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for Death Korps of Justice

12/5/2021 c1 Guest
OK chapter.
12/3/2021 c45 22edboy4926
Good chapter.
12/2/2021 c45 Guest
Burn out is a thing fatigue sets in and you lose effectiveness and become a liability
11/30/2021 c45 Godemperor36
You know, I can't remember if there was any mention of the God-Emperor being able to watch over DC Earth.

Because with the local DC Gods apparently doing nothing, the only one with the power, knowledge and motivation to fight back against the Gods of Chaos is the Emperor himself.

And let's be honest, if the good guys don't get some divine back-up at some point... well they are screwed. It might take time, but I really don't think they can win this by themselves. Not with Chaos no doubt throwing more and more daemons and the likes on Earth. It is, after all, EARTH.

There is no way they wouldn't throw everything and the kitchen sink for the sake of claiming "an" Earth, even if this isn't actually Holy Terra.

And finally, damn but I can't help but feel bad for Death of the Endless. The sheer amount of work that she must have on Earth has to be very impressive right now. At least she already did her "one day as a mortal" thing, so she probably is safe from Chaos trying to sacrifice/Corrupt her mortal self...
11/30/2021 c45 AyeJimmy123
11/30/2021 c45 Guest
The Salamanders protect the weak and defend the innocent
11/30/2021 c45 Guest
To win a war before it starts with a single sniper's bullet
11/30/2021 c45 Guest
Are the Astartes even human anymore

No not the Cadians or the Catachans not the Vostoyans or Valhallans

Of course I respect the Scions, the Sororitas and the Scions but they are elite soldiers with elite talent, elite training, and elite equipment with specific targets with specific missions to win specific battles they are the scalpel we are the shovel not to end battles but to end wars we fight them and we win them
11/30/2021 c45 Terminator57
Glad to see a new chapter of this always excellent fanfiction. Don't worry about the deadlines, no matter how long it takes for you to write a new chapter I think your readers will always be happy to see a new chapter no matter the wait.
I enjoy seeing interactions between Krieg and Ravager again: it's always interesting to see their relationship evolved. Also, I think you've done a good job of reporting on Deathstroke's martial power: it really feels like he deserves his name.
Besides, I'm curious to know how the situation will evolve with all these villains who are added. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Krieg comes up with a solution and that you've already thought about what you're going to do with all these villains old and new.
Also, reading the passage about the butcher, I was wondering if, given that apparently you like to briefly describe new minor characters, maybe you could do, as a chapter filler in case a big chapter takes time to write, some sort of chapter gathering character concepts ?
Thank you again for this chapter and I wish you good continuation.
11/29/2021 c45 Guest
Sigvald sometimes Chaos corrupts from within or the mind and leaves the outside beautiful
11/29/2021 c1 Parkodas
“With no further Avado”?
11/29/2021 c45 ndabdm
Glad this is here! I’ve been missing this!
11/29/2021 c45 holandia1103
Well good to see another good chapter from my favorite siege diary
11/28/2021 c45 Akshka
It's funny that they think Krieg will face any punishment
11/28/2021 c17 RyuuyaOoguro
enemies who won't die when killed sucks.
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