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for Death Korps of Justice

2/19 c45 powerhendler
Love your story very good! Keep up the good work:)
2/8 c45 Death korps boi
Someone better open a portal and bring an inquisitor, the mechanicus and a few guardsmen regiments fast or the planet is doomed!

Astartes are optional as long as the guardsmen have some real fire power and there are a few high-level heroes around, BUT If you are bringing some, since it's probably a one way trip to the DC universe, i'd suggest imperial fists and ultramarines, since they'd be the best for rebuilding and uniting the planet once/If chaos gets defeated.
1/11 c45 Gaspachu
Yeah, I stand by my earlier review: they're going to need "outside" support. Whether it is the Astartes... or a Deus Ex Machina...

*wink wink* TheBadPanda's AdMech OC
1/11 c35 Gaspachu
I doubt the collective efforts of everyone involved against these Chaos forces would be enough to purge them, much less actually fight back. And with the arrival of other Chaos Marines, I think it would only be fair if His Angels would also arrive.
1/3 c33 Oddballzebra
Ok. I can admit when I was wrong. That was badass.
12/31/2021 c14 Oddballzebra
If the power of friendship turns out to be the moral of the story, I’m gonna be pissed. Save that shit for anime.
12/23/2021 c5 Guest
What a bitch
12/22/2021 c3 Im Not Itachi
A couple weeks chilling in a hospital bed and suddenly he's mentally unfucked enough to not kill anyone who attacks him, save someone that wouldn't help him complete his objective, and banter/give up information on the Imperium for no real reason? Okay. Have the Death Korps member agree to work under the direction of Xenos and Chaos apologists. Seems like something those of Krieg are known for. I also didn't realize the League would just mind-rape a teenager when they haven't even done that to someone like the Joker. HE HAS TO BE STOPPED! HE CHOKED OUT MY BABY BIRD! BAD MAN BAD! But you can work for us now. You know, if you feel like it. And by that I mean we'll stick you in a cell and throw away the key, you naughty child who killed a bunch of people in the future/alternate dimension.
12/22/2021 c2 Im Not Itachi
You've built your MC up as someone who would gladly die to serve the Emperor. Why didn't he just kill himself to remove a source of information? He didn't seem to be strapped down to stop from hurting himself.
12/20/2021 c5 Guest
Im confused shouldnt kreig have some CQC skills? They guy is from the best military in his galaxy after all

He should have been trained to fight with any situation, in any terrain and weapon or no weapon lol
12/17/2021 c45 Bruh.io82
I love this.
One teensy-tiny problem, tho: Did Deathstroke just kill a Chaos marine? I don't care what fandom you're from, but guys like CSM rip people like DS to pieces with little or no effort.
Other than that, looks great!
12/7/2021 c45 QuarterMaster
... You know. Krieg doesn't have his iconic helmet and gas mask anymore now... I kinda want to see him back in his old gear again... Also can't wait for more updates lel. And Krieg is lucky to have Deathstroke, otherwise he'd be fucked with those special metas wreaking havoc on his lines.
12/6/2021 c45 Guest
It can't be a hero or a god it has to be a person
12/5/2021 c45 1a54321
These events get more and more intense and heavy with every chapter and I LOVE that :D
12/5/2021 c45 SPARTAN-626
Another chapter well done and the war still going and the real elements of Chaos is taking more part on the ground with the posseted body of Katana and Mia with the Burcher Nails in her head and using 40K armor and a pair of Chainswords. Looking forward to seeing her again and how her next battle with Green Arrow will play out, will she claim his skull or die before she does and will the archer be the one who kills her or not and will he survive their next battle. Only time will tell. Wow Superboy needs to work on his comforting skills if he gets out of this. Keep up the great work and hope to see more soon
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