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for Death Korps of Justice

4/20 c1 Wanglin9722
Damn that was metal as fuck
4/19 c5 Cerberusx
Curious how Lex Luthor will feel if he find out about Krieg? Given Luther's hate for xenos. And trying to get Krieg to vaule his life is pointless. He'd sooner die then do that and trying to get him to forsake the Emperor is dumb to.
4/19 c2 Cerberusx
Techinallythe Green Lantern Corp doesn't police one galaxy but 3600 sectors/galaxies in the known universe. Granted not every galaxy is policed by them. If I recall correctly, because they can't fight the forces in every single one.
4/17 c42 Axccel
"How are we supposed to get stuff like weapons and ammo?"
...That's no American.
4/17 c47 Axccel
He needs is 40K uniform and weapons. The hellgun would be especially useful as it would probably mow through a crowd of cultist with a single burst with over-penetration. Considering it can penetrate powered armor.
4/17 c1 Cerberusx
A new Challenger approaches! Death Korps of Krieg!
4/17 c23 Axccel
I don't remember why he's not wearing his uniform, but for fun facts FYI, the cloth on a Guardman's uniform is also flak armor, not just the plate looking parts. From the whole "flak shirt" and such from, I think it was, Only War. And humans of 40K are superior to modern humans significantly. Averaging six feet tall and so genetically different from millennia of both evolution and genetic modification that they're effectively alien and likely beyond peak human in physical and mental ability (which they devote to being frothing fanatics).
4/17 c22 Axccel
"What's to stop someone worse from stepping up to fill the vacuum?"
Well, aside from the fact that there isn't some sort of waiting list of crime, no would would need to fill the vacuum. They would simply add themselves to the existing pile. There is no one waiting in the wings that wouldn't add their shit to the filth anyway. If you get rid of scum and others show up, it is utterly idiotic and arrogant in the extreme to think they appeared because of your actions. They would have shown up anyway, the only difference is that if you get rid of the first scum, then you don't have to deal with both them and the next set at the same time.
4/17 c47 6Faux Ray
You know, I have to wonder what Lucifer thinks of this all.
4/17 c16 Axccel
So, Rachel’s advise is that you shouldn’t follow rules and laws if no one will punish you for not doing so? A complete abandonment of integrity? Wow, so helpful.
4/17 c15 Axccel
Them feeling bad for damn heretics is disturbing when you know enough of 40k to understand why rebellion and heresy cannot be tolerated and that those rebels would be fully aware of that. Yes, Imperial propaganda, but in ten thousand years there’s no way the truth of the eternal war isn’t common knowledge.

Also, Warlord is not the largest, there are several bigger classes. One book also had what I think was called the Apocalypse class and was basically a hive city on a titan.

And stop wasting plasma shots, lol.
4/8 c47 Grog the Big
Let's hear it for the Rule of Cool!
4/7 c47 michaelwilber2022
4/6 c47 AyeJimmy123
4/5 c47 Zero
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