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for Meeting Her Needs

8/22 c25 6PearlyFox
Thanks for writing this x
8/19 c1 grandmachix
I saw this recd on Facebook. I like BDSM stories and I love B/E stories so this is right down my alley.
7/25 c13 Shay
With Renee, y’all have done a great job portraying someone who shows all the clinical hallmarks of a person with Histrionic Personality Disorder. Well done.
7/26 c25 AbK
Thanks for a great read I’m not a fan of bdsm but I enjoyed the story abk
7/20 c24 Guest
Wonderful story
6/25 c25 yitu
Nice plot. Thanks for sharing.
5/28 c10 1michelly1
Chapter 10 and still every sentence from Edwards POV starts with Beautiful. You literally had 3 sentences back to back where he calls her beautiful. NO ONE repeats a person name that often in conversation. I wanted to stick through it and give you a chance, but its annoying and very amature writing. I find myself skimming since chapter 3.
5/11 c25 2gleefanforever09
Love it please write more
4/13 c25 misstresswillow
I have read this again and it still keeps me on the edge of my seat.
4/10 c23 1Cavvelenare
Your Bella is a maid with no backbone. Not only does she cook for everyone, serve them, but she also cleans up after everyone. This is disgusting and whoever reads this, please know that being in a D/s relationship isn’t reflective of what’s depicted in this story.
2/12 c25 1pottervampirelover13
Great story I really enjoyed it. I couldn't stop reading
12/25/2018 c8 sweet5serendipity
it's really difficult to imagine that someone can do this to their child...I just want to go and dip their heads in third own piss and shit and then smash their heads against a steel wall and then beat themselves and leave them bleeding in Antarctica...Ha! never knew i was a sadistic but well that's what should happen with parents and family and friends who do such undecribable and disgusting things to one of their own or anyone for that matter.
11/24/2018 c3 3chellekathrynnn
Your Bella has no backbone. She’s so boring. Yawn. Pass.
11/23/2018 c11 6LillianBroderick
Oh dear Renee
11/5/2018 c18 Guest
Um she needs a punishment for not taking her phone with her. And than maybe not a punishment but a talk about communicating. Because she made a big choice like that without him. And than basically demanded going with explaining anything to him. It was out of nowhere and just the night before she couldn't even hear him say I love you. So I would think she's not ready to confront Charlie yet either. Esmeralda walked back in the house with her as if she was moral support but she was butting in on their relationship. Bella shouldn't need support to have a conversation with her boyfriend / Dom. That just tells me Bella and maybe even Esme knew they were kinda in the wrong.
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