c17 Cooldude101011
Well shit
3/3 c10 Cooldude101011
I gotta agree with Rachel
3/3 c8 Cooldude101011
Magazines not clips. There is a difference.

Maybe Keled can carry live rounds in a belt as a just in case measure. Hidden of course.
3/3 c4 Cooldude101011
Technically the Emperor is fine with Xenos as long as they bend the knee to Humanity or are at least willing to work with humanity without stabbing them in the back.

Also the Justice League doesn’t have the guts to get their hands dirty. I can understand sparing people like Joker the first few times but once it’s exceedingly obvious that they won’t ever stop killing innocents it’s better to just kill them and be done with it.
3/3 c3 Cooldude101011
Sadly killing is necessary at times.

Joker has probably earned the death penalty several times over and should be killed on sight
3/1 c45 Andrew
Fantastic work my friend, i deeply admire your passion for the stories you write. I too would put much heart and feeling into a little story if a put a little effort into a google doc or what not. I like Krieg and I like how well you have enraptured him to his original universe, LONG LIVE THE GOD EMPEROR OF MANKIND. With all being said take your time and enjoy what you do.

I am not familiar with some of these hero’s and often get confused by who is who and where. Other than that, I must critique the suddenness of this global catastrophe. I have always had a bit of a nag for the realistic aspect of this imaginary world. Secondly, do continue to emphasize the true cunning and evil of chaos but also take time to build up their menacing aspect which I believe I do see a little bit it’s the trap of chaos marines. Lastly (what I actually wanted to say), i know the focus is on Krieg but let us not forget this is practically Earth and that perhaps we can reference people and the diverse cultures along with it immerse the readers with their environment (FOOD,RACE,TERRAIN,BELIEFS,TOUCH,SMELL,IMAGERY)These things you must always remember. I hope people give you many good ideas!
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