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7/8 c1 lordfiresword
Alright, missed a few reviews for Waltz, but back on it for Serenade.

Kid Nam is absolutely great. Given her circumstances it would have been easy to descend into dark for darks sake, but instead you found a solid balance of playing out the situation, while letting the kids being kids distract from it.

As for the rest, the chapter did what any first chapter needed to. There's enough questions asked to sink a hook in the reader, and the scenes run the full range of options. we have awkward teen romance, pulse pounding combat, and some hints at politicking in the background.

I'm quite looking forward to how this one develops.

I am going to have to make a mental note to expect a third Berserker come Destiny Retelling. Nam's call-out seems to on the nose to not be foreshadowing.

Thanks for the Chapter.
6/8 c5 3Byron12
is this how Nam and the others got sent to blue cosmos instead of the actual EA Military
6/7 c4 Byron12
I always get hyped up when hearing meteor by T.M. Revolution another fave and rewatching the episode when kira goes back to earth in the freedom saving the archangel. Lexi and yzak do make a good couple
6/6 c3 Byron12
love door of flames, lexi needs a calender or planner to remember her birthday waltfled giving relationship advice weird
4/26 c2 Byron12
Amazing as always keep it up
4/26 c1 Byron12
it's been forever already hooked in and ready to catch up
2/28 c26 5Death-Scimitar
I did my waiting! Seven years of it! In Azkab - wait...

Anyway, yes, I'm skipping ahead in reviews, but I'll go back and get the chapters that I'm missing done. I mostly just really wanted to get a word in that we have finally, finally made it this far XD

Kinda refreshing that we didn't get a past section this chapter and that we got a good focus on Yzak's hazing - I mean, his program. Can't wait to see how the girls handle the follow-up to their loss, or how Yzak handles the girls handling their loss.

But, yes, Shinn finally comes more into focus. This makes me happy.

Ok, sorry it's a short review, but typing on mobile is not conducive to stream of consciousness reviewing.

12/11/2021 c13 Death-Scimitar
First of all, I am sorry that this is so, so, so, so late. But I am here now and will get these reviews to you. Last chapter was just such an emotional rollercoaster for poor Nam and now we get to see the aftermath. And those bastards end up tampering with her memories…

I really want more scenes with Nam and the Druggies… I need more of them. They are all too adorable. It’s not fair… Hmm… y’know, kinda have an idea – we’ll see where it goes XD

Dr. Tsugu will eventually die, right? Because I really want him dead. : ) (is an innocent smile) But with Nam forgetting that she saw Mu, leaves so much upcoming drama and possible heartbreak and guilt. So juicy.

Athrun acting a little rash, but I guess it’s somewhat warranted. But the benefits of the information Nam gathers should not be passed up, shame that he doesn’t see it that way. Though, low blow, Athrun, low blow.

But Lathan is officially back!

The CA in Mr. Pink. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad one.

Lexi and Yzak really make it hard for themselves sometimes…

Ah, Djibril and Azrael, and the mention of another Berserker? Berserker v. Berserker? Who’s the real one? Can’t wait to see more information revealed.

At last! You’re probably thinking, that this review has finally been posted! I’ll try to get the next up sooner rather than later.

3/28/2021 c12 1Quiet0ne
Good God this one is painful. Poor mini-Nam. And for that matter poor regular Nam.

Nam going off script makes entirely too much sense now given her character, and the glimpses of her past are just as heartbreaking as always, while also making the Berserker condition a bit more depressing. :/

Thanks for the chapter, see you on the next one. :)
1/30/2021 c12 5Death-Scimitar
Here it is. The Chapter.

So we get to see Nam’s past finally catch up with her. “Nothing done against her will” definitely is a strange way to put it. Blackmail? Coercion? Ultimately, she would be agreeing to it, with her arm twisted behind her back…

I sure hope Nam gets a chance to kill Tsugu. Call it karmic retribution or something.

