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for Stolen Jewels

9/14/2019 c4 6phineashiccup
Love this story can't wait for another chapter to see what will happen next
11/12/2015 c4 PrinceOfShadows
4/25/2014 c4 NaruSasuLover21
Okay that angst was great! It really was! Honestly I think that if sasuke pins him again, that naruto should retaliate with something besides words. Here he used words and straddled him, but if sasuke has a thing for his neck which he seems to, in the right angle naruto can get his neck too and give the prince his own medicine.
4/13/2014 c4 IWishIWasACheescake
Wow sasuke really is sadistic
3/20/2014 c4 W1NT3RST33L
Loving it!
8/19/2013 c3 mayo15
l wonder if naruto was a prince once until his kingdom got destroy by the uchihas and killed his parents and the necklace was important to them so naruto went to get it back and hopefully rebuild his kingdom and was teamed up with Jiraya and also wanting to free the salves and give them money by stealing from the uchihas and show sasuke how bad the people are getting mistreated and soon fall in love with him and helps naruto hopefully that gives u good ideas. Great story though
8/10/2013 c3 Guest
so gud
8/11/2013 c3 79Goten Trunks5
Sasuke will rape Naruto

meaning jewel for Naruto, and as Itachi got? and he gave it to Sasuke

continuous and not delay
8/9/2013 c3 IWishIWasACheescake
Yayyy! Slave naruto! :D now sasuke can use him for his every need ;)
8/9/2013 c3 NarupokeeAurorafan
Please update soon ! I want to know what happens to naru next ! Bye
8/9/2013 c3 3xRememberxMe
I'd really like to know the back-story behind Naruto and the Blue Crystal Necklace - as you sort of left it unsaid. I was also sort of lost on how exactly Sasuke and Naruto were positioned, because the story only says the blonde's body was between Sasuke's legs, and if Naruto was struggling wouldn't he be able to kick the older male off of him? I'm really sorry, it wasn't my intention to bash this; and I hope you know that's not what I'm trying to do.
The only thing I was concerned about with their positions was when I was reading, I had a hard time picturing what was actually happening.
If you could possibly clear this up in the next chapter, or at least freshen our memories as to how exactly the two are positioned, I would really appreciate it. Other than those things, I really like where this story is headed and can't wait to see both of their reactions to the situation. This story is amazing, and I'm sure many others think the same. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and please update another chapter soon!

' xRememberxMe
8/1/2013 c2 Kiera
heeeheee 'We'll have a lot of Fun." love that line
7/31/2013 c2 Carly
Oh my god the ending! I wonder what kind of 'fun' Sasuke is thinking of doing to Naruto. Loved it, can't wait for the next chapter. :p
7/30/2013 c2 IWishIWasACheescake
I really like this! :D update soon! :)
7/23/2013 c1 1ShAdOw-BlUe04
Please, continue it! I can't wait to see what happens next xD

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