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for Hana Ga Ochiru

8/31/2017 c5 Rage and timid12
Was sakura and menma kissing or Hinata and menma kissing? Please make another story and tell me what happened. Ikari: Make a another story! Chikusho!
2/27/2015 c1 LiquidQ
This is way too corny for my taste.
2/15/2015 c5 18War-god-beast-king-ledgend
When is the next chatpher
1/14/2014 c1 10Dotchi13
I'm Lovin it! Will you continue it?
9/22/2013 c4 Batman
I loved it keep it up :)
9/23/2013 c4 14MinakoTrickster
I have always had an interest in the alternate universe of our Naruto gang. I happened upon this, as a major fan of Ino. I do like her brash side, but she does have a small hint of shyness. Her alternate her is definitely shy.

And I'm so eager to see more of these triggers pulled and what happens amongst this group.

Hmm, I have been playing around with an OC, if you'd like to use her. I don't generally use them unless they're needed and only for minor roles. But you had asked for Orochimaru's students.

Riza, a short hair tomboy, blond with blood red hightlights through her hair. Brown eyes, glasses and her body covered in tattoos. She has yin and yang dragons on either legs, butterflies, kanji symbols of passion and despair on either inner wrist. You could get creative with the tattoos, make it more your own for the story. But the reason for the tattoos is because they are a metal based ink and she makes her tattoos come alive, jumping off her body. Shadow butterflies, she can use to get in places and listen to info. She even eats iron, that would be the metal base. It's just my general musing for her, but you're free to manipulate her to fit your story. The most I have for her character is being sarcastic, but energetic... and she constantly reads porn. She pretends to have a medical condition to where she has to constantly read or watch it. When asked why, she comes up with all sorts of crazy reasons. Sneezing fits, rashes and the like.

Oh wow, sorry, I am more interested in your story through and your further exploration of this story and the bonds that will be formed.

Sakura... I can't help but think of Sasuke. For now because we have merely been introduced to a few people.

Hinata, wow that is tough. I'll have to go with the same as Sakura, need to meet the others a bit more.

Wonder if you'll come up with an alternative Gaara and what he'd be like? Energetic? Loud? Sleepy?

Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/22/2013 c4 3RememberMe-soon
Oh my, did Ino manage to faint after that last line? This was a very fun chapter and worth the wait.
7/31/2013 c3 Merikatdreams
Update soon please :)
7/26/2013 c2 ShikaInoInuKikIchiHime36
I think you should write when the pov is being changed, gets kind of confusing. But please continue!
7/22/2013 c1 Jamse
I like the story but it's under wrong sections. Should be Memma and Ino not Naruto and Ino.
7/22/2013 c1 Merikatdreams
Ooh this seems like a good read, you must update soon :3
7/22/2013 c1 keyblade1984
Very nice. Really looking forward to reading this and see how thing unfold. Great job starting off, and hope you update this very soon.
7/21/2013 c1 4Hikari Yamanaka
Ino and Naruto are SO cute :D
7/21/2013 c1 17Fher34
Wow, i like the idea of this story x) IM not NaruIno or anything like that, but this is Menma so...imma make an exception x) I like characters with shy personality, so wooohooo! :D

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