And now we get some valuable info on the Berserker! Nam’s parents were involved in all thar? Wonder if they did anything “tinkering” with Kai?

C’mon, guys! You can make it! You’re so close!

Tsugu talking about my boys as just subjects makes me want to strangle him.

Oh, damn, the possibilities of implanting the Berserker gene as a way to force the cycle… But looking at the short term of drugs and memories brings around results faster.

Shit! Tsugu pulls out the Mu card! And Lathan remembering nothing. Nam, get out of there. You are in way over your head no matter how badly you want the info that he has. Fuck the perceived foreshadowing.

Poor Athrun…


1/17/2021 c11 Death-Scimitar
“Episode” what a… nice way to put it.

And on this episode of the tragedy that is Nam’s past… and the worse part is… I know what is coming T_T

Too bad Nam couldn’t sneak in a knife or two, that would at least make her feel a little better if she had to play the bodyguard card. Though summoning Satan would be fun. Ooh! Can it be Diablos from FFVIII instead? Now I’m getting flashes of SEED Minor characters in the FFVIII universe and summoning GFs.

Yzak with Shiva. Athrun with Alexander… hmm or else Heine. Fuck, Kira ends up with Eden. If Nam didn’t claim Diablos already, he might go to Shinn (or Rey…) Hmm… Lexi gets Bahamut, of course. Lacus with Siren and Cags would get Leviathan.

No! Heine gets Tonberry! XDXDXD

Anyway, I digress.

Oooooh, shit. Tsugu. Things are going to get dicey. God, the amount of BS in this meeting is so thick, it reeks. But, unfortunately, nothing can be done about it.

All hands on deck trying to figure out a way to get both Lathan and Nam back unscathed. But I have a feeling things aren’t going to go well despite all their plans.

Way to go, Yzak, take control and stop Lexi from stewing over everything.

T_T aww…. Athrun, trying your best to keep Nam out of danger. And she has to go and ruin that for him by throwing him into a loop by agreeing to go with Dr. Tsugu. Perfect time for Nam to recognize who he is.

Little Nam with her first glimpse of the Decay! I miss that suit. Hopefully she’ll get a new, shinier one. XD

Another review down! On to the next! Oh… wait… it’s that chapter next. T_T

1/12/2021 c10 Death-Scimitar
Ok, going to do my best here to get you a good review. Even though it’s a couple weeks late.

Nam is really too hard on herself… the smallest and the youngest. Though I suppose it does form her fighting style, that is, fighting dirty XD I love that it’s Shani giving her pointers and, yeah, Clotho is definitely rubbing off on her.

But with these two in the same class, have to wonder where the other 3 are… does Nam get to join whatever class she wants?

Poor Lexi, the peace seems to be injuring her more than the actual war…. Funny, that. Though I am surprised that Yzak went along with allow Cags and Lacus to “steal” Lexi after she is released from the hospital… it must have been some bargain. Though, I have to wonder why Cags put up so much of a fight of not letting Lexi taking the gun. I mean, I get that she’s still injured, but she would probably still have the best shot out of the 3 of them.

Haha, all the fan mail!

The idea of Lacus taking up self-defense with Cagalli is a good one. Hopefully break her out of the “helpless” damsel mold that she seems to be shoved into when she has so much potential to be more.

I think Lexi knowingly picked out one of Nam’s favorite outfits XDXDXD

Oh, c’mon Dino, just let Coda push their followers into an oncoming train. You’re no fun.

Though he really does need to tone down the knight act – he’s taking too much responsibility for Nam, when she can obviously take care of herself. Oh, well, it’ll come back to bite both of them in the ass.

I was actually waiting for Waltfeld to call Yzak out on his girly hair, would have been a nice call back to his conversation with Lexi regarding the up and coming Commander.

I can understand Yzak not wanting to look at Lexi’s file, but at the same time, he should ask her about what is in it. And maybe the two of them go over it together, y’know, like a functional couple. XD Though, will her set up that meeting with Heine?

T_T poor Nam…

Ok, one review down. 2 more to go. Onto the next!

12/12/2020 c11 1Quiet0ne
Thank you for another great chapter! :)

My first reaction to basically all of this is oh my god Nam no! You're setting up flags for her that really make me worry, especially since I don't get into her head as easily as some of the other characters, so I worry when she starts doing scary things.

At the same time, all of it's presented in such a way that it definitely seems like the only choice at the time, even if it's a sucky terrible choice. :/

We did get a few bright spots, Yzak and Lexi together is always cute, and Athrun and Nam getting comfortable is surprisingly compelling.

I assume Nam is buying into this now mostly for glimpses of her past she might have forgotten. Hopefully she's happy with what she finds out.

As a final note, Mini-Nam seeing her first mobile suit is absolutely precious. Even with everything else about her being horrific and terrifying that hit was cute, in a badass damsel of war with serious issues sort of way.

Looking forward to the next one! :)
11/27/2020 c10 Quiet0ne
Another chapter Woo!

I'm reminded again why I hate that they took the time to name the Mainland and Capital of Orb. The names just don't roll off the tongue. Even a little.

Some glimpses of trauma for our plucky heroines, which is absolutely delicious, especially since it might herald some interesting twists in character development. I'm still curious to see Lacus unpack why she's not doing concerts again sometime. Especially since she clearly still wants to.

Athrun and Nam getting to know each other a bit better is a treat. Though it definitely seems like it's going to stay teeth-clenched teamwork for the foreseeable future.

And the Nam scene at the end was heartbreaking. T.T

Thank you for another great chapter. :)
11/10/2020 c9 5Death-Scimitar
At least Nam gets some semblance of normalcy with Kai again. But I know shit is going to hit the fan. The doctors and researchers are trying to step up their game to get the Berserker to manifest and they’re using Kai to do it… T_T

Orga! Yay!

At least Nam wasn’t trying to bring her sniper rifle around… she would probably have put up more of a fight. God knows she damn attached to it XD but yeah, unarmed she may be even more scary since it’s up close and personal.

Yeah, they’re gonna have to let Cagalli in on the whole Hermes operation soon. I don’t know how much more strain their relationship can take.

I am glad Athrun is realizing that Lexi and Nam can’t always help that their pasts are going to try and bite them. The apology was needed but Nam knows it was still their fault in the end.

And really, the lesson learned? Finish things the first time. Anything done half-assed is going to come back and take that half out of your ass.

“Just be careful what you wish for.”

God, the utter foreshadowing in that line alone.

Ah, that section is much better. Definitely doesn’t feel like they’re shortchanging themselves to Lexi now.

Lathan! And he can see?!

It’s funny, I think I remember Lexi asking Lacus that same question about being an only child.

Yes, Waltfeld, the Athrun and Nam team is one that surprisingly works rather well. Who would have thought…

I hope that wasn’t Orga’s book… but I can’t deny the effective use.

Oh, shit. Now that is some specific terminology. There’s no doubt the BC has their slimy fingers all up in Sora BIO’s company.

Hmm… now I’m really thinking about Phoebe’s possible partner.

Poor Yzak and his vacation.

Mending things with Kisaka was a long time coming, but it’s good to know that he will still stand by , Mr. Quiller and his bubble gum… glad he took the story. Wonder if they’re going to ever use him again?

The whole gang is back together! I want some Shani and Clotho interactions with Nam now!

Damn, Azrael and Djibril. They are both so creepy and slimy and oh so fun to write XD But it really drives home the fact that they only see Nam as just another specimen and a means to an end.

And we get hints of them talking about Lexi in Orb. So many things coming together!

Athrun is a new POV for you, definitely a calmer, more level-headed view, but yeah, trust issues and gets stuck too much on the “right way” to do things.

What can I say, I try. Even if it’s sometimes incoherent rambling, I’m glad you can find some merit in it. XD

Looking forward to the next chapter!

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